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  1. Morbo513

    What's the One Thing Now that would Reignite Your Passion and Interest in the Game?

    Like others, for me it's no one thing.

    Better stability
    Battle AI that isn't brain-dead, on the individual and tactical levels
    The ability to give commands in battle after death, and/or the ability to take control of companions/troops still in the battle
    Infantry collision boxes being expanded so you don't have troops literally inside one another
    Turn-rate and movement slow-down when readying an attack
    Rebalanced damage types that don't have arrows ignore armour to such a huge degree, and armour that doesn't render the wearer impervious to anything but stabbing attacks
    Face hitbox for open helmets
    Weapon damage boxes being adjusted such that hafts aren't treated as though they're blades, with targets hit at the start of a swing taking much less damage.
    Customisable player-faction troop-tree

    MP being un****ed - Weapon & class balance, mitigation of ranged-spam, the inclusion of the Warband progression/loadout system as an option for server hosts or simply replacing the current class system.

    Those are the major ones for me, but there are plenty of other mod (and WB mod) features that have spoiled me for the base game.
  2. Morbo513

    Dear TaleWorlds, I ask you to play as horse archers two or three games.

    horse archery is nerfed really hard for MP and it's practically useless at the moment.
    Good I say. Horse archers are extremely powerful, and it should take both a player and character who's skilled and experienced enough to make it worthwhile, because even with worse accuracy on the move and in general, they're still amongst the most powerful classes just by virtue of being able to attack at range and easily outrun/evade any melee attackers not on a horse themselves. If a player isn't capable of making up for mechanical inaccuracy, they should have to slow down while taking shots, somewhat making up for these huge advantages.
  3. Morbo513

    MP Menavlion in Multiplayer

    The thing about menavlions that gets me is how they're able to deal severe damage right from the beginning of their swing to the very end of it, and seemingly regardless of whether the blade or the haft is making contact with the target.
    It's this in combination with a lack of speed/turn-rate reduction when swinging that makes it incredibly powerful, crush-through notwithstanding. Maybe it could take longer between swings on top of all the above being tweaked.
  4. Morbo513

    Just another thread about OP Archers.

    To me, the level of accuracy and rapidity of even the basic bows and their wielders border on ridiculous. In Warband, bows were an actual challenge to use, NPC archers would miss much more than they'd hit at ranges > 50m and so would the average player. If you get hit by an arrow in Warband, you either made yourself an easy target, or it took skill and/or good equipment on the archer's part (or volume of enemy archers in campaign/captain battle). I much preferred that dynamic, both in SP and MP.
    In BL, the lack of friendly fire, in addition to faster, more accurate and powerful bows, allows archers to shoot into melee combat with complete impunity and score kills without significant challenge.
  5. Morbo513

    SP - General Troop divisions

    In addition to having their units divided into Infantry, Archers, Cavalry etc, allow the player to create subdivisions comprised of whichever troops they choose. For example, I have 50 Vlandian Swordsmen - When all together, their formation is too wide to be practical. Instead, I'd prefer to be...
  6. Morbo513

    SP - Battles & Sieges Reinforcement ingress position

    Should be based on where the bulk of the army is, and from the map-edge. I've just fought a couple battles in which I suffered heavy casualties, and was pushed back to more advantageous terrain at the map-edge. As my troops died, reinforcements came in - but they spawned in in the midst of the...
  7. Morbo513

    SP - General Armor rating feedback

    Regarding helmets, I think their protection should be divided - Top of head, face, neck/back/sides.
    I mean I got other opinions on how armour could work better, but someone taking a crossbow bolt directly to the eyeball and not being bothered by it because they have a piece of metal covering a different body-part is one of the most jarring things about M&B.
  8. Morbo513

    SP - General Sprinkling the strategy: Advanced tactics with radial menu

    I agree that BL is in desparate need of more unit commands, but I hate hate hate! radial menus. Regardless, all the ones suggested in OP would be great.
    It also needs more formation commands imo - For archers, the existing ones are particularly inefficient - either they're spread too thin or they're clustered so close they block one anothers' line of fire. The ability for units to crouch while firing ranged weapons (particularly crossbows - would help differentiate them from bows) would also be very welcome for this reason.
  9. Morbo513

    SP - General Victory Through Execution Should Not Be So Easy

    I agree with most of these, not sure what "Neutral towns and castles to eliminate automatic fief acquisition when faction nobles are eliminated" means exactly - My interpretation is that an executed lord's fief is turned neutral and is then taken/claimed by a(?) faction? Sounds janky if so

    But yeah, executions should realistically turn a lot of powerful people against you - even many who might benefit from the lord being killed, I doubt they'd like it in principle - especially if they're on neutral or worse standing with you, and especially if to them, you're just some commoner. It'd certainly make sense and be cool for their familiy/clan/kingdom, depending on their influence and relationships, to retaliate. I especially like the idea of heirs carrying on that grudge.

    On a slightly different subject, I'd like for there to be a chance of lords dying in combat (and same with player companions/vassals). Depending on the context of the battle, if it was the player who slew them, it might not incur any penalty, or it might as well have been an execution.

    I'd also love to see "hero" characters of a particularly bastardised nature decide to execute particularly hated captive lords.

    All these things would add much depth to player-NPC interactions, depth that's needed if Bannerlord is to truly expand on Warband.
  10. Morbo513

    SP - General Permanent relationship loss against notables of villages you've raided

    Simple enough, if the player raids a village, their relationship with its notables is capped at a lower value, eg. the first raid would reduce max relations with each notable to 98. It could get exponentially more severe with subsequent raids/hostile actions. If you sack the absolute **** of a...
  11. Morbo513


    which version? 1.4.2. or 1.4.1? Which i5? I think that the ram requirements on the steam page are misleading to say the least, 16gb should be recommended for this game.
    1.4.1, 4690k
  12. Morbo513

    SP - General Unlockable Banner elements

    Ideally, the player would be able to customise banners to the same degree as on The player would create their complete banner at the beginning of the game, or whenever they choose. Once they start the game, the only elements present are the main emblem and the background shape...
  13. Morbo513

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Custom Troops

    I imagine this is at the top of a lot of peoples' wishlists, mine too, so I apologise if it's already been brought up and discussed to death.

    I think it'd work best with a lot of elastic progression elements:
    The player-kingdom Troop Tree is derived from that of their kingdom's parent culture. However, the trops are of a generally worse quality skills-wise, and their equipment is knocked down a tier, with negative modifiers.

    The player can hire trainers to improve troops' skills (companions/governors/vassals could also serve the role). If the player terminates the trainer's employment, the troops' skills regress. Skills/focus/attributes could be automatically assigned based on the troop's role (per their gear), modified by trainer quantity/quality, parent culture, and maybe a couple levers for the player.
    A bonus to the effective training level of kingdom troops in one's party could be added to heros' Leadership skill tree.

    The player can invest gold to upgrade the troops' equipment sets, allowing them to freely choose weapons and armour for each troop, within tiers respective of their rank. More expensive gear makes them more expensive to recruit/level up and increases their wage.
    New equipment is rolled out gradually over a couple in-game weeks, during which some of the troops of a given type will still wear/wield the old equipment.

    Towns would have equipment workshops, which determine the average equipment quality modifiers of the kingdom's troops. Again, heroes could play a role here with high-smithing characters adding a bonus. The player can also invest monetarily here, to keep those imports flowing.
    Demand for the comoddities needed to produce each piece of equipment would be reflected by the materials needed in their production - affecting price of troop upgrades and wages and the city/kingdom's economy.

    In summary, the quality of troops and their equipment is just as much about the kingdom's economy/manufacturing to support them, not just which equipment you choose for them. The player may find themselves having to downgrade their troops in some way to keep costs down or to stabilise their economy.

    That's all very intricate but just one example of how it could work and how much it could add; Better player expression, more moneysinks for the player - The Warband mods that feature it are an order of magnitude more enjoyable for it.
  14. Morbo513


    Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. Can you confirm the problem persists after the newly released patches?
    I've since had an upgrade - Win10, i5, 16gb RAM, GTX 1050 Ti - and have had no performance issues, other than loss of FPS in large battle/sieges which is to be expected. I haven't noticed any memory leak issues, but I haven't been looking to be fair.
  15. Morbo513

    Suicidal small friends

    They are not charging using F1-F3. And yes, AI will base their decision to attack or defend on overall balance that includes your troops. I see nothing wrong with that.

    That might upset what ever smart plan you had of course, but isn't unreasonable from the AI point of view.

    [EDIT:] May be giving player some time to organize his forces and get his act together before starting advance would solve the problem of AI getting ahead.
    Sure, there's nothing wrong with NPC armies acting with no sense of self-perservation - But it not only fails to sell the illusion that there's actual intelligence behind their actions; it makes no tactical or strategic sense either. Maybe in the context of a glory-seeking lord who gives no ****s about the people under his command, it might make sense, sometimes. But say it's a merchant caravan. For what sane reason would they push their escorts ahead of the force (which can be and usually is much larger and/or higher quality) that came to their aid? Why would they not either fall in under their command, or stay back?
    In those edge-cases where a weaker force would reasonably charge, even despite their portion of the force being vastly outnumbered by both the player's army and that of the enemy - and the player isn't also charging - I agree that that they should wait a minute before they do so.

    The combat AI is probably the weakest part of Bannerlord at the moment and I don't think it's unreasonable to want it to be better than that of Warband.
  16. Morbo513

    2h units are useless unless archers get nerfed

    When I went from Warband Native to Pendor I quickly learned how powerful ranged units were in that mod compared to Native.
    PoP has some incredibly powerful ranged units but even they don't hold a candle to those in Bannerlord.

    Nobody wants their units to be invulnerable to ranged, but its balance is almost as far the other way. When you have enough archers and some token fodder cav and inf to protect/distract from them, your archers might as well be invulnerable too.

    The biggest issue to me isn't even the damage its self, but their baseline accuracy. Even basic archers can hit their targets consistently enough to heavily outweigh the "value" of higher-tier melee and especially 2h troops. In Warband and most of its mods that I've played, there was enough error present in their aiming that you either had to have extreme volume or a decent number of elite archers for them to make a significant difference in battles.
  17. Morbo513

    It's in EA... Should it excuse "everything"?

    As many have already said, you don't buy into an early-access game if you're expecting a complete, matured and fleshed-out experience. Bugs, performance & technical issues, incomplete/unimplemented features and content are par for the course. The issue is that it muddies the water of whether something's a deliberate design-decision, is still unfinished, or will stay largely as-is due to technical/developmental constraints.
    AI is one of those big hanging question-marks, by all accounts I've heard it's the most challenging aspect of game development, I imagine that goes double for a game as complex as M&B. Maybe it's a case of TW lacking the ability to enhance it significantly. Or maybe it's a case of it not being worth them focusing on before all the other game systems, content and balancing are ironed out. Maybe it's neither, and it will be steadily improved alongside all other aspects of the game.
    So I can understand why there are people throwing a fit about the state of the game, beneath the sense of entitlement many people have exhibited since release, there's a lot of uncertainty regarding the ultimate form Bannerlord will take; whether it's going to remain Warband with a new coat of paint and a few extra bells & whistles (Which is honestly fine by me), whether it'll go a step further, or if some of its systems will stay feeling like a downgrade.
  18. Morbo513

    Arrow realism

    The questions at the bottom of this are whether higher-tier armour should generally offer significantly better protection against ranged weapons - and secondarily, whether lower-tier ranged weapons should have significantly diminished performance against armour.
    Currently the game's answer to both is "no". It takes a major leap in armour protection to survive three arrows to the chest as opposed to two, and even then the next enemy need only sneeze on you to finish you off.

    Arguments from realism aside, for gameplay purposes this means even the most basic archers remain a significant threat to you and your best troops regardless of how far and in what directions you've progressed. I'm not against that generally, but it needs dialling back by no small degree imo. I wouldn't want to be able to simply ignore archers with impunity because I'm wearing the best armour in the game, but at the same time I don't want to be practically just as vulnerable to them as I was at the start of the game.

    A damage-threshold system, and/or some armour types being given a chance to deflect projectiles and/or armour quality and/or in-combat degradation would add more tuning levers to the relationship between ranged weapons and armour and add depth where there currently is next to none.
  19. Morbo513

    SP - Battles & Sieges Simulated battles outweigh the need to play them yourself? WHY?

    I hate auto calculate as a general rule for video games.
    Same. I used it to win a 28v~60 battle against looters that was a crushing defeat the 3 attempts I made at winning it normally.
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