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  1. Bob Gnarly

    What Do You Guys Play For?

    The role play aspect and the battles. There's no other game that does it better.

    But like others have said, once you get to mid-game, it's essentially time to put the game back on the shelf for another few months until another interesting mod pops up.
  2. Bob Gnarly

    Idea: A Comprehensive, Polite and Well Reasoned Letter of Dissatisfaction to Taleworlds?

    I was thinking of a lot more than 30 people. But ok, thanks for your opinion.
    He's not far off the mark.

    This forum is basically the same regulars posting the same bitter and sulky threads over n over. Occasionally there's something informative posted, but it's not worth sifting through all the crap to be honest. It's time to go back to just checking the patch note threads every month and waiting for release.

    Good luck putting together a polite and well reasoned letter from this lot :grin:
  3. Bob Gnarly

    The endless waiting

    Realistically what are we even waiting for anymore, some magic patch that's going to appear out of nowhere and add features and depth to the game or just for them to release it so the mods can start coming?

    I don't know
    Good question, I honestly have no idea why a lot regulars still come here frequently.

    It's like they get off on being disappointed ?

    Come back in a few months, heck take a year off.
  4. Bob Gnarly

    So... How is Taleworlds getting away with this?

    I re-created an account just for this game to re-participate on the forums and all I found here are a ton of toxic, fatalistic, useless posts that are more concerned about insulting the team.
    Welcome aboard the doom & gloom train!
  5. Bob Gnarly

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Did they low-key fix smithing/weapon prices this patch? Javelins are...reasonably (1,000 up to 25,000) priced this go around. Haven’t gotten far to test two handed swords yet.
    I hope so, but that pricing still sounds too high for my liking. Should be able to make some money going down the smithing path, but not ludicrous amounts.
  6. Bob Gnarly

    Definitive Post: The game has gotten 'better', but not more 'enjoyable' since release

    There's always more added and fixed whenever I come back to do another campaign. Throw in new mods on top and I'm a happy chappy.

    While Warband was good without mods, I learned quickly how much better mods made the game being able to tailor aspects to my preferences. Frankly, playing Bannerlord without mods is unthinkable to me, but that's personal taste I guess.

    The game is obviously much better and enjoyable since it was released. The snowballing fix, rebellions, working perks, etc, etc all make the game more enjoyable and less frustrating. The game needs much more work, but overall it's given me hundreds of hours of entertainment otherwise I would not still be here.
  7. Bob Gnarly

    New game is broken

    I'd like to think that anyone WHO HAS NOT PLAY BEFORE would not start out on the hardest difficulty setting. ?
  8. Bob Gnarly

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Facts. Although, it honestly did need some balancing. My only problem with the changes is now athletics feels pretty bad to invest in now, and there doesn't seem to be a way to produce results similar to how it was pre-nerf short of taking all your armor off. And I'm not talking about characters with 125-150 or so in the skill. Like, my character with 254 in it struggles to outrun basically anything (he can, but just barely) and now has an impressive .75 learning rate in it, which to be fair is better than it being capped. Oh well. Time to reroll I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Tis indeed a sad day for us foot soldiers.
  9. Bob Gnarly

    Bannerlord "Just accept what we give you and stop crying" vs Valheim Roadmap

    Again, not the point of the thread
    Oh I get the point, another thread taking a dig at TW.

    It's a pretty weak one though. Look at Valheims road map...

    Coming soon
    Release Date Unknown
    Release Date Unknown
    Release Date Unknown
    If Odin Will its

    Yeah, super useful.
  10. Bob Gnarly

    Scenes. TW are you going to do anything about it?

    It would be pretty surprising if TW has no plans for all these beautiful well made scenes.
  11. Bob Gnarly

    Bannerlord "Just accept what we give you and stop crying" vs Valheim Roadmap

    Full Valheim Roadmap and Planned Updates

    In total, there are four planned and named content updates for Valheim coming at some point in the future, as detailed by PC Gamer. There is also a fifth rumored update detailed below. We will also update this roadmap as more information releases, so be sure to check back for more.

    Hearth and Home (Coming Soon)​

    Hearth and Home will add numerous food recipes for all things food preparation. Additionally, this update will improve and add more features to building structures in the game. Notably, Hearth and Home is the update that will come to the game, as it was teased recently in this steam post by developers at Iron Gate Studio.

    Cult of the Wolf (Release Date Unknown)​

    There is not much known about the second update, called Cult of the Wolf, besides that it will involve adding combat and exploration and new encounters. It also may add more content to either the Deep North or Mountain biomes.

    Ships and the Sea (Release Date Unknown)​

    Ships and the Sea is an update that will add ship customization and add more content to the ocean biome. However, it is unknown when exactly the update will arrive, so we will update this section when more info becomes available.

    Mistlands (Release Date Unknown)​

    The fourth update is called Mistlands, and it will add content and develop the mysterious biome called Mistlands. Along with this, we imagine some of the content that will get added will be new creatures, resources, and maybe a new boss for that area.

    Potential Updates (If Odin Wills it)​

    The following are all potential updates the developers listed on their roadmap on steam. The exact date when these updates will come out is unknown, but hopefully they will arrive at some point, as some of them sound very interesting and intriguing.
    Valheim, a game made by 5 people with a barebones website already has a roadmap of what they want to do in the future in a game that only charges 20$ for it.

    Bannerlord just slaps you in the face and says "here is a cool animation video anyways see you in the next 2 months where we will bring you a cool slideshow" please Taleworlds just make a roadmap or tell me this is all we can expect so I can finally die of dissapointment, call me toxic all you want I'm being f scammed here
    While Valheim was good, me and my mates were done with it after 1 month.

    Guess what game I always come back to in between games?
  12. Bob Gnarly

    Villages relations increase?

    He can't though lol. When you have -relation they won't give you no more quests :smile:
    He's gotta do the scouting things, beat like 20 hideouts nearby or hope the notables lose enough power to leave the game.
    Not an option under the circumstances. When at negative relations, the villagers won't give you the quests.
    Whoops my bad.

    Been awhile since I been in that position.
  13. Bob Gnarly

    Villages relations increase?

    Well, it is a war and in order to win, you have to cut off enemy supply. That's how it would be done in real life.
    But this is the game with the mechanic that allows you to decrease relations, so it should be a reliable way to increase it.
    What we have now is not the reliable way, it is completely random and for the most part broken.

    P.S. why passive-aggressive? It is the bitter truth.
    Best way is to just do quests for them when available.

    Considering how long it can take to rebuild relations, I tend to avoid raiding villages I'll one day rule.
  14. Bob Gnarly

    Khuzait imbalance needs to stop

    Can vouch for these two.

    I'm only a year or so into my campaign, but enjoying the change of pace the added kingdoms and additional fiefs bring.
  15. Bob Gnarly

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Solid patch.

    Diggin the intro video, nice addition there.

    A little sad about the foot speed nerf, but it is what it is.

    The new war log is very nice.

    In case anyone was wondering how to access the war log in the kingdom tab, took me a bit to find. Click either the bars for the usual graph or the hourglass for the combat log.

    The war strategy is definitely interesting.

    The new party behavior customization is great as well.

    This just leaves me wishing, as king, that I could provide this kind of direction for existing armies.


    Sweet! Hope they keep adding more stuff like this.
  16. Bob Gnarly

    The big Forum Depression

    I think people, for the sake of their mental health gotta chill the **** down a little. I mean take a brake from the forums and dont touch the game for a week and clear your head. Feels like people invest so much time, feelings and energy into this it's insane.
    Great first reply.
  17. Bob Gnarly

    Bretwalda: Divided Kingdoms is coming.....I can't wait.

    Definitely looking forward to some good old fashion viking raids (y)
  18. Bob Gnarly

    Everything is ruined by shortcuts and poor planning

    Sweet baby Jebus, the drama on these forums...
  19. Bob Gnarly

    I tried playing Bannerlord without Mods.......

    The modding community saved warband too. Let's be honest, vanilla WB is plain boring after a couple of hours, i think i've played it not more than 10-15 hours while having hundreds and hundreds of hours on mods. PoP, Perisno, AWOIAF, ACOK, TLD... Even Viking Conquest is a mod at the end of the day (made by the brytenwalda team if i recall correctly). Warband is just a mediocre product in reality and Bannerlord will be no different. Modders will make the game great. I really hope that TW stops this EA pantomime and release the most mod friendly product possible so that modders can do the rest but, as the Kingdom of Arda team open letter stated, they're not doing that either. I'm no modder and i can't really do anything except modifying some xml, but i believe that what is creating so much problems is the console release. In my opinion the game should have a PC only release since i don't think consoles support mods, the base game is not worth the price and probably will never be.

    Mods made Warband great and Bannerlord will be the same. Mods keep games fresh, providing heavy replayability. This is nothing new.
  20. Bob Gnarly

    Scenes. TW are you going to do anything about it?

    No it's a different thing. There used to be thug NPCs hanging out in those three areas, and they will insult you if you talk to them. Then you can use that as an excuse to murder them and loot their bodies.
    Interesting. Cheers for the info
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