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  1. The Great Iorek

    1.8.0 crash

    Since it was updated to 1.8.0 the game moves quite badly and keeps crashing
  2. The Great Iorek

    I can't open the game

    After all this time taken from this game, we hope that it has solved these optimization problems, but not, on the contrary, now I can't actually open the game, all I do is press Play, and Steam is so willing to shut it down automatically. How many more years does the game need to work? I paid...
  3. The Great Iorek

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    A small problem, I don't know if anyone else has it but the game crashes when I get into a battle.
  4. The Great Iorek

    Bug - Decreases the relationship with the king by -100 points

    When you are a vassal of a kingdom and your city is captured, the relationship with the king decreases by -100 points. This bug is very annoying and meaningless, I hope to work on fixing it.
  5. The Great Iorek

    Strange bug at the siege of a castle (v1.2.0)

    You can find it by typing bannerlord banner on reddit. Copy the code and press "B" in the game, then paste it and it's ok!
    Thanks, I really needed to know that
  6. The Great Iorek

    Strange bug at the siege of a castle (v1.2.0)

    Everyone's been getting that bug too. I got massive lag spikes in a siege so I reloaded and began attack and I spawned there.

    What flag is the one with the eagle? Is it a mod? Looks very good.
  7. The Great Iorek

    Strange bug at the siege of a castle (v1.2.0)

    I wanted to attack a castle, which had about 200 soldiers and I only 100, after I finished building the siege camp and I gave in to attack, the fight started inside a palace instead of starting like any other usual siege. . It is very strange that the interior of the palace did not belong to...
  8. The Great Iorek

    Sturgia declares war on all factions

    I do not know if there is a bug but Sturgia started declaring of the all factions war just after the war with Battania had ended. The problem is that in this way Sturgia will destroy itself.
  9. The Great Iorek

    Which factions are the strongest and weakest in your game?


    When I see this image I come to one thought, the last battle for Constantinople
  10. The Great Iorek

    M&B2 Crash in "Resume Game"

    I cannot access "Resume Game". I'm using the latest version 1.0.11, but before that I had 1.1.0 but I wanted to change it for multiplayer.I don't know if that's the problem but when I updated to 1.0.11 it doesn't work anymore. I hope I will not have to reinstall the game, I just hope that 1.0.12...
  11. The Great Iorek

    +15 hours playing 1.1.0 Feedback.

    In almost 1000 days in the game I was able to find the most powerful armor from the empire, the only one in the world, cost around 1,000,000 dinars (I don't know for sure the price but it was an exaggerated price). So the conclusion would be that the weapons will start appearing after more time and I think it may have a connection with the character level.
  12. The Great Iorek

    Can you marry more than once/ divorce?

    Not. It doesn't make sense, a wife can give you more than 4 children.
  13. The Great Iorek

    Where is the update??

    right click on bannerlord in the library -> properties -> betas tab -> choose e1.1.0
  14. The Great Iorek

    Patch Notes e1.0.10

    It doesn't work - * tap to save * Load * Caution - This save's version dones't correspond to current game's version. Proced with caution. * Tap to "ok" * Module mismatch - Do you want to load the saved game with different modules? * Tap to "yes"* Nothing *. Because before, everything went perfectly, all the updates, but now not.
  15. The Great Iorek

    Patch Notes e1.0.6

    I have about 50h and around 500,000 gold, only one city and 3 castles, I have a wife and a child, all good and beautiful but 4 factions have disappeared from the map and the 5th is about to disappear, the game is going too fast. My character barely reached 37 and the game is almost over. However, I do not understand where the feast of nobles who were very useful in meeting new nobles and ladies disappeared. In fact I feel that there are a lot of warband things that were useful.I hope that in the future the problem will be solved by conquering the map too quickly and many things from the warband will reappear that seem to have simply excluded them.
  16. The Great Iorek

    SP - General Cut his ****ing head off!

    I agree, there should be a setting that you can enable with "beheading". It would make the game much more dynamic and interesting and the good part is that for those who will not support this idea they can always disable this setting.
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