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  1. JaxDasher

    Comments: 3.0 Released

    Sorry this might be a silly question but I looked through the forum already. Are there quests or is it completely open?
  2. JaxDasher

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    To all the guys that worked on this mod, just want to say thanks and good luck. I've only gotten this mod since 1.3 and its just amazing. Even when I'm not playing I'm recounting in my head the alternative world of Westeros that I have created. Thanks and again and good luck hopefully this mod just keeps growing.
  3. JaxDasher

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    I used TwaekMB to bring back troop upkeep cost to default setting and now I'm finally slowly getting out of debt :smile:.
  4. JaxDasher

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Few odd things happened, I was chasing a sole looter and got to him. It showed I'm fighting a guy with my PCs name. Meet him in the battlefield and its me, armour and weapons. Killed him won battle. After battle my own PC was incapacitated. Odd.

    Oh and Lysa's face is a man.
  5. JaxDasher

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Just started this mod today, been on it all day. Damn is this mod hard or what? Ive decided to side with the North and I'm just getting wiped constantly by crannogmen and small enemy squads in the North. I can't seen to get a decent army going. I found moving to Volnatid a lot easier as they have good ranged units and the small enemy squads are rewarding and easier. Hoping to build my army here and move back to the North when I'm ready. Any tips or advice? 
  6. JaxDasher

    Is Fire and Sword Mod-able?

    Thanks sorry bout that.  :smile:
  7. JaxDasher

    Is Fire and Sword Mod-able?

    Hi, yea just a simple question, Do all the guides here and tools apply to FaS as well? I recently got alot of time in my hands and decided to make a mod on FaS since there most people are still busy with  Warband. thank you.
  8. JaxDasher

    Suggestions. Please read first post before you make one.

    I just downloaded your mod and i have to say it really good for it being in such an early stage.

    Ive been playing for a few hours and one thing has really annoyed me is the font. OK Its a nice touch because its an Asian based game but maybe a similar font but easier on the eye? not too much in your face but still a touch of the orient.

    I found this as an example****oshi.php

    just a suggestion..don't chop my head off lol
  9. JaxDasher

    Bug reporting site

    Ok I'm not sure this is a bug but here goes anyway.

    • When I join in a siege (usually offense) I seem to be able to control the whole army even not my own men, is that meant to be? I just find it annoying since my old plan was to use their soldiers as cannon fodder while my men shoot at the walls.
    • During sieges too..none of the men I control seem to understand my commands? I tell them to stand their ground away from the wall but some of them charge up or stand right beside the wall.

    Again this could be how the game was meant to be. Sorry if it is but i just find these a tad inconvenient.  :sad:
  10. JaxDasher

    SP Native Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment (v0.96.3 for Warband 1143+WSE)-patch for 115x

    would love to see this ported to Fire and Sword
  11. JaxDasher

    SP Musket Era Neo Native (v1.35 en/ger)

    Hi hi

    I'm really loving your mod and hopefully see more updates for it.

    Just a suggestion..I have had trouble getting my troops in formation before it gets crushed by Cav rush, would it be possible to have pre-battle formations? or anything close to it?

  12. JaxDasher

    HOW-TO: Polished Landscapes [PL] and POP

    This is a really good guide..It worked perfectly on mine just make sure you follow each step. :grin: well done
  13. JaxDasher

    Wierd looking NPC's

    Soul179 said:
    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this but it seemed to fit so here goes. I downloaded the mod aswell as the patch and set them both up, when i started up the game everything went fine untill the first loading screen after the companys logo. The loading screen turned black and a error popped up that said
    Warning: hlsl_data_handles[9] is not valid
    after i clicked ok this popped up
    Warning: hlsl_data_handles[45] is not valid
    After i clicked ok on this one the game starts up and everything is fine until i see the people which look like
    So i have no idea whats going on and if anybody can help it will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Your game copy is not legit...and ur using the the wrong crack for you version thats the game :razz:
  14. JaxDasher

    I don't think this is healthy

    Ive spent 8 hours a day playing this mod for 4 days straight now....summer holidays and no jobs keep me stuck in Pendor :lol:
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