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  1. Aitchy

    60 fps vs 120 fps vs 240 fps

    Wulfburk said:
    Ive played some games with 10 fps for hours. So now even though i got a very good pc finally i think 20 fps is good enough.
  2. Aitchy

    Did anyone else get the update for Warband, but it doesn't have Viking Conquest?

    So, I just installed the update for Warband but I can't see Viking Conquest
  3. Aitchy

    Screenshots & Video topic

    Almost 3 years in the community. It is still amazing!  :lol:  :cool:  :mrgreen:  :grin:



    I still feel like I'm playing a new game. It has one of the best community I have ever been apart of. The most friendly people!  :mrgreen:
  4. Aitchy

    [WB][M] Full Invasion 2: Osiris 1.03 {Co-op Survival}

    One of the best mods I've seen!  :mrgreen:
  5. Aitchy

    Shield bash?

    I would love something like this, but. Make the shield bashing 1 every so often, give some to regenerate some stamina
  6. Aitchy

    MP Other Adimi Tools v1.52 for 1.174

    This looks amazing, very good work here!
  7. Aitchy

    How famous is the above player?

    I've seen a few people on this thread, my ingame name is "Aitchy" Anyone :razz:
  8. Aitchy

    New upcoming server PW_United

    Good luck, hope the server does well. I shall pop on to see once its up!:grin:
  9. Aitchy

    Beginner guide and others Guides/Strategy/gameplay

    Very good work here. This, I'm sure will help a lot of people
  10. Aitchy

    Can this laptop play warband?

    I think you should be fine.
  11. Aitchy

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Really can not wait for this game. If its anything like Warband. I'm sure it will do very well :grin:
  12. Aitchy

    Recommend maps?

    UnlivedPro said:
    Depends what your goal is, to have many players or keep it as a private server. I recomend, River of Sorrows, Ostdale, Valley of Swamps and Melting pot.
    We aren't sure yet. I think for now we are going to keep it private, but. Thank you! And that gif is awesome, trippy as f@#k xD
  13. Aitchy

    Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest DLC (Release Date: 11th December)

    Wonder how much its going to be  :???:
  14. Aitchy

    I need a person who can add PW Scripts for me

    Hodgy why did you make this? I already made one, asking if anyone knows how to.
  15. Aitchy

    I've spent 220 hours on this since I bought it in July. Am I an expert?

    Alene said:
    Somehow every time someone mentions hours, someone mentions me. I should've put my profile private :razz:

    A hint: you don't get better in fighting by playing in RP server.
    Another hint: If you spend constantly 60+ hours / week playing Warband - or any other game - it will hurt your personal life. Especially if you have one.

    And no, I am not proud of my hours. I wish I had slept more of those.

    Omg, xD That's the most hours I have seen spent on this game, nice GG :grin:
  16. Aitchy

    I've spent 220 hours on this since I bought it in July. Am I an expert?

    I have almost 2000hrs and I can't hit a target standing still, point blank  :razz:
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