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  1. Reilnur

    Resolved Village Needs Seed Grain issue no longer improves relation

    The Village Needs Seed Grain quest/issue doesn't improve relation with the quest giver. Tested on two separate (new) campaigns.
  2. Reilnur

    Star Wars Conquest Mod for M&B 1.x and M&B Warband

    Awesome work, Swyter. Any chance of a non-Steam release, though?
  3. Reilnur

    Star Wars Conquest Mod for M&B 1.x and M&B Warband

    Swyter has done an amazing job porting TLD to Warband, so I hope he can do the same for his own masterpiece.
  4. Reilnur

    SP Medieval Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A World of Ice and Fire (v8.1 released 7/3/22)

    The siege pathfinding at Banefort is completely messed up.
  5. Reilnur

    Freelancer Born to Serve ( B2S 1.0.0a ) In development

    Well, on the one hand, I would love a new and improved version of Freelancer.

    On the other hand, I bought Warband through the TaleWorlds site, so I can't use the Steam Workshop.

    But back on the first hand, it never hurts to give TaleWorlds more of my money.
  6. Reilnur

    ESO - Elder Scrolls Online (Subscription based 14$ a month)

    Here's how it works with big-budget MMOs these days:

    1. Release game with $40-60 initial price tag, plus $14/mo. subscription, plus microtransactions. Get a big influx of cash from the most devoted/deep pocketed fans, who will sing praises about the quality of your game.
    2. When new subscriptions start to tail off, drop the monthly subscription. People who were intrigued by the rave reviews of the fanatics but were held back by the subscription model will buy the game.
    3. Microtransactions and $30 expansions while the game dies a slow painful death over the course of 5-10 years.
  7. Reilnur

    The Anachronist's Thesaurus

    A mass of unwashed members.
  8. Reilnur

    Anyone tried Dwarf Fortress?

    Have you removed the initial meeting area at the wagon?
  9. Reilnur

    Game of Thrones - HBO TV series based on 'A Song of Ice and Fire'

    Plenty attractive to a twelve year old cripple, I'd say.
  10. Reilnur

    Crusader Kings 2

    As usual, they're in the game with the patch, but only playable with the DLC. That's how they can afford to make all the feature improvements they do in the patch.
  11. Reilnur

    Crusader Kings 2

    Toffee said:
    Thanks for all the suicide advice, but I just couldn't do it. I've grown attached to Duke Guilhem IV of Toulouse, awful stats and all. Is that normal? This is my first game, and he's my starting character, so maybe that's why.

    You should get attached to all of your characters. Helps the feel of the game if you aren't just trying to power through everything.
  12. Reilnur

    When did you buy Mount And Blade

    May 26th, 2006. According to the receipt.
  13. Reilnur

    Crusader Kings 2 Game: Tale of the Worlds

    Yeah, but with the restriction for number of people in a channel so low now, it's too inconvenient to be worth it for such a large group.
  14. Reilnur

    Crusader Kings 2 Game: Tale of the Worlds

    There's no need for Hamachi. I've been able to host CK2 without a hitch using direct IP.
  15. Reilnur

    Crusader Kings 2 Game: Tale of the Worlds

    As a seasoned veteran of CK2 multiplayer who is pretty much guaranteed to show up for each session, I am forcibly entering myself into your game, whether you like it or not.

    I'll be the Doux of Cherson.

    Also, I'm very disappointed in Puppy for not informing me about this.
  16. Reilnur

    Crusader Kings 2

    Seriously, one of the main things to keep in mind is that the DLCs are largely a way to fund the content updates that contain significant improvements to the gameplay. These aren't things that they could have done before releasing the game. Each major DLC can take two months to develop and test, it's not just throwing together a few lines of code.
  17. Reilnur

    Crusader Kings 2

    Oh, Paradox... You're so silly.

    They've announced the next DLC: The Sunset Invasion.

    That's right. Aztecs.
  18. Reilnur

    Crusader Kings 2

    Trevty said:
    Someone should get me Legacy of Rome.  I want to try it so bad. ;_;

    You could play a multiplayer game where the host has LoR.
  19. Reilnur

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    Updated first post with dev diaries 2 and 3.
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