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  1. EU Skirmish Completed Beast 8 Sign ups

    Y'all having month long vacations?
    Almost feels like they still go to school or they a long break in between semesters.
  2. New Season of Beast?

    I've been around for the past 2 BEASTs now, where are you tho? I only see you typing sometimes on HINQ Discord
    I am officially retired and enjoying my free time on the bahamas
  3. New Season of Beast?

    @Aeronwen I'm still waiting to replace you as the BEAST admin since all you're good at is incompetence
    You will just run off mid tournament. Dont fool us
  4. Team Damage in Battle Server

    Not a troll post I dont mean the enemy will be out to get you, I've seen clans fighting in siege on both the defense and offensive teamkilling each other, people will go after you from both sides. Also I dont really care what happens on the PC servers because you all are usually very mild and most have mediocre skill, my concern is for xbox where there are hackers and everyone has got something wrong with them, and most of us could go toe to toe with your best players, where people are said to have been in federal trouble and a clan had disrupted battles from happening for a whole year through sheer power. These are the people who I will be fighting who will attack me from every angle both on and off my team and I'd like to defend myself, if damage is reflected I cant hit back and they'll just resort to booting stressing doxxing and crowding my character or if I can still do partial damage plus take reflection they'll just use numbers to take turns hitting me so only I die.
    What are you on about?

    You wouldn’t last 30 seconds against most PC players who play this game somewhat competitive.
  5. As a community we really gonna let people get away with personal harrasment?

    Right. Because obviously that's a foolhardy position to take in the current climate? Wouldn't they also some time ago condemn the condemning of racism, should that be what the public demands? They're neither ideologues nor intellectuals, it's a ****ing game development company. You think they give the slightest **** as to open an anthropology department to come to their own independent conclusion?
    You do not need an anthropolgy department to know that calling turkish people cockroaches or saying the word n***** is racist. What are you on about? Are you trying to turn this into sociology debate on changing morals in different societies throughout?

    I told you that Taleworlds has a no racism policy and it is their server and they should enforce it. You respond by saying that game development company doesnt have the right to stop hate and racsism because they are not intellectuals??? I am not even sure what you are arguing about?

    I have put the question forward "why are insults aimed at a superficial attribute like heritage or skin colour assumed to be more vicked than on any other?" more than once in this thread now, yet you'll have to be the first to answer.
    So I actively played in the compettive community for 2 years now. I have seen and heard it all.
    The reason racsism is being called out here is because it is so blatantly obvious throughout the whole game. You can hear people saying racist stuff all day every day. The excuse usually is "There are no n****** here, so who cares."
    Some Russians repeatedly called some turkish players cockroaches for months on end.

    These things are worse than me calling you "Bastard" for example, because they include every single person that has those superficial attributes and it doesnt matter if people from these groups are present or not. Both, racsism and "normal" insults should be punished and repeat offenders should be ID banned.

    A chat full of prepubescent wannabe Top Gear presenters will be the least of his disappointments, trust me.
    But new players is what the MP desperately needs. Doesnt matter if they are casuals, teenagers or whatever. Heck 75 percent of the active players were teens when they played warband.

    Conclusion, then; you're not fighting racists. Even if you are, you're doing nothing to combat racism, as it is manifested in real life, by banning its loudest proponents from the game.
    That is a big assumption that everyone who says these things are just
    I would beg to differ. People see and have seen Taleworlds games as a safe space to say these things for a decade now. Everytime people point it out on the forum there is somebody coming out of the woods and excusing the behaviour. The bigger problem is that people learn really fast that they can do and say whatever they want. This leads to not only more toxic language but even toxic playstyle (i.e. leaving games, griefing, teamhitting).

    There's a lot people have to tolerate day-to-day, and a lot of people to tolerate, especially on online platforms, which are by essence more hostile.
    Nice whataboutism, how does that help your argument? Just because there are more toxic places we should keep this one going?

    Instead of making the online world conform to your own weaknesses with unreasonable and ill-thought demands, grow some skin, take a few clicks should you so please, contribute with well-reasoned suggestions to the improvement of the MP experience.
    That being said, "growing some skin" is not the same as being unreactive to what you perceive as inappropriate or unjust, so by all means, speak out against racism, uncalled language and / or other unsporting behaviour. All this backassward mental juggling to encourage freefalling of censorship however can't be taken seriously by me.

    Oh I believe that wanting to have people punished for being insulting in game is very reasonable. And it is not a weakness wanting this to end, the weakness is on your side by not drawing a clear line between you and the toxic players. To me it sounds like you romantice the "freedom" of the wild west internet and hide behind fancy arguements to essentially say that you think banning insults and racism is censorship and people who dont want to deal with that while playing a video game should "grow some skin".
  6. As a community we really gonna let people get away with personal harrasment?

    Why? Isn't that also a breach of etiquette?
    The problem is who gets to decide. There isn't a hippocratic oath for "server moderators" to hold them accountable and enforce a certain integrity. It's easy for socially functional and cognisant people to recognise ill intent, however due perhaps to ill intent (or social ineptitude) on their own end, people of authority can easily artificially push the bounds of restrictions to misconstrue actions of people they personally dislike. Human behaviour and the judgement thereof is a delicate matter worst left to one anonymous narcissist or the other. What slight difference it makes for you to be saved from the bother of going through a few clicks does not justify handing power so easily abused - and it IS abused. It makes more readily for an environment of hostility when biased mods / admins pounce on the earliest opportunity to get back at someone as soon the slightest profanity is uttered. And if I trusted the judgement of TW to enforce restraint in their moderators, I'd be more than alright with it, I have no more love for loud and unfunny retards than you, but from first-, second- and third-hand experience I know not to trust their judgement, especially not on this.

    With the usual frequency that a democratic system works and works well. Unless you're about to tell me you stand for autocracy, you should be fine with it.
    And do tell me more about the logic behind "turkroach" being a far greater insult than just "roach", please.

    Why do you type so much to defend blatant racism in a video game? You write so many paragraps of nonsense. It is not abuse when racists get banned for saying racist stuff.

    It is far easier to ban a couple racist than to have everyone mute them so they can keep going. People here are pathetic. Dying on the hill of free speech in a video game run by a private company that clearly condemns racism.

    If I want to see racism I would go to 4chan or whatever not on a public Bannerlord player. Just think about this scenario:

    A big streamer wants to showcase Bannerlord mp. He joins the siege server, the flagship of casual play. There he gets bombarded by racist and toxic remarks. He then goes to the forum to complain, only to be greeted by you and your nonsense trying to make a scientific debate out of the question whether we should tolerate racism. Seems like a fun community to join.
    And then he gets bombarded by PW tryhards who are gatekeeping by pointing to doxxing that was going on back in the day.
  7. Got trolled twelve times in one game. Сomplaint against troll.

    You get trolled that much you fight back lmao, PC players going soft. On warband our boys will either doss them or tk them for hours on end, its fun and it builds skill to fight with tking, I hate that yall resort to trying to remove players from the game over this kind of "trolling"
    Sounds like a fun community you are describing.

    What is it with people acting all hard on the internet only to bully others?
  8. [BEAST 7] ✨ Grand Final & Promotion Week

    RM banned Echerion
    DR banned Outskirts
    DR picked Xauna
    RM picked trading post

    Match will be played at 8 pm cet tonight.
  9. [BBC - Bard's Broadcast Service] Round Tactical Table 1 (RT²)

    Cheers bruv, absolutely delighted to be part of this! I could just scream. You forgot to tag me, no worries brethren. Absolutely buzzing!! ????????
    What is this?
  10. when single click mouse, does it randomly deliver heavy/light attack? or just the poor server issue?

    For heavier attacks you need to hold the mouse for longer than just one click.

    It doesn’t matter that though.
  11. BEAST - Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament

    How are is it possible that one factions gets chosen 2 times while others don’t get picked at all?
  12. Appeal to admins' decision and a proposition of a rule change

    To add my 10 cents even though gotha and I speak as one, I think that the varadin ban should be reversed to one match and the match should have been counted as it was played.

    To punish the whole team and destroy the scoreboard is over the top even though it wasnt the best idea for varadin to stream the dot.

    Anyone saying that varadin needs the dot to gain an advantage is delusional.


    RM wasnt punished when they admitted to score fixing in BEAST 1, so why take such hard measures now.
  13. Any news on PW or PK thats really all that matters.

    Screeching isn't going to make your incompetency go away.
    Nine is not the hero this multiplayer community deserves but the one it needs.
  14. arrow damage versus heavy armor

    There is no shield penetration. What are you talking about?
  15. TDM: Playing VS Vlandia sucks

    Maybe not, though it's apparent to me that the Sharpshooter's only weakness is Captain mode. See my previous point about a 24 armor unit that can bodyshot most infantry to death from long range, and I can't imagine that being all that fun to fight in skirmish.
    First the sharpshooter hast to hit. Then he has to reload, making him vulnerable to cav or inf pushing. If the other team plays well the sharpshooter might only shoot a couple times.
  16. Vlandia Rebalance When?

    I'm pretty sure that sergeants with Improved Armor/2H Sword is still a force to be reckoned with. I don't think you read my mentioning on how two sergeants in a Skirmish game (Mace/Spear, Armor/2H Sword) have enough power to carry slightly underperforming teams.
    I read it. I am telling you that noone is playing 2h Sergeant in a skirmish game, where people know how to play.

    Vlandia is even slightly underperforming in the HINQ matchmaking.
  17. Vlandia Rebalance When?

    Regarding the Sergeant having the two-handed sword, it's apparent to me that it's very much possible to be a 54 armor shock trooper. Depending on faction matchup, this could be potentially game breaking (One sergeant spawns with mace/spear to deal with enemy cav, another sergeant spawns with armor/2h sword to deal with peasants/other shock troops)

    I imagine the ideal Skirmish play would be the following:

    Sergeant - Improved Armor/Two Handed Sword
    Sergeant - Mace/Cavalry Breaker
    Voulgier - Voulge/Improved Armor (Moloch is also acceptable)
    Vanguard - Agile Horse/Cavalry Spear
    Sharpshooter - Faster Crossbow/Replenished
    Sharpshooter - Faster Crossbow/Replenished
    Vlandia is fine as it is. Stop making up new classes out thin air.

    I guess you are talking about TDM and siege. Those gamemodes are inherently hard to balancebecause of the sheer mass of casual players who dont know left from right. Even one good skirmish player can make a difference in either gamemode with any faction.
  18. Ways to counter Rambo Cav?

    Or learn to read and realize we’re talking about an AI issue.
    pretty sure, that the rambos are players and most people complaining about them can’t block/play adequately.

    DM has proven that superior player skill wins.

    Plus making the AI to strong the same people would come running and crying
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