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  1. richguy421

    SOD Warlords - Ponavosa World Map Sample!|Current Map Version 3.7

    Awesome! You know, it's been about 3 months since I've played warband for more than an hour and I still check this forum everyday as one of my daily update checks, can't wait for the warband version! I'd play the Mount&Blade not warband version but I can't get past the different troop type limit. Especially with a mod that adds lots of troops.
    Great work man!
  2. richguy421

    AoFI is dead

    Man I loved this mod.
  3. richguy421

    Best recording software?

    Okay, so I'm trying to start a let's play account on youtube, and mount and blade will be my first game. But I can't seem to get more than 11 fps  :lol: I'm on a laptop, so I guess it's expected, but I want to be able to manual block, automatic is boring. I got the 11 fps with the xfire video...
  4. richguy421

    {GK} The Golden Kingdom - {Recruiting}

    Man I feel like a kid with a bunch of late assignments giving lots of excuses. But seriously, things keep getting in my way guys, sorry!
  5. richguy421

    {GK} The Golden Kingdom - {Recruiting}

    Hey guys just shoutin in, I'm not MIA, I just have a lot going on, it's christmas, I've had to go to 3 funerals in 3 weeks(ominous o_O), and my dad and I chopped down a christmas tree. I'll be back.
  6. richguy421

    Medieval Simulation Group (inactive)

    Can't wait till practice!
  7. richguy421

    HELP please, the game freezes whenever I kill someone.

    This is exactly what happens whenever I kill someone. My internet was out for a few days, and in those few days I played MBW sp a lot. But then, all of a sudden, no matter what mod or what save I use, whether it's campaign or custom battle, it freezes, the moment ANYTHING OR ANYONE ON THE...
  8. richguy421

    [Suggestion Box]

    To counter the person above I'm pretty sure archers HAD to have some sort of wrist/hand wear, otherwise the bowstring would slap their wrists. And my suggestion is to make it so that if you aren't wearing gloves of some sort when you are using a bow, then you would take 1 damage from it slapping you.
  9. richguy421

    [Suggestion Box]

    You guys should implement this mod:
    It lets you control any troop on the battlefield, whether you are alive or not. You guys should improve on it
  10. richguy421

    Respawn as one of your troops

    THAT is cool. Now it just needs to be ported to warband X.X
    Ok, instead of makinng a new thread, does anyone know how I would port this over to warband?
  11. richguy421

    Respawn as one of your troops

    I know, I stated this. I just want a nice yes or no answer if it is possible to do what I am asking.
    I will elaborate, in multiplayer battle mode, there is a game option, that allows you to respawn as one of your troops when you die.
    I was wondering if it was possible to implement this into single player. Then you wouldn't even have to quit the battle when you die, unlike in custom commander.
  12. richguy421

    Respawn as one of your troops

    Is there a mod that lets you do this? Like in battle mode on multiplayer, but in single player, I think it would help IMMENSELY to be able to do this, as then you aren't out of the battle untill all of your troops are, and you won't have  to use that crappy auto resolve, yes I know and use...
  13. richguy421

    Is it me or does Autoresolve FAIL COMPLETELY?

    Good sir has out-witted me!  :grin:
  14. richguy421

    Is it me or does Autoresolve FAIL COMPLETELY?

    Yeah well, in the mod sword of damocles I decided to test this, I saved before a battle, I had 20 villainese longbowmen against 20-ish marinian infantry or footmen or w/e.
    In the first try I killed myself with f3 and watched the battle, I won, I had like 10 left.
    But when I used auto-resolve I LOST.
    Auto-resolve FAILS, whether the player isn't there or he is has nothing to do with it.
  15. richguy421

    Is it me or does Autoresolve FAIL COMPLETELY?

    ^^ You mean total war games are renowned for it ^^  :lol:
  16. richguy421

    Is it me or does Autoresolve FAIL COMPLETELY?

    well right there I think it was gettingit on the dot, in real life,  your men would be completely surrounded by the bastards.
    Yet when you are there they only bring out like 30 at a time.
  17. richguy421

    RCC_PWMod [Rules Poll Added! 13/11/10]

    Akita said:
    NOVICIUS said:
    I get banned for tracking one bandit who killed me,swear at me,and then laugh about me when he was unarmed.I get ban for a single swear respond to all of that which i apologize for becouse i am not that kind of person.

    I love that game but you want hear about sir Red de Mon for a while...Not becouse ban...Becouse i am to annoyed about lack of fairness....about tolerance to rasist comments and lack of common sence in general...

    I get kick out for fighting back...I get kick out for deffending my self...I get kick out for deffending friends...I get kick out for deffending serfs and other unarmed players...I get on black list becouse all of this CRIMES and I get ban for trying to put one bandit-player to prison who really anjoy your rule protecting bandits and who take full advantage of it to frustrate other players

    Well done.Thank you very much...Do not expect a lot of new players on your server
    Novicius, Be sure that we didn't banned you because we like to ban. You surely done something wrong.
    And about the last part We actually expect a lot of players as we are the only active PWMod server that actually got some roleplay and players.

    There are lots of people who, maybe not LIKE to ban, but ban without looking into things first. I mean, what if a bandit keeps trying to kill you over and over but fails, and then tells the admin that you are randoming him huh? When there's a report of tking on the gk server, I watch the dude or go spectator and keep an eye on him, I know that's probably harder on the rcc server, but can't you do something?
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