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  1. Rybn47

    Renown bug still not fixed

    Change your tittle to "RENOWN BUG STILL NOT FIXED FOR MY MOD" pls, you really got me there with being a valilla problem, but how do you even dare to post bug posts when you use mods???????????????????????????
  2. Rybn47

    A few Warband features that I miss

    Statistics on how many I killed and wounded for the entire game.
    Does thi work when you retife entirery from the game or does it appear when you change characters in the same playthrough to keep playing?
    Does changing multiple characters in the same game, then retiring forever separate these stats showing for each individual character?
  3. Rybn47

    A few Warband features that I miss

    .The event log was handy in that you could press L and it would show all the events the recently happened. In Bannerlord the event log disappears fast and I miss some information.
    Press the Enter key on keyboard, the recent events dissapear in some instances, if you enter a battle the previous logs dissapear
  4. Rybn47

    Sturgian character creation issue

    like not having the "noble class" when choosing the starting equipment
  5. Rybn47

    About the new animations for female characters.

    GIGACHAD female characters are no more
  6. Rybn47

    In Progress Shepherd perk giving penalty instead of bonus

    Patch v1.1.4 has fixed the shepard perk, listed at the top of fixes. The day has finally came
    *Happy hoarder noises*
  7. Rybn47

    Proper Loot someday?

    your troops stole them
  8. Rybn47

    In Progress Random relationship

    Is this a design feature or a bug? It causes difficulty recruiting troops in the early game.
    A feature afaik, if you find it difficult then switch recruit difficulty to easy
  9. Rybn47

    SP - General Could you give us cinematic prebattle scenes (QOL)

    they should smile like my dude in my profile pic
  10. Rybn47

    The new Garrison recruitment is pretty awful. Need a *NO* Option ASAP, suggestion or bug, not sure so it goes here...

    its way to fast.
    do you want even more food issues? lol
    might aswell make them stop at night to sleep
  11. Rybn47

    Crossbow unfair advantage

    militia archers
    I noticed militia units have faster swing speeds too (or at least until 1.5.9). They crush my units when I try to raid their homes.
  12. Rybn47

    Crossbow unfair advantage

    maybe they have higher crossbow skill?
  13. Rybn47

    Civilian outfit item can't be re-equipped

    That's because it is a non-civilian item. Since it's already equiped at the start there is no problem until you un-equip them.
    What they should do is take a look and replace these with actual civilian equipment or mark all these as civilian
  14. Rybn47


    Read above your tittle and below the game portraits
  15. Rybn47


    So, is there any point in sending caravans now? I literally cant earn any money.
    Caravans work better during early game since bandit parties are smaller.

    In-game time shows me already 10 year and the game blocked quest "Assemble the Dragon Banner"
    Yep, you failed the main quest, bud

    Meanwhile i cant even earn enough money to hold army bigger than 70 units.
    what is the post purpose again?
  16. Rybn47

    Are your companions seriously f---ing idiots?

    You didn't get us killed and waste people's lives" that's a bit stupid.
    then don't hire valor +1 companions. It's that easy, get only the cowards
  17. Rybn47

    When does 1.5.10 get released???

    Almost a week ago
    I read that Epic Store doesn't let you onto the beta, only steam.
  18. Rybn47

    In Progress Starving death spiral

    This guy is about to get Lageta'd
    I'm about to get Lageta'd

    seems like 1.5.10 did something related to prosperity-food effects. I'd have to read the patch notes again
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