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  1. Zyakan

    Resolved Siege starvation doesn't work

    Same, already reported.
    Btw, cities and castle I've besieged until now seem to start siege with 0 food.
  2. Zyakan

    Resolved List of Perks That Do Nothing or Don't Work

    For Merry Men perk, at one point I had gotten the option to recruit some looters despite not having the perk, though it has yet to happen since.
    Same, it happened to me once, without merry men skill. Then never again.
  3. Zyakan

    Need More Info No notification when allied settlements are under attack

    Hello, I do not know if it is a bug or an absence of feature, but we are not warned when an allied settlement is being raided/besieged, even if we are close to it. Neither notification is given when a city/castle is taken by the enemy, even if it is our own. If it is intended, it is weird, as...
  4. Zyakan

    MP Menavlion in Multiplayer

    Friendly fire would be great for balancing menavlion, while keeping its stats.
  5. Zyakan

    Resolved Tablut AI is noob

    Hello, Tablut is a great game ! I feel it hard to understand at first, mostly because I needed to get clear with the objectives and ways to capture pawns/win the game ; unsimmetrical game is a bit harsh ; but by now I love it. I'm sad that any tavern "champion" in "hard" challenge or any...
  6. Zyakan

    Resolved Dialogue persuasion percentages not readable

    Even occurs in grass.

    Btw, relation indicator (when you pass your cursor upon NPCs name in dialogue) is unreadable in many dialogue backgrounds.
    And, in the introducing part of the dialogue, it shows 0 no matter how high your relation is with this NPC.
  7. Zyakan

    Resolved Campaign AI flaws

    Hello, Here are some silly behaviour I noticed from NPCs parties : 1 ) Possible bug : When you gather parties to your army, they seem to not buy any food on the way. I regularly have to share my food with them. When going to villages to buy food, allied parties buy nothing even if they are...
  8. Zyakan

    Resolved Combat AI flaws

    Hello, There are some flaws in the way "Good" combat AI works. I mostly tested it in Practice fight in arena, so some of it may be slightened by tactical formations. -NPCs do not parry when you spam attacks while turning around them. way to reproduct this : have an advantage (block them...
  9. Zyakan

    Bows are way too quick

    Hello, everything is in the title :smile: I don't know if this topic has already been told (I believe it must be the case though) Sorry for double-posting if it's the case. It triggers me since I started playing : in my opinion, bows are way too quick to draw, and too quickly precise - to make...
  10. Zyakan

    Exploit with companion parties.

    Btw, companion's parties start with your culture's troops, regardless of where you are in the map
  11. Zyakan

    Imprisoned Lords Escape Too Easily

    Actually, in terms of statistics, freeing enemies after battle seems way more useful than capturing them, as it gives charm points, which are quite difficult to acquire.

    I agree prisoners escape way too easily, and ransoms for nobles are ridiculously low, knowing how easy it is to gain money.

    At the start of my first game (which is currently my only game) I started capturing and executing every member I found of little bandit-like factions. It is efficient.

    Btw, why is executing bandits and rebels considered as dishonorable ?
  12. Zyakan

    Need More Info Huge performance issues

    Same for me.

    8GB RAM, no problem before 1.0.4 (except for sieges or big battles -limited to 400- but that's normal)

    Now game lags even in practice fight and in town. Even the map lags.
    Lag occurs after some time running the game. First ten/fifteen are quite fine.
  13. Zyakan

    Siege (several issues)

    Edited after a few more sieges.
  14. Zyakan

    Resolved I can't see information or notification when my faction declared a war or make a peace.

    A notification should appear on the right, the same type than when a lord gathers an army.

    But since 1.0.5 I missed the notification for Battania declaring war to our empire. So maybe it's a bug bound to this new patch.
  15. Zyakan

    Being a Vassal is a scam

    In my game, after some time of normal situation, Empress Rhagaea also takes every newly conquered fief for herself, "despite ajority against it". It's a bug for me.
  16. Zyakan

    SP - General [BEST OF your Suggestions] Tournaments

    Tournament tiers. How much you can bet should escalate with each tier.

    First tier tournaments should be open to all and have no less than Tier 2 (or 3) troops in it.

    Second tier tournaments should require a certain amount of renown, or a tier 1 tournament win, and should be tier 4+ troops. Maybe require an entry fee at this point.

    Third tier should definitely require an entry fee, which contributes to a pot reward at the end (on top of whatever other reward), and be highest level troops and named NPCs only.

    Companions should be able to join based on their own personal skills and if they win the reward should go to the clan. If it is an entry fee tournament, perhaps have to opt to pay their way in.

    Winner of the low tier could gain access to the upper tier in this particular tournament.
  17. Zyakan

    SP - General Banner and clothing colors

    Another nice small improvement would be allowing each clan their own sigil colour, different than their king. So you can still see which troops belong to whom on the battlefield/world map, but still can recognise faction allegiance.

    And in the future maybe third and fourth colour to choose ? Trim? Two-coloured pattern for background? Complex sigil?
    Maybe you start with single coloured banner, and each clan level allows making it more complex?

    I don't know for uniforms, but at least civilian outfits should be indemn of these banner colors. Being an empire Archon gives horrible clothes.
  18. Zyakan


    Great !
    I'm glad to be the take-my-time kind. 45hours and still no snowball. Maybe I will be able to keep my first game running for a while ! :smile:
    (if the gods of corruption are not angry with me, of course)

    But I totally agree with what have been said above : please, don't stop at 20 years ^^
    If balancing is impossible, then you can slow down war actions by implementing peace times between wars, or exhaustion, or rebellions...

    We, players of Warband, know the future of Calradia. And it's definitely not a united future.

    A huge thank for your commitment !
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