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  1. Option to disable army formation

    Can there be an option to disable lords from forming army's so that way they don't form an army an start taking fiefs and will focus on defending already owned fiefs and that way you can focus on running up a high ransom plus extending the longevity of the game by making it to where wars don't always have to be for land but for money, troops, marriage, etc.
    Not in the Base Game, but there is an Mod called Party AI Controls, in which you can disable joining Armies for all of your Clan's Parties and if you are the Kingdom Leader, your Kingdom's Parties too.
  2. Childs stats & skills

    Hi all,

    To the point, is there any real difference, in terms of raising an heir, to marry a wife with high skills? I mean, does it make any difference if your wife has exceptional stats and skills or if she doesn't? I've seen, or rather, I think I've noticed, that it doesn't matter as the choices we make during their growing stage to give them focus and stat potins when they're growing are always the same, the amount of skills added to our children, nephews, etc, is always the same, +5 here, +5 there... however, your brothers (the two who are rescued at the beginning) start when they are eligible with +100 riding... Is there any way to make our heirs grow up with +100 in any skill? If my wife has, let's say, +100 Engineer, will our child grow fond on it and with more than +15 or so which is the max we can give them during their grow up period?

    Thanks in advance
    Currently, Childs inherit only Skills from their Parents, if the Parent has Skill Data in the Lords file of the Game.
  3. Hidden or not, clan member limit kills the role playing experiences.

    I've been working on a mod to remove this limit for some time, and I published it today!
    Any chance, you can release it on the Steam Workshop too?
  4. Hidden or not, clan member limit kills the role playing experiences.

    I want to play the campaign like for-ever. Want to keep the party of full clan member. Want to be a world balance keeper as a mercenary.

    But, recently I recognized that my younger sons and nephews who had been married with some their ages don't have newborns.

    It has already been a few years or so. I do not find any mods for that problem.

    I do not understand why there should be a limit for the number of the clan member. I think at least the size of the limit should be much larger than current.

    Please remove the limit or at least make the number higher.
    I think it because of the AI clans, who would spam to many unneeded Heroes.

    But you are right, the Player Clan should not have a Clan Member Limit at all, because Players can always use their Clan Members.
  5. Clans vanishing after I destroyed the Southern Empire? (1.2 Beta)

    I am playing as a vassal of the Northern Empire about 905 days in, and a couple of in game and real days ago I participated in the destruction of Rhagea's faction and her army of simps. I was under the impression from a couple of google searches that the clans would roam around and eventually just join other factions, but that wasn't the case in my game. After maybe 5 days of the SE being gone I get a notification that every clan belonging to them was destroyed, with every lord being considered "lost".

    Is this supposed to happen? If not is there something I can do to stop this?

    Some additional info is that all the clans became grey independent factions and all declared war on the NE separately immediately after we destroyed the SE, and when I went to make peace with them they were all demanding 130k each to make peace. I feel like this is just an oversight as its kinda crazy that they expect money from us after we just kicked their ass.

    If this is just a dead end game mechanic that has yet to have some resolution implemented might I recommend that the clans just join other nations, with Empire clans having preference to joining a different empire? As well as allowing the player to try and convince them to join their faction with maybe the normal barriers to entry being a lot lower since they're realmless.
    I would rather prefer, they create a new Kingdom over joining an existing one, after some Time of course, there should be a delay for creating a new Kingdom after the old, was destroyed.
  6. Cavalry in 1.2.0 Beta

    BTW, if you are finding BannerKights too strong (they are not OP at all in my opinion), just replace your bannerknights with Fian Champions, and you are going to see something really OP.
    Fians are not really OP, together with all Battanian Units they are the worse Units in the entire Game.

    I can usually destory Battania within 1 Season of the Game, it only takes to take Marunath and Seonon, in order to destroy Battania and since their Units are bad, I can defeat them with only 100 Troops vs. their 500 Garrison + Militia.
  7. In Progress Clan Members do not recruit at owned Fiefs garrison any more

    I think they changed it in the past because too many people have complained about the fact that your parties are grinding the garrison troops until all of them are gone and noone is left to defend the settlement/castle. So for now your parties are recruiting like everyone else from the "recruit troops" pool in settlements and villages.
    And this is the reason, why the Devs should make it an Option, instead of forcing it to all.
  8. Resolved Intended behaviour for ruling clans to join other factions on kingdom destruction?

    Is it intended behaviour that ruling clans can/will join other kingdoms when their own kingdom is destroyed?

    How to Reproduce:
    Destroy enemy kingdom, check other kingdoms for ruling clan having joined after certain amount of time.

    Have you used cheats and if so which:

    Media (Screenshots & Video):
    If you have read the Patch Notes, you would know that this is intended and they have only 4 weeks to find another faction to join, if they don't join another faction in 4 weeks, the entire Clan will be deleted.
  9. Oldest Hero - Is there a record?

    Its a Clan Leader perk (or should be) so it can't stack.

    Also, I don't have it.
    It does stack, with the other Perk, who does the same, but only for the Hero, who has this Perk.
  10. The vast majority of my children are daughters

    They say that strong women give birth to boys... Maybe you shouldve been more picky when choosing a spouse, she may have a nice chest or rear - but can she swing a sword?

    On a more serious note, I believe the game is biased towards girls because, as we know, only girls (none of that gender bs please now) can become pregnant.

    Perhaps the games bias could be nerfed a tiny bit - or maybe you just been super duper unlucky
    You know that females in this Game are completly worthless?

    You need a mod, to marry female Clan Members, because in the Base Game, they are always joining the Clan of their Husband, which is really bad design from TaleWorlds and the Devs should change it to make with the Clan Tier only, the lesser important Partner joins the Clan of the higher important Partner, regardless of Gender.
  11. SP - General Remove the hidden Clan Member limit / Add Family Tree

    I agree that limit should be removed a well... and dead lords counting is still stupid, @Dejan @Duh_TaleWorlds @MArdA TaleWorlds
    I agree too, the total limit on clan members should be removed and replaced with the System of CK3, which is way better than this.
  12. Third Generation All Barren

    I haven't looked into it for a while so I'm running off of memory, but that sounds right.

    A woman's chance of pregnancy depends on:
    • Her Age
    • How many children she has already had
    • Whether her or her husband have the Virile perk
    • If neither she or her husband are the character you're playing as, there's also a penalty based on how many characters (not counting companions I think?) the clan has. Higher tier clans get to have more children before getting penalized
    The young wife should have a chance, yes. Unless your clan already has too many people in it, she might also have a chance if you're leaving her sitting in the same town/castle as her husband too.
    The fun thing is, TaleWorlds even count Dead Heroes into it, so currently your Clan will exceed the Limit, because the Game counts Dead Heroes too.
  13. SP - General Remove the hidden Clan Member limit / Add Family Tree

    im on the year 1205 and my clan members stopped producing children even though half my clan members are dead via age, not just me but the A.I clans as well, they are becoming extinct as their clan members reached the 63 or 64 limit.

    i havnt conqured anything so far at all. wanted to see how far the A.I would go with natural death or getting killed in battle.

    i have like 5 18 year olds that havnt produced in 10 in game years so far.

    wish there was an unlock
    Good to know, that even Dead Lords count into Limit.

    I mean seriously, why would Devs want to add a total limit of Clan Members, even CK3 has no Limit how big the Dynasty get, only a living child limit per character.
  14. Anyway to stop the Game Shark cheat codes.

    Mercenaries, Sellswords, etc was a thing in the medieval times. How realistic the use is in Bannerlord, now that is another tale.
    Even CK3 and KoH2 has them in a better state than Mount & Blade 2.

    Mercs in Mount & Blade 2 are too overpowered in regard to tribute payments.
  15. Anyway to stop the Game Shark cheat codes.

    That with increased death rate after they coumd die in simulations made mercenaries clans die before the first five years, so they made them be able to replenish?
    The mercs have to go, they cause more trouble then they are worth it, because currently if a faction hires a merc clan, the tribute payment instantly shifts towards them, even all merc heroes are in prison.

    A game without merc clans, is so much better, because wars are more realistic.
  16. Lords should ransom 90% of the time.

    That's objectively false.
    If you see a kingdom without fiefs,you'll see parties with 10-20 men,because they can't afford more.
    This is in contrast with the influence needed,because even if they have influence,they can't create parties due to party size restriction,which will not enable the lords to have more troops and therefore they can't comeback.
    Wrong, I only see this, when I am personally at War with another faction, but I soon as I make peace(as independent clan), the AI can now recruit parties over 100 troops again(probably because of TaleWorlds enabled the AI to recruit from neutral Villages without Penalty or Extra-Costs for them).
  17. Bannerlord is really just a broken game.

    As someone coming from Warband and having beat that original campaign and several mods like PoP, Perisno and Gekokujo I like tens of thousands of fans was looking forward to the release of Bannerlord. In the early days when BL was announced I was still using "chans" with gaming threads and Warband was always just something everyone loved and we dared not hope for the actually arrival of Bannerlord.

    But one day is arrived, first in dev vids and then in early access. I tried EE and I couldn't bear it because it was compared to Warband quite souless. EE was so unbalanced I just had no interest in getting very far so my first real attempt to make a go at "winning" only happened after things like cutscenes added a modicum of soul. I made the mistake of thinking the actually mechanics were balanced and working. However as everyone who actually plays the game knows it's not.

    For reference in this playthough that I am giving up on I have 30 cities and 30 castles give or take, 15 above average sized clans and my own clan has something like 40 adults in it. But I will never actually win, for actually so many reasons, but I'll share as many as I can think of.

    The AI voting system is horrible. They vote for all the wrong policies and all the wrong wars and try to force peace when you have most of their lords captured.
    The AI voting system continually gives the same 3 AI losers all the fiefs and they do nothing to protect them, they don't garrison, they don't form armies to protect their estates,
    in fact for some reason despite having over 100 nobles in other clans they fail to make armies to either defend or press an advantage effectively.
    additionally the AI lords do not head the "offensive/defensive/balanced" war strategy at all, they just do what they want which is usually nothing at all.
    The AI lords from opposing factions always have armies flooding into your lands no matter how many you capture there is always another army on the way.
    At one point I had 200 NPC lords personally captured, this did basically nothing for reasons stated above. My own lords also constantly do nothing even though essentially none of them were captives.
    When an AI ally lord proposes peace it doesn't even tell you the terms of the deal, and the terms are never fair anyways, some fiefless faction gets paid because you they constantly respawn with 50 soldiers and attack your villages and no matter what they are always on the get paid end of things.
    Auto battle is really bad, you can lose 20 elite troops with a 1000 man army against some random 50 unit whatever.
    Several times I was hit with negative -9812378927390237 reputation bugs while rescuing lords (usually I would reload a save)
    Nearby Ally lords jump an army far too early causing a massive lose before I can get my army into range and sometimes I'm purposely waiting and don't want to engage at all.
    Ally lords being called to an army will easily get distracted by very small enemy parties and chase them around for days before joining properly.
    My clan party leaders donating 10%-ish of their own troops every time they empty an empty allied fief, yet my actually "allied lords" don't every arrive to garrison it.
    Battles themselves are ridiculous, every single map the player is in a crappy spot, the AI is in a good spot, and if you on the offense often have to cross a large map and if that battle involves reinforcements THEIR reinforcements will appear behind you and YOUR reinforcements are back on the other side of the map.
    When you tell your infantry force of 200 to charge they will split up into several groups, often half of them will turn back to chase down a mounted archer or something instead of crashing what is in front of them. If you give them a position to go to they WALK, if you tell them to CHARGE they run in all different directions, it's insane.
    Merceny clans are auto recruited by enemy kings magically. If you manage to find the LEADER of one clan who ISN'T working, you might be able to hire them but they will be gone in a few days.
    The player clan doesn't seem to work well after a while, none of my sons or nephews were able to have 4 children and I think it was more like 1 or 2.
    Marriage offers also don't come often enough and you often are looking at at "????" for what is being offered.
    NPC lords would offer you 60 year old widows to your 18 year old son, because well Bannerlord is half coded and half not.
    My NPC clans were so awful, with 15 clans it was VERY lucky if I had 2 mediocre armies formed besides mine only clan member army, they never formed an army like enemy factions did meaning stacks of 1500-2000.
    50% of kingdom policies are self destructive especially to war torn fiefs, yet the allied clans vote for them constantly.
    There is a HUGE inflation in the number of lord in the world over time to rebel clans joining NPC lords, cause lol, that can't be allowed for the player.
    Of course also native clans are having children and such so, it seems like there is almost twice as many lords as in the start of the game now.
    For some reason it's not useful for the player faction, at least for me they do nothing, while NPC factions send everyone out to raid.
    Force to make the choice of giving up 50 prisoners and making peace for a deal that's only going to last 5 days max or paying over 1000 influence.
    Peace deals are just awful absolutely broken things, just as the voting system in general is just garbage.
    Rebel clans are poorly conceived balance killers.
    Cities in the no mans land end up with like 1000 prosperity and never recover because the AI doesn't invest/garrison it .
    Poor, fiefless clans with high relationship cannot be converted at some point, I tried several and they just flat refuse, I own half the map but have something
    like 20% of the available lords.
    Why do family clan members have more attribute points then the player at the same level and hired companions have less than the player?
    Finally the world map is just bad, with the Aseri and not-Viking having 2 ins and outs it's one more aspect of the endless wack -a-mole of BL.

    TLDR: Bannerlord at it's base really has a lot of potential, but whoever is balancing it and putting the final touches on it needs to be fired.
    Hopefully it gets sorted in the next year or so, I have my doubts because some of this stuff is just obvious and just needs to be tweaked but hasn't been fixed.
    I dunno, maybe hire back whoever made Warband.

    There is a bunch of things I missed on this list, but I've spent enough time on it and don't except anyone who is responsible for these things to somehow suddenly realize stuff needs to be fixed since I've seen plenty of posts just like going back forever.
    Enable the Dev Console, make a Good Companion, this way and promote him to Clan Leader and you will see that your promoted Companion, does a better a job in many tasks, then any AI-only Clan Leader, the AI is really bad at managing their Perks, because they choose Perks, who does absolutly nothing on this Hero.
  18. Dead factions not dead....Really??

    - declaring war means 95% of ladies and lords are immediately imprison as they stay in my towns
    This should block war declarations from other Kingdoms, no one has ever declared a war against another Kingdom, who one of their members, was a guest, if they have do it anyways, the guest was in most cases not taking prisoner, but was executed, to send a message.
  19. 500 lords execution, could be avoided

    Noble bloodlines in history have faced little consequence for much worse than a village raid by virtue of that bloodline. Hell, some would say the modern politician is a good allegory today 😁
    Absolutly wrong, Nobles in the most cases was executed or enslaved, the first time they have commited a Crime, because they were always dangerous for the Ruler.

    The Romans as an Example have executed or enslaved every Barbarian Noble, because the Romans have not recognized any Barbarian Noble as an Noble.
    The Byzantine Empire has castrated their own Nobles, if they have plotted against the Emperor.
  20. Please add one or two women to companion vassal clans

    Ira married Tegan fen-something very early into said playthrough, and I must say I'd appreciate it if they changed the marriage rules for only-daughters so that the in-universe heir to Emperor Arenicus actually remains his heir without having to risk becoming a lifelong spinster because her mother has a long lifespan lol or else be effectively scrubbed out due to marrying into another (potentially foreign) clan.
    This should not be possible in the game, because of the story.
    The Empire and the Battanians are Nemesis, there should be no Marriage between them.
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