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  1. Aerid Thongar

    Your opinion on the new realms

    I've tried both, and the Falcons are definitely OP, the money to be made off prisoners is ridiculous. However, I've started a dwarven character, messed about in Maccavia for a bit leveling up then traveled up to Kaikoth and immediately noticed their flaws overwatching as part of a lord's army. They are currently at war with Tolrania, yet they seem reluctant to gather the army under the marshall and actually go anywhere, they get two or three lords together then split up to patrol again, and none of them have actually ventured more than a stone's throw into the desert. Imo, there needs to be a break in the cliffs near Amarna so that at the very least it invites involvement with the rest of the world, I think its probably a couple of weeks ride for some lords to Galwe at the moment. Definitely need more expansion to armor and troops, and though I haven't seen a siege yet, probably needs scenes with walls adjusted suitably, because I doubt many ranged units even get a shot off atm. Other than that, an agile dwarf with reasonable strength is pretty scary to play as, I've survived a coupla horrible mob melees simply by being too short and fast to hit whilst kneecapping everything that moves with an axe or hammer. Maybe bolster them with use of another race? something tall and brutish?
  2. Aerid Thongar

    B Medieval Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior

    Hiya Janycz, I always did love the old Rus for M&B, nice to see a Warband port. Do I have your permission to use and alter some of the resources in this mod for TGC? will mostly be used for northern factions like Praxilia and Stenmarr from the Rus, Order, and Polish gear. with possible mesh and texture alterations. You will of course be credited for any of it I use. Thanks in advance!
  3. Aerid Thongar

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Are Del and that still at work on this? Its wonderful to see it still around, was one of my favourite mods, even though it often felt half finished, and I used to squeeze bugs out of it everywhere, for two guys just working away it was a wonderful mod and much appreciated. My Dwarven army was 200 strong and eventually took the fight north after smashing the Orks. Lovely concept, always enjoyed Warhammer Fantasy far more than 40k. Glad they finally got some scenes too! :smile:
  4. Aerid Thongar

    Nanban - A Gekokujo 3.0 AAR

    Really enjoyed reading that, was openly laughing by the end of it. Nice character concept too, very original.
  5. Aerid Thongar

    SP Antiquity [WB] TGC: Development Page.

    Yo guys, apologies, but I am kickin this topic up. It's mine, so I don't see why not. And the offer for any meshes etc stands open, especially weapons, ask and I'll see what I have that might fit, especially medieval stuff or fantasy stuff. If its not UVed and textured I may expect you to do that bit though.
  6. Aerid Thongar

    ->Sword of Damocles: Warlords | Download Here!<-

    Hey man, I just came bumbling back around here, remembered SOD from the old days, back on classic with the faith troops and invasions and awesome scripting and stuff everywhere.
    I just picked up and booted your Test version.
    And was delighted, because you've taken it so much further, its much more stable, and the map, textures, models, and bump maps are all gorgeous.
    Keep up the good work man, I'm impressed, this mod always seemed like it was gonna outscale itself and burn out one day under its own weight. I'm glad to be proven wrong.
  7. Aerid Thongar

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    Oh Wonderful! I shall return to Mount and Blade henceforth just after seeing this, its been a long time, I lost my system, lost a very large chunk of the data for the mod I was building, and homelessness and suchlike never did me any favours. Therefore I shall obtain a copy of Warbands post-haste, just so that I can see SaxonDragon's latest work, I only ventured onto here to see if it was still around.
  8. Aerid Thongar

    SP Antiquity [WB] TGC: Development Page.

    Alongside the main Mod stuff, we're also working on what I guess you could call, "conceptual literature". In other words, stories set in Gacea, following the lives of different people, strong and weak, low and high, poor and rich. Certainly even the ideas I've had for different bits and pieces have helped and depth and colour to the world. I apologise, I do have a couple of drafts for chapters, just not uploaded anywhere. However, if you enjoy writing stories, email or PM me. :3 This is non profit guys, for simple pleasure. I want everything from simple merchants tales, about the politics and in's and outs of each Faction, to the rip roaring adventures of mercenaries as they travel across the land, to soldier's tales of glory and death.
    So far, I have two main Characters with some detail and plots, and some idea's for short stories or other pieces. I personally, I am aiming at Heroic Fantasy, but Idm what subformat of Fantasy Fiction your pieces take.
    :razz: I'm willing to give any background info or lore about the area or people or whatever part you need to know to write it.
    Feel free to let me know, and post any questions or comments here about any aspect of TGC.
  9. Aerid Thongar

    SP Fantasy [WB] Hyborian Age: Crown of Iron +++ 1st post updated 02/13/11 +++

    :grin: Aaaah Conan! Brilliant as ever. Never liked the films though, they warped my image of Conan till I read the books. :razz: this is interesting to see though. Your gonna want lots of armour and weapon variation though in each faction, remember how many of the factions relied on Mercenaries. If your including Nemedia, your gonna want their Aesir mercs showing. One thing that does puzzle me though. Why not build fresh armour meshes? Alter whats there and build your own in detail? Cause retextures never really work. :/ They always look like half arsed attempts in the end if you try to make it look like something else. Come on, go the whole hog, and make the in game appearance look real, not shoddy. We're capable of that with M and B and PC processing power easily these days, this isn't .808. In fact from what I remember playing older mods from back then, they actually did all the meshes fresh, not many retextures really, even if they were low quality. Go for it.
  10. Aerid Thongar

    I want to make a mod called Man & Beast for Mount & Blade 1.011 what do u think?

    Interesting. I considered doing a mod based on tribal beast races as a wee side project to TGC, never took the idea anywhere though. This has sort of been done before, but not to that depth. :/ I just think, that using the animals like that right, as units, is gonna get silly with workarounds. Idk, myself, I think we restrain ourselves too much with the standard idea of M and B, instead of expanding it. However, for TGC, I was thinking about introducing some new mounts etc. I'm considering bringing in a light fantasy element, with some beasts etc. Only problem being that the horse rig isn't flexible enough to allow for different physiological structure. It can be done, but I think you'd need Iron Launcher, fresh Rigs and animation sequences, and a lot of restructuring of the coding. Admittedly, I have nothing against Iron Launcher, its at the back of my mind as a consideration to implement the different races of humans with different heights etc as well as skin tone, hair, and eye colour defining the race. So I could have fat people, thin people, muscular people. But its a lot of work, and buggy as hell with clipping and stuff. As to equipping armour? You do know that the armour would basically require a separate mesh each time?
  11. Aerid Thongar

    SP Antiquity [WB] TGC: Development Page.

    xD I'm doing scenes for College work in Wings. but :O I didn't know that! Thankies Kazzan! I knew there was a scene editor somewhere. Just hadn't found it. o.o that makes it a lot easier. Only gotta do the new environment meshes and textures. Cities, towns, etc... plus some new scene stuff. Gonna try to make them more interesting etc, some objects dropped in and the like.
  12. Aerid Thongar

    SP Antiquity [WB] TGC: Development Page.

    Most of those are actually from last summer or autumn tbh. I mesh much much better now. College work. e.e running out of time now though, starting to slap the pieces together just so I can pass, forget quality. Still, the scene I made, with 3 trees, 3 rocks, a big rock, 5 small bushes and a basic grid base. I can tell you now, that was over 50k of polys. the character for it is much better looking than anything in the scene tbh. 30-40k of poly's. o.o I'm a mesher. I do it right, to the best of my ability. I build swords differently now, with sharper blades. Sorted out axes too, I think there are some tidied up versions somewhere. And I have accidentally misplaced an entire folder of about 12 variants of maces I was gonna use, and still haven't found it. Its somewhere buried in my Users folder. I have no idea where. :/ but yeah, textures coming soon. I use Photoshop, though I suppose if I'm smart I'll start using Maya or 3DS for the materials tbh. cause Wings is crap for that. x.x Maya=The crappiest meshing software on the planet. xD you'd be better using Milkshape. tbh. Lightwave... :razz: Idk. Could I get them from Lightwave into the brf's? I like Lightwave, use it at college a lot.
  13. Aerid Thongar

    SP Native Dark Ages [WB] - The Dark Ages mod: fall of Calradia - needing help!

    I saw it, and couldn't help but actually ask this, do not take my tone offensively, as I am currently laughing my ass off. WTF?! How on earth does a fur coat help you walk faster?! Put on snow shoes, they might help. And as for turbans?! Thats just silly. Sure, your definetly more accurate when your turban slips down over your eyes and you can demonstrate your marksman skills by firing blind. Try an archers vambrace or summat. Summat sane. e.e
  14. Aerid Thongar

    MP Musket Era The Peninsular War - Napoleonic Warband mod - scene editors needed

    o_O you wouldn't understand. M&B is home to me. used to it. know it inside out. every nuance of its gameplay. How it works in effect. It lacks certain features, but in many ways, its simpler, and easier to mod for, and also there is less of a buzz around it of people to whom it is just the latest fad, who will quit after a few months.
  15. Aerid Thongar

    MP Musket Era The Peninsular War - Napoleonic Warband mod - scene editors needed

    What I would like to know, is this still being released for good old M&B 1.011? I remember Dain saying a while ago, that he intended to release for 1.011, not Warbands, because like myself, thats what he prefers. Call me old fashioned, but I'm a purist. I would hate to see this just go straight to Warbands, instead of finishing the M&B mod, and not just because it will force me to get Warbands just so that I can play this mod. Because M&B needs stalwart and stubborn bastards to keep it alive, as well as excellent mods to play. Your not telling me Dain Ironfoot, the Dwarf, has lost his nerve and given in to the allure of Warbands already? I'll up TGC to it myself, but only late next year, or the year after, when its calmed down and isn't full of COD players looking for a new kick. Surely not, Dain. That would vilify your entire status as a dwarf, your so supposed to be stony, and immovable. Not persuadable. D:
  16. Aerid Thongar

    SP Antiquity [WB] TGC: Development Page.

    Kazzan said:
    Purist game highfive! *highfives*

    If you include this morale, have an option for the soldiers to tell you what they would like to do, something like: Higher wages, better food, whatnot. Also, allow you to execute soldiers to provide an example.
    Yep. These are all options I'm considering including, companions as well as NPC's will also play a part in it. You should see the awful task I've set my workmate, he's coming up with the idea's for all the NPC's, he's got the imagination for it though. Then once he's given me the list, and we decide which we use and which we don't, he's gonna write out the dialogue for most of them too.
  17. Aerid Thongar

    SP Antiquity [WB] TGC: Development Page.

    We are back on it, I was away for the weekend, but College is closed due to adverse weather, leaving me with a few days and little to do. Weaponry previews coming shortly, I'm going to UV and texture a few (once Maya stops being a FREAKY BASTARD) and provide something more on here for you all to glare at.  We're also working on the details for the new Inventory and Camping system, and I'm trying to formulate a decent battle morale system involving agression, leaders, army size, typical party morale, etc. A massive amount of variables will affect the morale of your troops both on and off the battlefield, we intend to make the player think more carefully and treat their troops with more respect, more like humans.
  18. Aerid Thongar

    Fisting mod.

    Everytime I see this topic title, I lol. Its like your asking for The Wedding Dance to get even more "realistic" in its actions than it already was.
  19. Aerid Thongar

    SP Fantasy Warsword Fantasy Battles Mod / Warsword Baptism open test version out now

    This is brilliant guys. I'm well impressed. :grin: I can't believe you finished it! With so many factions and companions. It looks brilliant. :3 I've played WH for a long ass time, I'm more of a painter and modeller than a player, but I have a dormant 50000 point vampire counts army, they were my freaking joy, vampires set up correctly to destroy anything, frostblade, Abyssal Terror, etc. Unkillable. Nvm the Grave Guard etc. So cool. Downloading now, :grin:.
  20. Aerid Thongar

    SP Antiquity [WB] TGC: Development Page.

    That would be grand. Moral support to keep this ticking over, is necessary, as much as anything else. e.e Nothing would ever happen, if there was nobody to push us onwards when we begin to falter.
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