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  1. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Less Updates to live version please!

    Live is typically updated to address the most urgent stability issues at a given time.

    You can use the steam beta system to opt out of the live branch and into a specific version that you want to stay on.
  2. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Patch Notes v1.2.8

    @Duh_TaleWorlds can we get the time forward command put back in command console for testing. It's been 6-8 months since I asked for it and was told it would be looked into
    To my understanding, it was removed because it corrupts the game.
  3. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Statement regarding Singleplayer IV


    Are you guys gonna fix the restriction to recruit Houses/Clans after the Kingdom destruction? Before they kingdom without land keep existing and pestering us, now we can destroy it, butclan leaders become like factions so it's impossible to recruit.

    I think they become bandits or mercenaries for a time would be nice, but eventually they would join a faction or we could be able to bring them inside our kingdom, but at the moment this is being impossible
    They can currently join existing kingdoms (like successful rebel clans).

    The player cannot persuade them currently as the defection persuasion assumes a kingdom to betray - that is to say that there is simply no content (dialogues, decision making logic) for this context. We are considering a content addition for this, but I cannot say if and when it will come.
  4. Duh_TaleWorlds

    some sort of new silent update today?

    The most frequent stability issue that we have observed from player submissions (thank you to everyone that uploaded a dump) is related to villager parties (and possibly caravans) capturing hero prisoners (nobles) and donating them to their settlement dungeon when they enter a town of their faction.

    The crash occurs because these types of parties don't have the capacity to handle the influence reward that is given for this action. The hotfix handled this crash.

    We will still investigate how these parties managed to receive these prisoners in some but not all games (the implementation currently prevents them from doing that normally).

    Given the upcoming holiday period, we opted to patch this on playstation asap.
  5. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Patch Notes v1.2.7

    Fair enough I guess, but could you please share what is definitely confirmed to be added to patch 1.3 other than claimants and replay editor.
    That would be discussed once it is reasonably certain (read - not definitely confirmed) what will come and in what general form. Aka "Improvements to X" would not make for a particularly interesting read - so some level of detail should be provided.
  6. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Patch Notes v1.2.7

    @Dejan @Duh_TaleWorlds @Piconi It's great that 1.2 is finally live. However, this means that it's time for the long awaited new future plans post on what we can expect from Bannerlord in terms of new content patches and/or DLCs.

    And PLEASE, don't give a response saying that you will be adding the things outlined in the release plans post. There's only claimants and replay editor iirc.

    Even if that's it for 1.3 for new content, and that 1.3 is the last content patch and that there will be no DLCs, please do inform us.

    It's likely that future content updates will be discussed once sufficient progress has been made. Ultimately, this is a balancing effort between early inclusion and not building false expectations ("it will be released in this way [next week/month/etc]"). IMO it will still be some time before that happens.
  7. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Patch Notes v1.2.7

    Well this was a suprise when i woke up and started my Ps5. The notification popped up after a few seconds that a update was available. I could not believe my eyes. But it does say that its 1.15 version, is that normal?
    Platform version increments are based on releases (actually, even certification submissions in some cases IIRC). That's why they differ between PC, PS and XB. 1.15 or 001.015.000 should be correct for PS4 and PS5.
  8. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Constant crashes 1.2.6

    Have you uploaded a crash dump? If so, can you provide me with the dump id?
  9. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Gang War not initiating

    This was changed when the ownership of alleys was introduced - in part because the "wait until the real fight" part of clearing alleys wasn't the best experience (at least imo). So now you clear it when killing the initial thugs and you take it over when assigning a companion.
  10. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Will the 3D conversation background come back one day ?

    Verified with the relevant dev that the background is indeed 2D. Sorry for the confusion.

    Having said that, it is unlikely that this will be changed given the impact it has on performance.
  11. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Do i understand correctly that, according to Tales #4, the 1.2.5 is a bit delayed and wont be coming out in november... aka tday or tomorrow?
    Yes and given the reports regarding battle stability and AI "over-performance" that's the right choice to me.
  12. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Will the 3D conversation background come back one day ?

    To my knowledge, there is no 2D conversation in the game. Quick conversations use a simplified 3D scene to make them, well, quick. For settlements, you can still visit the character to enter a conversation in the full scene.
  13. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    So there are some the AI improvements in 1.2.5 works in tournaments only, which makes even low tier troops perform better, right?
    No, there are general combat AI score calculation changes. Tournament participants in later rounds just receive an additional bonus to their score.

    To my understanding, this is not a direct AI improvement either. The score determines how well a character performs (how quickly & accurately they block, how often they feint, etc.) - changing it changes their performance, but not the underlying system.
  14. Duh_TaleWorlds

    My rantings about where the updates are going

    We are investigating the blocking performance of low level troops. It may be a bug.
  15. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Seriously, this patch was a disappointment @Duh_TaleWorlds by the time you guys took to do stuff, unless there's more than it's written here
    Different branches are worked on concurrently. x.x.X patches focus on critical bug fixes and minor balance / content changes (in beta, live usually won't see content changes). x.X.x patches introduce the regular feature & content changes.
  16. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    I know that you're not the community guy, but do you know if there's any word of a "further development plans" or something similar for what is intended after 1.3? Even if the plan is to stop developing the game further via content patches and/or DLCs, it would be helpful to share it (I assume that the game will still be receiving bug & performance fixes after the "development" stops).
    The broad strokes that were previously discussed are that we will explore both DLCs and further base game content additions.

    Overall, there are many more ideas that we are keen to explore as part of our regular developments. Some of these are smaller topics like balance tweaks to our auto-battle-resolution, companion variety, raiding, settlement projects or multiplayer classes and modes. Others concern improvements to control schemes and haptic feedback, modding tools, multiplayer taunts and maps, diplomacy decision making, the clan-kingdom lifecycle, the mission atmosphere and weather system, as well as a variety of quality of life changes such as party member sorting. And yet others will be more involved such as the claimant quest and the multiplayer spectator mode.

    To address the elephant in the room, and some of the questions that came with it, we are certainly also open to DLCs as they are a great way to provide you with additional content that does not fit into the base game’s scope. Having said that, it will be some time before we release any DLC, it will be a gradual shift in development and it will not be mutually exclusive as the base game will also continue to receive updates.

    As a testament to that - there is no particular DLC that we want to announce right now. However, we are observing and discussing many of the topics that you are passionate about.

    In this regard, we also want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone that has supported us throughout the early access period. The game has come a long way and it wouldn’t have been possible without you and your passion for Mount&Blade.

    We look forward to taking the next steps of this journey with you - as well as anyone that may join us on the way.
  17. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Is it not possible to split the update and bring to cheats to console in its own patch?
    It's possible in principle, but will only satisfy a subset of users and cause overall delay due to the fixed costs associated with the release process.

    Still, if there are major delays, I will be happy to bring it up for consideration.
  18. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    I know that you (TW in general) is reluctant to give a reason as to why,
    I actually shared notes on the why a couple of times. A few relatively recent ones are

    The beta will go to the live branch and consoles after the known multiplayer, console and compliance issues have been resolved, translations are completed and issues identified during beta have been fixed.

    There will be more hotfixes before we reach that point. For instance, the loud character noise and the bug that causes agents to not understand they are within enemy attack range (leading to seemingly poor combat skills) should not make it out of beta. The recent beta MP test event with the community also helped to identify issues that require resolution.
    Our release process comes down to the following:
    • Complete required content for a release
    • Pass base line internal check
    • Release to beta
    • Resolve issues that are already known or identified at this point internally / by the community
    • Complete other cross-platform release requirements (localization, release check, certification)
    • Full cross-platform release to "Live"
    With 1.2.x we opted for an earlier beta release as that allows us to collect and respond to a broader range of community feedback rather than just "critical" items (think balance tweaks VS. crash fixes). Currently, we still have outstanding known issues we want to resolve - and will likely take further steps on the identification front as well (f.e. MP "test" events with the community). In other words, the release to live (including consoles) may appear to take a longer time than usual - but most of that (currently) comes down to an earlier "public" release. Personally, I hope we will continue to go for a comparatively earlier beta release.
    Once the outstanding known as well as any newly identified blockers have been resolved.

    This concerns stability, performance and modding items as well as more specific bugs or balancing efforts for both MP and SP.
    As of now, we are still resolving known issues. The most basic why is simply that we don't want to release a version with known critical issues to live. In some cases we may also take a few more days to adjust functionality or address non-critical bugs that the community highlights so that they don't need to wait for another patch cycle.

    but could you answer if 1.3 is being worked on?
    Sure, we continue the development approach that was discussed in the post-release plans.
  19. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    @Dejan will 1.2 be released by the end of the week?
    No. Wouldn't expect it this month either. We will probably drop another beta update first.
  20. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    As a console player I was living my life happily without this game (i had played warband in the past for a couple hundred hours or so) until I saw the Youtube video for the 1.2 update that said console had cheata back in June.

    I then bought the game based off essentialy misinformation. Since this happened I have gone back and re watched the video because I was obviously frustrated that I bought something I felt was misrepresented to me (i.e. console having cheats). My conclusion was that to an average, run of the mill console player, that youtube video is exceptionally lacking when it comes to explaining that these features are not available to console yet.

    This was disappointing.
    While the video does explain that 1.2.0 features are on the steam beta branch at the beginning, I think you are right that it could be made more explicit f.e. by repeating this in the console specific feature section ("please note that these will only be available after the beta update is released to live etc"). This is something we can improve upon in future updates.

    I understand that people are excited about these features and that is fundamentally a positive thing. Believe it or not, we are also excited to share our work with players. :razz: Still, there is no magic button that will create a sufficiently stable build - it simply takes time and effort. We could share the beta build later in development and communicate what we are working on later, but that would only create the illusion of you receiving it faster / having to wait less from the point of knowing about it (while in reality the reduced beta collaboration may well extend the overall time or lead to a less stable live release). Similarly, I assume everyone is agreed that the beta shouldnt make it to live with significant known stability or performance issues.

    What is clear is that you will receive these changes. It also won't be years before that happens.

    As for the people defending TW, most of them I feel are people above the rank of recruit, so it seems they have gotten a better title for all their efforts.
    Forum ranks are based solely on time spent online. Aka recruits are newly registered users. Grandmaster knights lived a year of their life on the forums.
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