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  1. Duckie

    East NA Servers - Not Working

    Hello Taleworlds, North American player here. Recently I tried queneing skirmish with two teams of 12 players. The wait time said ten minutes, despite before it worked instantly. Please review the functionality of your east NA servers so that we can play again and gain loot for skins and the...
  2. Duckie

    In Progress Moustache option also gives chin beard

    Taleworlds, sometimes we want to just have moustaches and not beards - please consider this suggestion seriously. Aesthetics are one of the prominent features of Mount and Blade titles, along with fluid customization.
  3. Duckie


    Hey TW, this is a pretty serious problem. If players are able to freely reign n bombs and other fantastical garbage into ingame chat, sure we could have issued a ban. But by enabling this feature you've pretty much turned that $60 to $70 purchase for a new copy (which you benefit for) into a revolving door for these same people to continue ruining the experience for others using family sharing to evade bans.

    This needs to be addressed with haste. Disable the feature.
    Are you crying about free speech? I know you're from Australia where the WEF has absolved your rights as a human. But if you have a problem TW has already creating a muting option if YOU DON'T WANT TO READ what people have to say. How about instead of crying to the developers about your personal issue, you use the feature they put in the game.
  4. Duckie

    End the character size clown fiesta


    We're at the point where the best warriors are small anemic females while people roleplaying as big warriors put themselves at a disadvantage. Please remove the character height/muscle options and make the default to be rather fierce looking, especially for females. Female default right now doesn't reflect the type of women in society who would end up becoming warriors.

    It makes your game look ridiculous on bannerlord multiplayer youtube videos that get popular
    Are you serious? The added character customization is one of the things that make Bannerlord better than its predecessors. Please delete this idiotic thread. And TW, if you are reading this, please ignore this garbage.
  5. Duckie


    NA east servers being down is an inconvenience.
  6. Duckie

    GK NA Battle Feedback

    The captain maps are good when the server is full but are awful on low population. I think Xauna should be back in the rotation and some of the captain maps should be removed.
  7. Duckie

    NA Skirmish Open Bannerlord Skirmish League Season 3 ($1050.00 In Prizes)

    Clan Information
    Clan Name
    : Dreadsword
    Clan Tag: Dreadsword
    Clan's Page(URL):

    Roster (Include Steam Profile for Each)
    : Duckie
    Co-Captain: Super Jew
    Participant: Ubba
    Participant: Sarin
    Participant: Finnegan
    Participant: Serthas
    Substitute: Vampy
    Substitute: Abuzut
    Substitute: hey
  8. Duckie

    As a community we really gonna let people get away with personal harrasment?

    Grow some thick skin, competitive multiplayer communities have never not been toxic.
  9. Duckie

    NA Other Open NA 2v2 Tournament (1st ROUND DEADLINE APRIL 30)

    Team name: Dreadsword
    Roster: Ubba_Dreadsword, Duckie_Dreadsword
    Contact Information:
  10. Duckie

    NA Duel Completed (GeForce 3060 + $125 Prize) NA 1v1 Tournament

    Duckie 2 - Hancock 1 (The Lord granted me victory in his strength, not mine.)
  11. Duckie

    NA Duel Completed (GeForce 3060 + $125 Prize) NA 1v1 Tournament

    Duckie 2 - 0 TSB ummmmmmidk
  12. Duckie

    who is the best duelist NA?

    look up duckie dreadsword on youtube, there's a whole song about it
  13. Duckie

    MP: Suggestion - Cheering

    I think cheering should be added to multiplayer with the O button just like single player.
  14. Duckie

    Suggestion: Duel Server Throne

    Every chair in single player can be sat on, the throne on the dueling servers viewing the arena should be able to be sat on as well as it signifies status and would be a nice role playing device.
  15. Duckie


    Dreadsword is looking for new members for a skirmish and captain competitive team.
  16. Duckie

    NW Installer Failure

    Which service did you use to install warband, and does it match the service you are trying for napoleonic wars? (Example: Are both downloaded from or perhaps another retailer?)
    Yes, I bought Warband off the Taleworlds website as well as Napoleonic Wars.
  17. Duckie

    NW Installer Failure

    I played NW a long time ago, but I have recently tried to install it again but cannot because it seems to no longer be able to detect my directory which is not on Steam, but since the key is not either I did not think it would be a problem. If anyone is available to help me it would be greatly...
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