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  1. caledoni

    Possible Sturgian Background Buff?

    I think a return of the Snow Penalty Reduction buff would be nice, since half the continent snows in Winter and at least Sturgia is consistently snowy for 2/3rds of the year. It's especially attractive, in my mind, because it'd buff NPCs as well as the player character.

    Battania currently have the best culture bonus. Not sure why Sturgia's was changed
  2. caledoni

    SP - General Formation targeting should only activate on a single click (not click & hold). It messes with the ability to place formations near large enemy groups.

    This needs implemented.

    It becomes a bigger issue when you try to Re org troops when the enemy is spread out. There can be no enemy's anywhere near where you are clicking however it will order units to attack rather than move. This is especially problematic in Sieges and when fighting Cav in open battles. Basically you can't move troops anywhere as it will just target an enemy that isn't anywhere near where you are clicking.
  3. caledoni

    Command wheel needs to be updated.

    I am 100% happy with using F keys. They introduced a radial system back in early access which was awful to use with a keyboard and we had to complain endlessly to get the old system (Legacy) back as an option.

    You can switch between 'Radial' and 'Legacy' in the options but I cant remember exactly how it works.
  4. caledoni

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    We continue to work on bringing the v1.2.x version series to all platforms. Beta v1.2.5 will be released first with a number of significant fixes and changes.

    I am personally very happy with the closed tests we've done with a number of modders (thank you @NPC99, @Lemmy1916, @hunharibo, @Dawa, FoozleMcDoozle and others) that resulted in further polishing of World Map moddability as well as confirmation that the long module loading times are now significantly reduced when using the new bulk shader compilation.

    It will also contain further MP balance adjustments based on your feedback, SP adjustments to AI combat level calculation, and tweaks to the settlement garrison balance. Among other things...

    Please stay tuned for more news on v1.2.x version series coming to Live, appreciate the patience.
    Appreciate the update. Thanks
  5. caledoni

    SP - General Culture morale modifier

    Currently in the game there is no benefit or penalty to having a mix of cultures within a party however surely army's have better morale and effectiveness if they all all have the same culture and language? How about introducing a modifier for Morale depending on how many units are of the same...
  6. caledoni

    4 Must implementations

    Calradia Expanded done a very good job with their map. Unfortuneately their mod hasnt been updated for a while.

    More cities in dead areas


    Castles moved to more stratigic locations

    Some bridges added and moved

    Also added some 'ruins' and i think they had 'manhunter' groups roaming in an earlier version.
  7. caledoni

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Good job team. Some great stuff in there
  8. caledoni

    Resolved Village Needs Raw Materials

    Nice one, thanks.
  9. caledoni

    Resolved Village Needs Raw Materials


  10. caledoni

    Resolved Village Needs Raw Materials

    I have a save I can upload for this bug if it will help?
  11. caledoni

    How can castles be made important in your opinion?

    Be an obstacle the prohibits travel by enemies further into the area, they must take the castles first.
    This 100%
  12. caledoni

    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    I've completely given up on workshops for now. They were fine until a few patches ago but now they seem to require a lot micromanaging to maybe gamble a little gain that is just as quickly lost. Just a frustrating nuisance tbh.

    Battle loot, caravans and tournament prizes are easier and far far more lucrative.
  13. caledoni

    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    We definitely need messengers.
    I think that now we have fog of war, allowing messengers for NPC's we have already met should be introduced.
  14. caledoni

    Need More Info Kingdom Color

    This has been an issue for a while. I highlighed it a while back in the below thread but the respoding dev didnt read it properly and assumed we wanted a feature change.

  15. caledoni

    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Nice patch with a lot of good things in there

    Good job.
  16. caledoni

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    back in 1.5.6 dev mexxico had caravans perfect and workshops were coming along but with the new economy everything it out of balance and passive income has become useless for the most part in Bannerlord since it was a great way to help fund your early game. But ill take that 30K for the shop that might give me 200-300 a day and grab some horses, sell it for 2X-4X times that, get some gear and a decent army and make 10x-50X times that as a merc. A great game always has options, it doesn't force you down one path. Bannerlord has now done that. It will take a lot of work to fix the 1.8 economy issues for caravans and workshops and I worry the devs just wont be able to as it took me about 6 months working with mexxico to get things somewhat normal. Can the devs commit to that now? Sadly what I keep saying comes true, you need to mod to fix thing and that would be the workshop mod as it let you buy your own goods to store at a cheap price to make profit but the 1.8 economy that's only half the issue. With the new dynamic workshop system, your shop could be flooded with others around it driving the prices down. Which again makes shop useless for reliable passive income. As for caravans, they are terrible early on as the economy needs to stabilize for them to make decent profit. Once the economy stabilizes around day 250-350 then they can start making money and by day 500 they are pretty good, but who wants to wait till then to get income when your fighting for it and caravans are a recipe for disaster when at war since they walk right into enemy territory to get captured, The I in AI is not there for caravans. I know the devs get frustrated by comments like these then use it as an excuse to clam up and not talk to use. But when you make huge changes that destroy features in the game, Don't ask the community who plays the game thousands of hours more than you do and trust your own internal testing compared to someone who tests it multiple times to for 10-100 years because you think you know more, then this is what happens. People get frustrated and you get situations like these. Workshops and caravans are nearly in the worst places they have ever been in Bannerlord. People want passive income early game. workshops, too expensive and very unpredictable unless your seriously micro manage, caravans with unstable economy making 100 a days is common for the first 100-200 days. Those are terrible risk and investments to make early game when people are looking for that passive income to help fund their early party. Yep keep reading, this is my only area of what I can call expertise in the game, workshops, caravans, economy and I know a lot about it as I have spent around 2,000 hours just being a trader. Making this massive of a change this late into early access was a bad mistake as a lot of work is needed if it is to be fixed right, that is if they even think there is a problem. I could just make another 30 minute rant video again if the moderators don't like what I have to say here since I am talking about the 1.8 patch. let me know I can just do it on Youtube instead.
    Like I have been saying for over a year, TW I am here to help test. I offer my services. Give me the update and I will test it all in 48-72 hours and find thing your internal team will miss constantly. You have an asset right here to use and help you, but like the past year, my words will fall on deaf ears and we will just wait for them to scramble for 2-6 weeks to fix game breaking bugs/crashes/changes.
    For those that say quit the game if you don't like it, because I've heard it, I love the game. I would say i have more hours into it than anyone on the planet(No joke) but that doesn't mean I am happy with how it is being run or implemented. Everyone gets frustrated, even the devs and they know it, but that doesn't mean you quit......."It means you work harder"

    Ive played 1000 hours since release and this is the worst state I can remember Workshops, Caravans and Trading being in.
  17. caledoni

    Resolved Banner Editor Not Giving An Option To Change Background Color

    The bug that CptMuppet is referring to is not that Kingdom colours cannot be changed.

    When you leave a kingdom, if you have at any point changed your emblem while a member of that kingdom then it seems that you will not revert back to your original chosen banner colours. You will retain the colours of the kingdom you have just left. This happened to me and it is what CptMuppet reproduced.
  18. caledoni

    Resolved Banner Editor Not Giving An Option To Change Background Color

    That makes sense.

    I resolved my issue by leaving (and thus dissolving) my Kingdom, changing my Colours, and then remaking the kingdom.

    A bit of a ridiculous contorted method to simply change a colour but I guess that's 'Working as intended'.

    Another point would be that this is the first time I've made a kingdom since it was changed to 'Ask a governor'. I didn't have a clue how to do it. The quest says talk to Istina but when you ask her about it she just tells you about which imperial faction you should join. I'm sure there's a reason for the change but would help if the game didn't lead you to a dead end.
  19. caledoni

    Resolved Banner Editor Not Giving An Option To Change Background Color

    It would be acceptable if my clan had reverted to my chosen colours after I left the Western Empire and created a kingdom but it didn't.

    I now have the choice to either play my Kingdom with the same colour as the Western Empire or try to find some way of changing code or something.

    If anyone has a solution or a working mod I'd appreciate it.
  20. caledoni

    [Suggestion] Fifth weapon slot (or load-out options) to cater for hide-outs and sieges

    +1 for a seige loadout

    I ALWAYS forget to change my weapons for sieges
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