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  1. Bjorn The Dead

    Forum Lakırtısı

    İçkinin üzerine çay içmekte güzel oluyomuş be. Ne yapıyonuz ölü forum ahalisi. Kafam güzel, şuraya bi şeyler yazayım dedim.
  2. Bjorn The Dead

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    the terrible new forum software kind of killed any magic left.
    Yep. Even your signature reminds me of how good was it. I was looking at the old forums from time to time but they also deleted that.
  3. Bjorn The Dead

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    Did old forum theme color released while I am gone?
  4. Bjorn The Dead

    Üstteki üyenin nick'i sende ne çağrıştırıyor?

    Fantezi evrenlerinin birinde yer ismi gibi.
  5. Bjorn The Dead

    Forum Lakırtısı

    2022 Ocak'ta açılan forum lakırtısı konusunun 2023 Eylül'ünde 13 sayfa olması. :xf-cry:
  6. Bjorn The Dead

    Forum Lakırtısı

    Eee ne yapıyonuz?

    Aklıma geliyor forum, şöyle bi bakıyorum, hüzünlenip kapatıyorum.
  7. Bjorn The Dead

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Nice patch, I must say.
  8. Bjorn The Dead

    Bannerlord is really just a broken game.

    And that is not even all of them, never forget that time in a games presentation one of the TW representatives said "Warband features are not up to Bannerlord standards"
    I was visiting the forums and saw this. This is something I translated to English according to a Turkish forum user's interview with MRay.
    This is the thread I created. And this was the response of MRay. So there was a misunderstanding.

    Hi guys, btw. Anyone enjoying BL. I have not played it in ages. I guess, it still needs mods. Did they remove influence from the game?:ROFLMAO:
  9. Bjorn The Dead

    11 years of development and still missing.....

  10. Bjorn The Dead

    11 years of development and still missing.....

    Please, stop. If you guys keep arguing like this, my favourite thread is going to be locked.
  11. Bjorn The Dead

    Digital Companion Release

    I wonder how many people are going to think this has something to do with actual companions in the game.
    My first thought when I read the title.
  12. Bjorn The Dead

    How much work it takes?

    Dev 1: In Warband, players could send their companions as emissary for peace. Let's expand this system like players using their companions for communication with lords.
    Armağan: No, we want players to explore the map.
    Dev 1: What is there to explore?
    Armağan: I have said enough.

    Dev 2: In Warband, there was feasts and now we are adding kingdom decisions into the game. Let's use this system for kingdom decisions.
    Armağan: No, in Calradia there is telepathy magic which was forgotten in Warband era. In Bannerlord, lords will be making kingdom decisions using this forgotten magic.
    Dev 1: Then players could use this magic for lords quests, right?
    Armağan: What I did tell you just now? We want players to explore the game.
    Dev 1: Okay, sorry.
  13. Bjorn The Dead

    Please Add More Diverse Hairstyles, Hair Designs, and Beards Options to choose from

    I am just gonna put this right here.
  14. Bjorn The Dead

    Do you ABSOLUTELY have to update the game every other day?

    Skyrim is always in unscheduled in my Steam since anniversary edition came out and also since I open Skyrim via SKSE64 which is another launcher for Skyrim, the game never updates.

    So if there is a way to launch the game outside of Steam and put BL to this unscheduled part, then Bannerlord will never updates. Also choose "only update when I launch it" option in Steam.

    TW aside, it is also mind boggling thing that Steam does not have the option "never update my game if I do not want to". If there is a limit for Steam to hold how many version of the game they can store and if the version I am playing is going to be removed, then warn me about it, you mothafcking STEAM.
  15. Bjorn The Dead

    This game is just war simulator.

    Outside of battles, all of the game includes mediocre mechanics which makes this game a battle simulator.
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