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  1. Lilly112

    Is this mod still alive?

    I just might do that.

    I just might be interested in that.
  2. Lilly112

    Can These Things Be Fixed? <Long>

    Blood And Steel was a great mod. I am glad you are around again, even if you are going to drive yourself mad working on this unfinished mess of a base game.
  3. Lilly112

    Closed Bannerlord Siege Engines

    Three years later, this is still an issue.
  4. Lilly112

    SP - General I think Smithing feature is dragging down the overhaul gaming experience

    Can I suggest the fix of....not abusing an exploit? The hardest fix by far, I know, but it does work if you try it.
  5. Lilly112

    Is this mod still alive?

    A Sword Of Damocles that doesn't crash all the time and have a glitched out ending would be something amazing to see.
  6. Lilly112

    Light & Darkness II - News arrive! (Sep. 21, 2016)

    My heart is heavy with regret, that we are approaching 2023, without any news of a Chapter 2
  7. Lilly112

    SP - General Javelin Quality

    So I am a top-tier blacksmith with all the perks on 1.5.9. And wondering...Are Javelins apart from the Quality upgrades you can get? My axes and swords get quality buffs, but javelins stay the same even when made in the dozens.
  8. Lilly112

    Drop a gif or picture expressing your feelings

    Me and the boys looking in awe at all the new updates.

  9. Lilly112


    Way back in the demo video, we saw the option to fight a gang, take his ****, and plant a companion there. Is this still being worked on? I can't seem to pick fights with gang leaders, only work for them.
  10. Lilly112

    Mod Talk

    Not sure where this goes. The Emporium is for released mods rather than talking about Mods that might be released or you are interested in. But, I have been watching a lot of Sharpe lately and it has me in the mood to see Europe 1805 in Bannerlord. Sleek new graphics and weapons, less bugs...
  11. Lilly112

    SP Native Antiquity Ludus - Gladiator Schools

    PC is Player Character. The guy that you play.

    Interesting aspect that you can be forced to play gladiatorial games. I might get captured more often~
  12. Lilly112

    Build defensive siege engines

    So, I got my first defensive siege, was looking forward to adding a tactical array of defensive engines to pitter the enemy with. But, it just auto-built a full comp of Balistas without my imput. And then the enemy charged right after building a ram and with no other engines...
  13. Lilly112

    Talking to Prisoners

    So, how do you do this exactly? I took over a castle and there was a Noblewoman in the dungeons, so I went to talk to her. But got "I am not allowed to talk to you". Though, fair, it's not my castle, hasn't been voted on yet. Later on, got a different castle, and two noblemen in there. This...
  14. Lilly112

    SP Native Antiquity Ludus - Gladiator Schools

    Does this work for 1.5.9? And can your PC join gladiatorial fights themselves, or only manage them?
  15. Lilly112

    Closed Bannerlord Siege Engines

    Summary: Enemy Siege Engines still hit yours when they are created even if you immediately put them into reserve. How to Reproduce: ^^ Have you used cheats and if so which: No
  16. Lilly112

    The good, yet terribly made game. Mount & Blade: Bannerlord

    The only thing that can be said of Bannerlord is that it is unfinished. Even now, after all this time. When it was announced in 2012, I was hype. When it got to 2018 and there was still no word of release, I was a little less hype. But when it finally got a release, I was hype again. A little worried about Early Access after such a long development time from a company that isn't two guys in a basement, but still. I brushed that off as maybe they hadn't finished the multiplayer yet or something.

    Ha, I said after that. There was two hundred weapons in the Multiplayer that weren't ported to the Single Player and the fix was so easy someone had the mod done in like two days. And, every day we just got more and more evidence that the game was woefully unfinished. And to this day it remains woefully unfinished. Less unfinished now, it's more stable and the save games don't corrupt every time past a certain day, but...Half cooked is just as bad as raw.
  17. Lilly112

    SP - General Crafting Your Own Bow, Crossbow & Arrow

    Lo do I come from the future to proclaim; I still want this.
  18. Lilly112

    Siege Offence Useless

    The enemy gets to build defences while you are setting up, so they have one or two engines to pot shot all your **** and make it impossible to get any out. Plus, the towers and rams move so slowly that by the time they get to the walls, the fight is over.
  19. Lilly112


    This **** is pretty consistent. Why even bother with a vote if the Ruler just gets them all anyway?
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