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  1. SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    Csatádi said:
    -Guns cannot parry or used in melee because the AI uses it wrongly parrying a lot when there is no enemy around. Maybe the AI behaves the same but parrying with swords and shields look less comic.
    Um, is there some way to make this optional? I really like everything else about this mod, but this is a deal breaker!
  2. SP Musket Era WFaS Enhanced Unofficial 1.86a

    Mogh said:
    really annoying to see my current team doing sooo badly :grin:
    If I remember correctly, the ai for the faction you join is generally waiting to do what you say,
    and follow you.
    They will almost always lose from stupidity and inactivity unless you suggest attack targets and/or do the work yourself.
    This is apparently a feature that has been in Warband since native; so the player feels like they are the key hero person or something....
  3. B Musket Era More realistic muskets.

    This is exactly what is wrong with native multiplayer!
    Some players seem to consistently be firing laser balls at you even when sidestepping at full speed at long range!
    it's insanely cheezey and feels like cheating, especially considering the time period this is supposed to be.

    Thanks, I hope there are some multiplayer servers running this or something like it too!
  4. Bug Reports and Player Feedback

    The new lances AKA Knight's Lance etc.... their use/ability does not match their stats (when compared to other items with similar/same stats).
    They are too short and feel oddly quick/bouncy.
  5. Brutality Mode

    Kinsume said:
    Chaosegg said:
    I am stuck on currently is how to actually take my own territory and keep it.

    If you are a merc you can't take a castle/town and keep it. You must wait until your contract expires then take one. However if you don't have enough right to rule, atleast 50, then everyone will war you right away anyways.
    Okay, but I don't even see an option to attack/besiege a castle any time,
    so maybe I'm just missing something blatantly obvious, but....
  6. Brutality Mode

    soulmata said:
    Brutality is a pet extension of mine which targets specific areas of the game I feel are imbalanced in favor of the player. It's not going for realism - though I AM striving to maintain non-fake-difficulty for NE by itself. For Brutality, don't expect it to be fair, or reasonable or even playable.
    It is playable and great fun if you ask me...  I also play with max ai skill and max damage to player; speed normal.
    Day 580+, 130-140 troops @ 3k-6k per week wage cost (depending on how many mercs),
    with a "profitable enterprise" up in all but 1 city, (Mostly breweries, 3 iron, 3 wine, 3 oil, 1 tan blahblah),
    and I'm still making 2k-3k denars each week without trading or loot.
    My last budget report on 120 troops was about -5700 wages +shop profits = +1200 to the bank

    The only thing I am stuck on currently is how to actually take my own territory and keep it.
    I can join a faction as a merc and take things but I don't know how to keep it after that.
    Note: I've never actually set up an independent faction in any M&B game :oops:, even though I've spent probably 500 hours in them.
  7. Cannon Ammo missing

    The cheatmenu worked out okay for me.

    If you don't know...
    It's basically a shop with everything in it, that's accessible from the camp menu.
    I accessed it by going to the config [before opening the game] and checking the "enable cheats" box.
    Then in-game CTRL+`
    then type cheatmenu in the command field.
    Then when you camp you should see some new menus:
    >Enable Cheat menu
    > find item...
    > range 1100 - 1149 for cannon ammo
  8. Cannon Ammo missing

    xenoargh said:
    Simple answer:  there was a bug in Warband 1.142 that caused items to go missing; if you haven't updated Warband yet, do that now; it resolved the bug over here at least.
    I have Warband via STEAM, and I am pretty sure it is up to date... but I still have the OP's problem...
    no cannon ammo and no gloves.

    I believe they got more and more rare as the game went on, till they are completely gone now.

    Any fix? Manual add the item in so i can use my freakin cannons?
  9. Blood & Steel: The Good, The Bad, and The Undead

    I've now played more than a few hours on Normal and most of the major issues i talked about above aren't an issue anymore.
    It seems that during wartime things get hectic in a kingdom, but it calms down after war (good design).
    When you get 150-200+ troops in your army (doesn't take long and is simple to maintain after you do some investing), on Normal the swarms aren't generally chasing you down anymore;
    they're running from you.

    I feel a bit like an ass, and am having a pretty great time playing now.

    This thread can probably be DELETEd. :smile:
  10. Blood & Steel: The Good, The Bad, and The Undead

    Edit: After playing more I believe I was mistaken to post the bit below (in the spoiler) The conditions i was seeing in Swabia were typical for when one or two people are at war with them... the place gets crazy, and I tried to lead a caravan in and play like normal  :oops: Overall this mod is...
  11. why arent they charging?!

    Shrugging Khan said:
    Another problem is that if you go and join a battle that's being fought primarily by two large armies...then neither will charge. Enjoy taking on 2600 men with your pale 150; the 3000 men belonging to your allies won't make a move

    I am willing to bet that for everyone there is a point at which you face something just like SK said,
    or just a battle where you are outnumbered 10:1 and the enemy STILL refuses to move till you all go step on their toes.
    Though I understand it from the perspective of the a.i. improvement somewhat, this is still fairly nonsensical imo,
    and feels sort of like a goofy out-of-place "feature" in-game,
    where the mod is otherwise brilliant.
  12. Difficulty Scaling by Level

    Shrugging Khan said:
    So...why is it that the difficulty scales with character level? And how exactly does it work?

    ...and what can one do to mod it away?  :smile:
    I strongly dislike games that try to be semi-realistic then have scaling difficulty.......
    even if they are great fun like The Elder Scrolls games and this mod!

    PLEASE reconsider this form of balance if possible!
  13. Weapon Slots: Revamped

    Seems like a simple way to do this would be to make the 5th slot unlock when you have met certain requirements:

    strength 12 (maybe reduce the strength requirement to 10 if on horseback)
    weapon master 4 (which means you also need 12 agility, or 9 and a book)

  14. (Warband) Looters quest...

    Update - finished the quest barely.

    I had only hours left on the quest timer of my realistic saved game so
    I enabled cheats to do ctrl+t to see all parties and ctrl+leftclick so I could then teleport to them
    (and back to the city to turn it it).

    They had scattered to the ends of Caldaria- I had to go ALL OVER THE MAP and I think I had to kill 8-9 groups total.
    You must talk to the guild master to finish the quest after all looter parties are destroyed.

    For turning it in I got 500 denars, 1 renown and 500 exp + kill/bounty
    Totally ridiculous and bugged.
  15. (Warband) Looters quest...

    This must be a bugged quest because I've done it twice now with 2 different games.

    first time I killed 1-2 groups but they scatter like crazy.... even if you are really fast and have great tracking they're impossible.

    I'm on my 2nd try now, killed 3 groups (all i saw that spawned when I took the quest),
    talked to the guild master, he paid me bounty and refuses to talk to me about anything else,
    so I guess the quest is still not complete, and I'm going to fail again.
  16. {S} More Warhorse - Plated Charger - Long Caparisoned Horses - Half Cataphract

    Thanks so much for this mod- it's top notch and the only mod I use, but

    In the readme it says to do this:
    "5. then put the below in the item kinds.txt and add to the top number so if its 400 change to 423"
    My number was 600, so I changed it to 623 and everything seems to work alright.

    1. Was that the correct thing to do?
    2. Is this really necessary? 
    The reason I ask is I can't seem to get my warhorse modded savegames to work with the Diplomacy mod which I just installed.
    When I attempt to load the save, I select it, hit ok and the game closes, leaving me with "invalid number of items 623" error message.

    Thanks again!
  17. More stats please! (picture)

    Good suggestions so far. I added a poll too. :smile:
  18. More stats please! (picture)

    Anyone else feel the need for more stats like number of items bought and number of items sold? _______________ As you can see, I like stats.  :oops: ________________________________________ Started; Hunter - Street Urchin - Smith - Revenge Control Block Direction: automatic Lance Control...
  19. Stats

    The 2 stats I would like to see put in NOW are:

    1. number of items bought

    2. number of items sold

    Call me a carebear all you want but I do spend more than half my time buying/selling, and I bet I'm not the only one.
  20. Being knocked off your horse

    Unhorse feature is an excellent idea which I gladly cheer from the realism crowd.

    As with most game changes I approve of,
    my only stipulation is to consider making it an optional setting
    just so people who want more action and less realism can still play the original style.
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