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  1. Qwezz

    Patch Notes v1.2.9

    Thank u for the friendly fire and reflective dmg in mp <3
  2. Qwezz

    Patch Notes v1.2.7

    Finally it's gone live :grin:
  3. Qwezz

    v1.2.4-v1.2.5 Balance Changes

    Add friendly fire to siege/tdm.
    Thank you

    Also good job on these changes. I think that the game's potential lies in it's more casual, large player count gamemodes. A shame that the loudest pepole on the forums are competitve players
  4. Qwezz

    Can you fix Multiplayer already?

    I don't play multiplayer anymore outside of community events, sad to see it's still broken.
    Are the servers for custom games stable at the very least?
    I've been thinking of coming back when 1.2.0 rolls around, even if to only mess around with the taunts(1.2.x MAIN BRANCH WHEN)
  5. Qwezz

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Why are you guys getting excited about 1.2.4? Do you expect some sort of a break from the cycle of 100 fixed bugs and 102 new bugs?
    Want the main branch to move to 1.2.4 so I can start modding and a new playthrough
    Personally, want them to just get this last patch out, and be done with it. Stop leading us on with these 'soon' patches 1-year post release with nary any communication or outdated/boiler-plate roadmaps. Done expecting it'll be something significant (as if any patch had), even if it's half-assed like all patches previous.
    Put patch out, address your crash/blocker issues, call it 'complete', mods will try to fix/add what they can, and we all move on.
    The last patch (betas shouldn't count post-release) of any content they pushed out was in March.
    I think you're being a drama queen, if the game stays on a single patch longer (which seems to be the case with this new model of moving bugfixes to beta) then mod development should be smooth.At the end of the day only TW can make changes to the codebase, and even small changes can make a big diffrence (for modders especially; postive or negative, but mostly positive)
  6. Qwezz

    Pathetic Campaign Map AI (v1.2.3)

    @Ananda_The_Destroyer Is the evolution of your profile picture linear with your anger?
    What'll happen when it reaches it's final form?
  7. Qwezz

    1.2.0 Sturgia

    1.2.0 Cavalry are beast.
    They finally are able to target horsemen and not the horses.
    Previously you could grab a 2H and charge in the middle of a cavalry formation taking no damage.
    Now you either go down or get dismounted.
    Big if true, I always used cav to distract or chase down enemies when they retreat.
    Looking foward to using them as actual damage dealers
  8. Qwezz

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Now that's lookin real good 😎
  9. Qwezz

    1.2.0 Sturgia

    What happend?
    Patch notes have no mention of Sturgia
  10. Qwezz

    1.1.4 multiplayer fixes

    TDM servers with team damage on would be a great start IMO; maybe in addition to the current ones we have so new players still have a place to learn
    Also siege servers, both tdm and siege turn into 2hander attack spaming moshpit without ff.

    Then again ff is really annoying with how easy it is to hit your teammates, but thats a swing arc problem not ff problem imo.
  11. Qwezz

    SP - General Buff workshops(the building, not the source of income) please

    I don't mean the workshops that make money but the ones you build as a project in towns. +3 building boost per level is pathetic, the player is better off building fairgrounds or a building that boosts prosperity cause they give more construction bonus indirectly. +8-10 would be much better...
  12. Qwezz

    1.1.4 multiplayer fixes

    I've played 1+ hour on a server today with multiple map switches AND without any crashes. Is this it? Have the servers been fixed? Is the game finally playable?
  13. Qwezz

    Patch Notes v1.1.4

    Ok I get that this is a smaller patch to apply fixes, but isn't it missing a couple of em?

    Smithing fix?
    Armor piercing perk fix?

    Well at the very least I hope that the mp fixes mean that servers will finally stop crashing
  14. Qwezz

    Patch Notes v1.1.3

    I am eagerly awaiting the next patch.Soon ™

    Got a good feeling about this one
  15. Qwezz

    6 easy and urgent fixes, that will bring more players to MP

    If we're making a wishlist I still want friendly fire for Siege and TDM servers
  16. Qwezz

    Deleted the game and will not come back until at least something changes

    You guys know that warband had a setting to lower damage taken by player character hidden in the options and the default was 1/4 damage taken?

    I didn't know about this setting in warband untill I was about 200-300 hours in, and by then I was so used to it I couldn't change back.

    Bannerlord has this setting as well, but it's shown to the player as soon as he starts the campaign, and the avrage warband vet would considers himself a pro and sets the setting to realstic, even if he played on 1/4 in warband, unbeknownst to him in some cases.I did this too, and and found the combat frustrating.

    Just swallow your pride and lower the damage taken by player character if you want to participate in combat. Seriously, nowadays I play on 50% dmg taken and I'm enjoying myself far more.
  17. Qwezz

    Resolved [v1.1.3] Penetration Perks increase enemy's armor

    Did you actually test this in-game? Last I checked these perks worked correctly.
    The ResultNumber can be used as a subtractor somewhere so even if it returns a higher value it can still work correctly.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I tested the Vandal perk on 1.1.3 and it seems to be bugged indeed. This probably means the other perks are bugged too.
  18. Qwezz

    Patch Notes v1.2.3 ...?

    I just need a bugfix for this bug:

    Please Taleworlds gimmie patchie.
  19. Qwezz

    SP Native Shield UI fix mod Remeber the resist stat warband shields had? Bannerlord shields have it too, it just isnt shown in the UI. This mod fixes that. I always wondered why they didn't want to show this in the game's UI. Anyways, this is my first mod...
  20. Qwezz

    Patch Notes v1.1.3

    My apologies, it was a steam workshop mod autoupdating
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