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  1. dani26795

    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    Hello there, I found out my potato laptop can actually stand playing Warband while recording, so I'll probably start uploading videos of some battles on my 3.9.4 save protagonized by Hassan Cavalas (Ahmed's long lost twin?). Not the best of qualities by any means (480p), but it will do. I'll use this post to have my uploaded videos list. Cheers, fellow Pendorians.
    EDIT: Now uploading a playthrough on version 3.9.5 in 720p.

  2. dani26795

    [QUESTIONS] Quick Questions//Quick Answers (Redux)

    oldark said:
    The 'assess local prices' seems completely broken. I double checked with teleporting and what reports as an 83 profit  was instead a loss of approx the same amount with a trade skill of 6.

    Was that money loss by buying only 1 item of the good or several of them? Take into account that each item of a good you buy makes the rest cost more as the reserves of the town reduce. And when you sell them, each item gives you less money as you are filling the towns reserves of the item and the demand is lower. So if you buy too many, you'll lose money no matter how profitable the first item you buy would be when selling it elsewhere.
  3. dani26795

    [QUESTIONS] Quick Questions//Quick Answers (Redux)

    Turean said:
    Quick question regarding achievements. For the one that rewards +1/+2 Trainer skill the wiki says "kill or would 5000 enemies". Does that mean either-or? Or can it be combined, like kill 2500 and knock out 2500?

    It's combined, so you'll get the 5000 enemies achievement if you kill 4000 and wound 1000
  4. dani26795

    Board game on the "Prophesy of Pendor"

    That map looks like the very old one (I see Nal Tar on the south west of the map for example) that was used until v3.7 came out on December 2015, so it's pretty outdated.
  5. dani26795

    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    sher said:
    I see no point in doing so. You see, screenshots and descriptions about soloing are interesting enough (especially info about methods and personal time requirements) but constantly mentioning game day, character stats and so on looks like bragging.

    The main reason I posted the stuff here was not really bragging. I saw the forum had a thread where you can post screenshots of your own paythrough and decided it would be a nice place to log some of the events from my own gameplay. This way I got an easy access to check back at what I was doing, and I put the day so I can remember at which point in the game it was, as well as to compare progress from my current game with older ones. I keep the stats updates in spacing of 50 ingame days to not fill the place with stats images, probably will make those every 100 after reaching day 100, since leveling has notably slowed down since I was level 38, and I'll mainly post about whenever I get myself into a big battle and how I handled it instead.

    If you don't agree with me posting this stats updates you can always just ignore them. Images are inside spoilers with a title describing the content, so there's no problem knowing what to skip.
  6. dani26795

    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    sher said:
    Sigh, horse archers never change. From certain point there's no sense in developing PC but you need to develop companions and raise relationships with everyone. So instead of soloing for absurd amounts of time you could play the game instead. For comparison here's my character you could never achieve with same investment of QG (14):

    You should check the gifs I posted at the bottom then. I'm not just going around alone and solo'ing everything, I also help every lord imprisoned to escape (accepting quest first if the quest giver is a planned future vassal) to get the honor up and so free relations with the good personality lords, as well as helping in the field martial lords that are struggling in a battle. As for companions, I have gone with very small army and 10 companions for a good while at the start of the game, and the Party gif I posted shows that companions like Ansen and Leslie are pretty much maxing their INT and CHA, so I am focusing on that part of the game too, not just my own character stats.

    I only plan to take 3 elixirs in total and get a non-OP amount of skills by actually killing enemies and not just chugging potions with every gem I get, so the battles stay interesting enough. If you think my playstyle is not "playing the game" then that's your own problem, not mine. Nothing stops me from having fun by playing this way and sharing my progress here anyways.
  7. dani26795

    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    Mr. Ape said:
    Holy cow, you got a unicorn!

    "Holy unicorn, you got a cow!" would be more accurate in this case :iamamoron:

    Day 50 - Character stats update

    To give some context, I'm just about to go beat the Red Brotherhood Hideout that will grant me my 2nd QG, which I'll use on a 2nd elixir, hence the skill points I've been saving. Things are going even more quickly than last playthrough, I've achieved a XP/day ratio of over 40k, as well as a ratio of 2 honor/day from focusing even more on honor winning stuff. One more QG and beating a Mystmountain Army, and I'll be able to ride the Demon Horse plus buying a Noldor Horse and other nice items and be cappable of solo'ing certain big armies. So far big armies defeated were Eyegrim, a Heretic Army and an Inquisition Holy Army, all with help of faction marshal hosts. Atm the other big spawns roaming the lands are a Snake Cult Army, 3 Jatu Armies and the 2 Noldor Lords.





    Party (Leslie is on RtR mission):
    Faction relations:
    Lords with positive relations:
  8. dani26795

    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    I'm playing on v3.9.4 now. I upped my Lone Ranger playstyle so hard that I'm level 38 by day 31. Will post stats update when I reach day 50

    For now I'll leave you with this. Receiving these 2 notifications one right after the other was a rollercoaster of emotions...


    Defeated Eyegrim with the help of a Fierds marshal host that was sieging Marleons. He escaped but left behind the best damn present I have ever received.



  9. dani26795

    Eyegrim is impossible to beat in new update

    Well, Eyegrim in 3.9.3 was certainly possible to solo (and I mean you alone vs whole army) since most troops were on foot with throwing weapons.

    (I got screenshots of my quest on doing so)






    I still think it's possible to do the same in 3.9.4 because even though several of them have horses now, they are slow and now they don't have guaranteed throwing so it would not take that long for them to run out of ammo now. Of course if the size of the army is 10k+ you would run out of arrows (even if you carry 1300+ like I do) if you play on 530 battlesize and unlimited reinforcements like me, but you can still just go to edge of the map, retreat and if you killed enough even leave the battle and save progress, then rinse and repeat. Several Noldor shields and getting hold of one of the NWC the revenants ride is very recommended for the first wave, since these horses can tank a whole throwing session from 200+ fallen. Eventually nobody will be standing against you, and the loot being most likely crappy is no concern for me since I would have taken down a big menace and would be swimming in a nice pool of earned experience.
  10. dani26795

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    Flingit said:
    Forgive my ignorance, but in the changelog, are the 3.9.4 changes only the bolded items?

    You can check all the new stuff from 3.9.4 here:
  11. dani26795

    [QUESTIONS] Quick Questions//Quick Answers (Redux)

    ketz3r said:
    So, the new quest "Old Tale"...

    For the life of me I can't find anything in the old ruins. What am I missing?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Go for one of the small house ruins that still has a roof. In the ground floor there's a sword and 2 bones forming an arrow sign towards one of the corners. The corner has a bunch of stones, and hidden behind them a chest. It contains an item that continues the quest further.
  12. dani26795

    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    Kushana said:
    I still have trouble beating many of these parties even with a strong late game army filled with huscarls and CKO's  :lol:

    Patience is key, if you have enough of it you can take down almost any army alone given enough time. Notable exceptions are armies with more than about 50 crossbowmen or arquebusiers, since their ammo lasts for so long that they have time to spread all over the battlefield and make you lose focus or their positions, not to mention their chance of piercing through the shield and hitting you anyways, making it not possible to stand alone. I learned this the hard way when I tried to solo a Heretic Army, the minions proved to be the bane of my strategy. This is of course on battlesize 530 and unlimited reinforcement waves. On the Native settings of 150 battlesize and 2 reinforcement waves it should be possible to solo everything.
  13. dani26795

    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    Day 125 - Solo'ing Eyegrim the Devourer in 1 round

    When I saw the notification of HIM spawning, my "experience farm detector" lighted up. I was in Sarleon when it happened, so after a quick trip to Marleons, I went towards Avendor to see if He spawned there. A bit past Foxtead, I found the army.

    I already had experience with this battle before, so this time I came well prepared Shields up, you bastard

    Taking out Eyegrim and his 47 revenants was fairly easy, the Noldor Spirit Horse easily outruns them after all. It allowed me to safely take this screenshot after all my troops succesfully retreated from the battlefield

    After killing Eyegrim, I went to a corner of the map and circled around the Revenants so they would waste their throwing axes. After that, every revenant but one had either a 2 handed weapon or a couchable lance, so I just gave 2 shots to each of their heads and they went down. The other had a morningstar so I decided to kill the horse instead just to avoid any risks. Next came the truly tedious part: Circling for 1 hour around almost 300 angry zombies constantly throwing stuff at me. I switched to 2 shields and a Netherworld Charger to make it out in 1 session without having to switch horse in the middle of it. This was the final result of that first wave (We became hedgehogs :iamamoron:)

    Next waves were easier as they more and more consisted of basic fallen that had no throwing stuff, so 2nd wave had 100 guys with throwing, 3rd wave had about 50 and the 4th and last only had 3. They all could fall down in 1 headshot so in the end I still had 300 arrows left in the inventory baggage. The battle took about 5 hours, 3 shields and 3 horses to complete


    I also got the CKO secrets so everything is nice. I wonder how it will be to solo Eyegrim in 3.9.4 since his army is having some major changes.
    As a side note, here's a silly quote from an EG knight before I smited him, and the new toy I found in a shop shortly after :fruity:


    Day 143 - Solo'ing Kodan Ironsword

    Well, as soon as the good fella Kodan joined Ulric as payed mercenary, I knew I was off to a rather easy QG. Just by looking at his info on the wiki I knew solo'ing him would be like a stroll through the park, and so it was :fruity:





    Day 150 - Character stats update

    Leveling up is finally starting to take a while to achieve. I'm close to level 43, which will allow me to train Lethaldiran :iamamoron:

    In the meantime, I have continued to farm as much honour (and lord relations) as possible

    I also got a few new achievements, now occupying 2 pages


    As for the map, it hasn't really changed much in the last 50 days, in part thanks of my interventions to maintain the balance

    Faction relations:
    Lords with positive relations:
  14. dani26795

    [QUESTIONS] Quick Questions//Quick Answers (Redux)

    If you really need money, leave all your army in your garrison and solo Vanskerries for a while, just circle them until they run out of ammo, then shoot them all in the head or lance them. With max loot you are going to get lots of nice loot you can sell for several thousand denars after each battle.

    Winning tournaments nets you 6k-19k denars benefits (9k-22k prize minus 3k spent gambling) depending of how long you won in that town last time. During feasts you can join tournament about 3-4 times a day in the same city.

    Hell, even the arena melees net you 2k whenever you survive the whole thing. If you are high level you should be able to knock out the others in 1 hit, and can try them whenever you want with no penalties for failing.
  15. dani26795

    [BUGS] Support Thread for v3.9

    Holy, I really wasn't expecting there was going to be an extra option that fixes that exact situation so I hadn't tried right clicking on them  :facepalm:

    Many thanks, Sarleon won't die today.
  16. dani26795

    [BUGS] Support Thread for v3.9

    Pretty sure I have seen this bug be reported in the past. Duke Alamar (on the left of the image), current Sarleon marshal, got himself stuck in the river near the bridge outside Laria. This has effectively crippled Sarleon from doing anything in their current war. I tried clicking on him but my party can't actually travel to where he is and I got no saves previous to him getting stuck. Any way to get him out of there? I hope PoP 3.9.4 has that bridge fixed to avoid this from happening.

  17. dani26795

    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    Thanks, I just didnt know if there was a character limit for a single post, so I didnt want to take risks. Will make next updates in one post from now on
  18. dani26795

    [DISCUSSION] Fan Suggestion Thread

    How about having a Pendor version of the Silmarillion's Iron Crown, but instead if silmarils, qualis gems? :fruity:

    You bring to the Mines 3 QGs and whichever crown you chose when founding your kingdom and get a new crown decorated with the 3 gems.
  19. dani26795

    [QUESTIONS] Quick Questions//Quick Answers (Redux)

    MetalCh3 said:
    I don't really know but I doubt it. I remember only getting that achievement if I manually click and attack the stack, even if lords join, it's counted towards the achievement. It's easiest to get when you're the marshall and assembling an army.

    Yeah, I kind of suspect that it would work the same way as the "defeat x army" achievements, where it only counts if you start the battle yourself
  20. dani26795

    [QUESTIONS] Quick Questions//Quick Answers (Redux)

    Does defending a town from the siege of a unique spawn count towards the "Defeat 7/15 unique spawns" achievements?
    I did that in the early days of my current save, defending Marleons from the 3 seers, so I'd like to know if that made it still count.
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