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  1. Nexto

    C++ Runtime Error Solution

    it doesn't really fixes it, i still get crashes after winning huge fights (  :mad: ) but it does fix the unbearable fps drops
  2. Nexto

    Crashing within minutes

    i don't really have it but if the crashing is less frequent when u lower video settings then try playing using DirectX 7 with Very High settings

    its actually much better then directx 9 for some reason... in my humble opinion

    must be because the game engine was designed for direct x 7
  3. Nexto

    How do you export your character to a new game?

    is there a way to save the inventory equipped/unequipped items for the new character?
  4. Nexto


    interesting, thank you

    i guess it was worth it to release all prisoners
  5. Nexto


    is there point to have good relation with lords, i mean it doesn't help me at all

    i captured 3 castles and none of them were awarded to me :sad:
  6. Nexto


    whats the point of having honor? i have like 75 honor points but it doesn't seem to affect the party size or anything. instead of releasing kings/lords and gaining honor should i just keep them as prisoners for ransom?
  7. Nexto

    Marshal vs King (spoilers?)

    Based on the 3 stroylines, the end results Cossaks= you become Marshal with item Black Mace(+50 party size); Moscow kingdom = you become tzar; Polish Commonwealth = you become king; is there difference between marshal and king? does king have more options available in the game or for Cossaks...
  8. Nexto

    Best Companion combo?

    regarding this topic, iam looking for the best "medic" companion and it seems its Sarabun since he also likes Fedot (who has nice wolrd map advantage skills)

    my problem is that i cant find Sarabun, i keep checking every tavern i come across ( i play for Cossaks)

    is there specific place where i can find Sarabun or any other good medic?
  9. Nexto

    Peace too long

    How can i start a war? I play for Cossacks who are at peace with all fractions, while everyone else is fighting.. peace is too boring, no income :(
  10. Nexto

    Feast bug

    no, my kingdom is at peace... nothing is being raided, nothing is happening every lord is patrolling or something

    this makes me sad :sad:
  11. Nexto

    SP Native Native Mod Compilation - NMC 1.153 beta2 released

    I don't know if this is bug because of mod but
    whenever i start feast and leave to the world map view the feast quest immediately ends by itself.
    keeps happening every time i start new feast. It wont even last 1 second.

    what could be the cause...?
  12. Nexto

    Feast bug

    Yea I am patched 1.134
  13. Nexto

    Feast bug

    whenever i start feast and leave to the world map view the feast quest immediately ends by itself. keeps happening every time i start new feast. It wont even last 1 second. what could be the cause...?
  14. Nexto

    low fps/lag issue

    i have a problem whenever i go in or out from dialogue/tavern/shop to map view, i get constant lag only way to revert back to normal is to restart the game or to change resolution and back does anyone have this issue? any way to fix this? and what resolution you guys are using? Thanks
  15. Nexto

    Saved game

    Has anyone encountered a problem where you can not load your saved game? After playing for so many hours it doesn't feel good to lose all of your progress, so is there anyway to fix this? :( I would recommend that people make backup  of the saved game files after each time they play. Can't...
  16. Nexto

    Companions - specilties

    thank you :grin:
  17. Nexto

    are the Siege Maps unbalanced ?

    well ignoring the bug where whole army gets stuck on the ladder, its always better to be the defender then attacker...
  18. Nexto

    Companions - specilties

    Someone already posted likes/dislikes schematic for the companions but I am look for the stats of all available companions. I would like to have medic, trainer, path-finder on my party but i dont know which companion to invite. I would greatly appreciate any feedback if anyone figured this part...
  19. Nexto

    Joining a Faction

    I am trying to join Cossacks, i already asked a king if i can join but he said no. So after getting some renown and raise my relation to that nation I dont get the option where i can ask if i can join. Am i doing something wrong? do i need more renown/relation? thanks
  20. Nexto

    I've played myself into corner!

    Iam not 100% sure.... but i think when you conquer new town/castle and request that it becomes yours and only if king refuses to grant that town/castle to you, then u can rebel against the king leaving swadia along with all other towns/castles you own

    iam not too sure, might have to do a bit of research on that.
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