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  1. Resolved 2990 pickable troops at ''party menu'' ingame.

    This is part of the cheat mode functionality. To turn off cheat mode open the dev console (by default it's):

    Then type:
    config.cheat_mode 0
    and hit enter.

    Close the dev console with alt+` and the problem should be gone.

    (It is also possible to do this by manually editing Documents/Mount and Blade II Bannerlord/Configs/engine_configs.txt and making sure it has the line:
    cheat_mode = 0
    rather than
    cheat_mode = 1
    I will try that out, It should be disabled tho, but i'll look!

    Edit: it worked, thanks!
  2. Resolved 2990 pickable troops at ''party menu'' ingame.

    Summary: Since the full release versions 1.7.1 and 1.7.2 didn't work for me anymore. So I switched to 1.8. And wanted to continue playing my campaign there, but now whenever i look at the ''party'' option it has 2990 troops I can select to join my warband. After checking and scrolling to the...
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