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  1. Noudelle

    MP Bannerlord's camera system needs major improvements

    Bumping this back up to the top, I still literally just might as well die everytime I back up to a wall. I actively have to avoid areas that I know will **** with my camera.
    I just got off the phone with the lead camera designer. He told me that the camera team has been looking into solutions, but no promises can be made.
    I'm not supposed to be telling you this, but one solution they're exploring right now is to inflict 5 base damage to the player, and then chuck that value into the physics-based™ engine to return the actual damage value.
    The idea behind this is to encourage good positionning by punishing backing up into walls.

    One previous solution which was almost implemented, but ultimately discared by the team was to remove walls from the game entirely, but Armagan had to step in because he felt that siege battles might become a bit stale after a while.
  2. Noudelle

    Multiplayer mods can't be made until 2024 unless we find an alternative

    So that's it then, @Callum? Just ignore my and everyone else's followup questions, I guess. No need to have a real conversation about this when you can just post a generic "this isn't happening" message, right?
    I know you tend to reply to angry messages with nothing more than snarky comments ("What would you like to discuss" jumps to mind, right?), but for the love of god, I've been trying to have polite conversations with you guys about this since August 2019, and every single time you just post some generic comments that explain jack ****, and act like that's the end of that, if you even deign to respond at all. Talk about your plans. Engage in conversations. Your complete inability to do this has alienated 95% of your dedicated community.


    You know what would have prevented all this nonsense? An actual roadmap. So to add to those questions:
    3. Why are you guys so averse to the idea of creating a roadmap? And no, the "this is what we're working on right now" posts are not a roadmap. For once: Define. Your. Scope. Of. Multiplayer.

    I am honestly so absolutely fed up with this bull**** excuse of "community management". You guys have been dead set on creating a ridiculous excuse of a multiplayer since before the alpha, and completely ignore your own playerbase, unless it comes to the details that don't change jack **** about multiplayer as a whole.

    Start acting like a community manager: the bridge between your developers and your community. Not a one-way street do funnel your company's will down the throat of your community.

    Maybe take a look at this:

    and this:

    Why no do it like that? Weekly updates, but not in form of a forum thread one has to go through in order to get information + roadmap of what's coming in near future and what's coming some time later. Every change is also accompanied by developer's comment containing reasoning behind it, so that the community can clearly know what was the intention even if it failed.

    Right now, as just another player interested in your game and particularly in multiplayer modding area I have literally no clue if I should even invest time in it.
    Taleworlds can't share their roadmap because they likely don't have one themselves, at least for multiplayer. Even if they did, I think everyone here is aware that they sure as **** wouldn't be able to follow it consistently.
  3. Noudelle

    [Poll] What do you want for Character Custumization?

    Sorry, just to clarify: You will unlock skins by playing the game and levelling up. We don't have any plans right now to sell skins.
    I see. I wasn't aware of AVRC's second comment when I posted mine. That's my bad.
    That being said, here are my thoughts regarding AVRC's second comment:
  4. Noudelle

    [Poll] What do you want for Character Custumization?

    Didn't AVRC say that they don't plan on selling skins?
    He said the opposite

  5. Noudelle

    Multiplayer mods can't be made until 2024 unless we find an alternative

    We don't have any plans to sell skins right now. It is far too soon to even be thinking about that discussion considering how much work MP has left to do on it.


    It appears that there was a subsequent statement to the one I originally was referring to.
  6. Noudelle

    [Poll] What do you want for Character Custumization?

    I think we can all agree that the lack of proper red hair is the most pressing issue plaguing this game.
  7. Noudelle

    Multiplayer mods can't be made until 2024 unless we find an alternative

    I worry TW eventually says something like this:
    "You know guys, sorry we got your hopes up, but we came to realization that it's not like we can make Bannerlord into both a popular esport game and this sandboxy heaven you had there in Warband. As much as we share the sentiment for potential brilliant mods the community could make, at the same time we fantasize about Bannerlord being a game like Rainbow Six Siege, with all the cool yet simple, easily distinguishable classes, robust ranked system, youtubers opening lootboxes, thousands of dollars made of paid skins, official esport tournaments, you know the deal right? It's 2020, we have to get real, the whole world believes in one god now and it's $$$."
    You're out of your mind if you think TW will ever be so open and forthright about anything. Especially where multiplayer is concerned.
  8. Noudelle

    Buff chambers!

    No offense, but your suggestions are terrible. Chamber blocking is indeed useless, but there are better ways to make it a viable and an enjoyable mechanic to play against. Warband's take on chamber blocking worked perfectly fine and it didn't need to have such ridiculous advantages.

    Here's a thread I made about this a while back.
  9. Noudelle

    How will skins work?

    Do it, devs.
  10. Noudelle

    Multiplayer mods can't be made until 2024 unless we find an alternative

    Good times. The lack of something as fundamental for MP as custom servers at this point, with modding tools released, and after so much time, is nearly embarassing.
    Bannerlord has been well past the point of embarassing for a while now.
    I had a good time beta testing it, but I'm confident that's as much as I'm ever going to get from this game.
  11. Noudelle

    what about hunting?

    Hunting will definitely be an excellent addition to the game...same for jousts. It has everything to do with the time period, it's a nice way to improve(or decrease!) relations, a small reward and a break between wars.
    Alas, powergamers will never understand our joy
    This isn't a powergamer vs reasonable gamer thing.
  12. Noudelle

    what about hunting?

    @Noudelle I get where you're coming from, but keep in mind, that every little activity adds debth to the game, which there is a big lack of in Bannerlord right now. Hunting in VC was quite plaine and useless, so were wood hacking, mining, building ships, hiring bards etc. But it gave you the sensation, that there is more in the world of Calradia than just wars and politics. Just compare VC to Warband and you will see, how much of a difference these little, useless things already made.
    I disagree. I'm of the extremely firm belief that real depth comes from tightly focused design, not from throwing dozens of individually inconsequential ideas into the equation.
    With that design philosophy, we end up with Bannerlord's combat system which has unfortunately been diagnosed with terminal unfocused design.
  13. Noudelle

    TW is looking for software engineers, that will work on Bannerlord.. and on an UNANNOUNCED PROJECT

    That would be the worst decision ever in history!
    Maybe with the sheer quantity of games they'd put out over the years they could miraculously turn out a decent product.
    It's perhaps the best way of achieving this goal.
  14. Noudelle

    what about hunting?

    Lords you have a good relationship with, could invite you to hunt together, which could increase relationship if successfull, it could also be used to increase certain skills and get special material, which could be used for crafting or as a quest item and so on. Even if it wouldn't tie to another system at all, like it did in VC, its still fun and you get some useful meat.
    What systems does Bannerlord have that could tie into hunting in an interesting way?
    Not to sound disagreable or dismissive, but none of these things sound interesting to me for Bannerlord.

    1. It's a sandbox game where you start out as almost a wanderer so you don't start doing only war related activities
    2. what relationship with the peasants ? hunting was also a noble activity at the time
    3. you say that it is not necessary or that it has its place in Bannerlord but yet it had its place in Viking Conquest no ?
    4. If hunting, which is an element that is also in many Warband mods is not necessary, while it would give a fresh touch to the gaming experience in Bannerlod by avoiding redundant activities (personally that's how I see it) ? what did you propose?

    don't take this question as a provocation i'm asking it seriously

    1. The starting out as a wanderer part is by far the most boring, least interesting part of M&B. It's nothing more than the grind phase that you have to slog through before you can get to the """good""" stuff. The core of M&B games is war activities such as battles and politics. Hunting has no sensible way of playing into these things in an interesting way.

    2. 0 interest in either of those things. I care about peasant relations with The Witcher 3, not in Bannerlord where the sole purpose of peasants is to get themselves killed in the endless Calradian meat grinder.

    3. I don't think it added anything of value to VC.

    4. I don't think Taleworlds or capable of implementing worthwhile hunting mechanics, and even if they could, these resources could be better spent improving literally anything else in the game. Lord knows it needs it.

    In the insane event that hunting ever gets added to the game, I don't see how it can be anything more than a novelty mechanic that gets forgotten about after a few tries. Either that or it becomes another tedious mechanic that you have to power through to get past the early game sleepwalking phase.
  15. Noudelle

    what about hunting?

    Wasn't there a insane amount of resources put into animal mechanics for Red Dead Redemption? Primarily to simulate hunting?
    Speaking very broadly, RDR2 as a game is largely about simulating the American cowboy lifestyle. Hunting is a natural mechanic to include to the game. Especially considering that all the of game's systems connected to animals would exist without any sort of hunting mechanic anyway, since the game is set in the wild American West.

    What systems does Bannerlord have that could tie into hunting in an interesting way?
    Taleworlds can't even figure out how to make the elementary parts of their game interact with each other properly.
    There literally exists no possible universe where they could both implement hunting in a technically acceptable state, AND make it interact well with the rest of the game's mechanics.
  16. Noudelle

    TW is looking for software engineers, that will work on Bannerlord.. and on an UNANNOUNCED PROJECT

    Mount & Blade 3. They realized Bannerlord is an iredeemable pile of junk and decided to start from scratch. I'd bet money on it.
    This time they might even make a good game.
  17. Noudelle

    Why is attack delay still in the game?

    You don't think you're going to enjoy the game, so you hang around the official forums?
    I'm not the guy you were responding to, but for a lot of us it's just force of habit. I think we all have the faintest glimmer of hope that some day, Bannerlord might become a game worth playing. Until then, I'm just visiting this forum out of habit from one year of beta.
  18. Noudelle

    Why is attack delay still in the game?

    imagine this. before you even take classes, study and do your test. you already got 85% and a scholarship.
    would you then go study? or would you just go **** off and play games? go on vacations and make up lies about deadlines?

    now imagine, before you even make a product, you already got the money for sales...
    I think you're insinuating that Taleworlds have cynically released a product only to take the money and run? I won't bother explaining why that's blatantly untrue, since I don't believe you've said what you did in good faith.
    Bottom line is that the slow (and often non-existent, for some features such as this) pace of updates hasn't been due to indifference towards their product, but rather incompetence.

    It must suck being a dev for this game and seeing the same comments over from the community saying that they're incompetent, but at this point, they've shown us no reason to believe that they aren't. I won't hear otherwise.
    No matter their budget or experience level, good game developers don't need 8 years to release an early access game, and especially not one with such fundamentally disfunctional systems. Countless games have been released by studios who only had a sliver of time or budget or experience to work with, and that have been orders of magnitudes better than the pile of **** that Taleworlds have released.
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