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  1. Paton666

    M&B V 1.011 ONLY (ORIGINAL VERSION) - Prophesy of Pendor V 3.0 Support

    I dont understand this message: when i payed money to my army i recieved this message:
    You suddenly realize that there are no sounds around you. It is completely and totally quiet. Your leadership skill has been increased by 1.
    Great thing but why?for what? :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. Paton666

    Prophesy of Pendor 3.0 Screenshots

    Floodzilla said:
    Nice helmet Ãbyss! :grin: Too bad i don't have the Str to use it yet.Focusing on int/cha at the moment, planing to fill in the gaps on str/agi with potions from Fineas....if i can get some qualis gems to spare.
    potion from Fineas gave me +2 to str/agi/charisma and +20 to weapon train, i think in POP 2.5 there are benefits only +2 to str/agi and +20 wt, is this correct, i mean +2 to charisma(potion gave me twice this benefit yet)??? sorry for post here
  3. Paton666

    Rise Of Khergits - Bug Reports

    Maybe bug??? : I can´t upgrade my regular assasin to shadow assasin, where is problem? :sad:
  4. Paton666

    burilgi the usurper!

    always same place - desert near Torbah, look at this picture

    of course Burilgi must be in your armies remaining
  5. Paton666

    Prophesy of Pendor Patch 2.04 issues

    SCGavin said:
    The Nodlor relations seem to be bugged. If I attack them I don't lose any relationship points. Nor do I lose any when I attack several parties or if I beat them in battle. Only when I reinforce someone against them and win I lose relationship points. Rather annoying because that means that I can't help the Noldor in battle, as that would mean a relationship increase and bar me from fighting them afterwards.

    I have same problem as SCGavin with battle against Noldors, version 2.02 or 2.03 or 2.04 - new game and same problem, after attack them I don't lose any relationship points (always 0) - i think it is bugged, after help some lords in battle against them..... from -1 to -4 points, after help Noldors.....+1 to +4 points, after release one Noldor prisoner.... +1 point, after release for example Brouhaha.....+10 points
  6. Paton666

    Screenshots Thread for Prophesy of Pendor V 2.0

    Alan Q Smithee said:
    After seemingly endless fighting, the Empire is no more and the Royal Kingdom of Pendor is finally on solid footing.

    Maybe you or someone could tell me - how do you get the town/castle names on the map to be outlined in a different color?

    Ask one of your steward to change color of your kingdom, you can choose white, blue, ............
  7. Paton666

    A question about item editor and PoP

    OCelerid said:
    To make items appear in shops:
    1. Make sure Merchandise flag is checked.
    2. Up the abundance and popularity of said item.
    3. Items have to have a price, if it is 0 they will not appear, at least in my experience trying to make baggage trains appear in shops.

    and which 0 is the price in item_kinds1.txt? thanks
  8. Paton666

    Taking castles?

    Mudcrab said:
    Paton some people play on full difficulty and that just will not work. At all. Nope.

    I have to take Ravernstern Rangers, Grey Archers (I think that is what they are called) and Fierdsvain nutters!!

    Just start battle F1 hold archers kill a load and retreat. Just rinse and repeat then when they have a low number of troops left rush in the Fierdsvain and annihilate them.

    Yep you are right, i play on around 60-80% difficulty not full, then Grey archers or Noldor rangers or Ravestern rangers are very useful on siege
  9. Paton666

    Taking castles?

    Cheese7 said:
    So you pretty much have 10 iron flesh and power strike or something and super weapon proficiencies?

    yes my character has 10 in looting(on start 9), ironflesh, power strike and power draw(kill one easier soldier with one shoot or strike), some points(around 5-7) in shield, athletics, riding, leadership and first aid, and another are around 2-4, and i kill every noldor party standing in my way, so i have their super stuff, armor, bow and arrows, horse, shield, runesword(very speed killing sword and speed is very important in this game), this will help you to defeated every army or city or castle, your soldiers are important but not so much, because if you survive then you win. This is my opinion, so you must not agree with me, sorry for my easy english :mrgreen: 
  10. Paton666

    Taking castles?

    it is very easy, it depends on quality of your character, my character (now level 35) is killing machine :twisted: and i dont need any of my men to taking castle or city(sometimes archers are good to kill enemy archers on walls), After start siege I click on F1 button(command hold this position) then I go myself to kill everybody who stands in my way, I have noldor bow with of course noldor arrows and sword with shield, easy easy :mrgreen:   
  11. Paton666

    ADD-ONS (with links).

    Hmm healthy bar for horse, maybe it is sometimes useful
  12. Paton666

    Prophesy of Pendor V2.03 Patch issues

    Galagros said:
    I began helping the Fiersdvain claimant (can't recall his name), and we took over a D'Shar castle that belonged to the Fierdsvain.  Upon doing this our default color was red, not sure if it should be or not, but what leads me to believe not is that the guards placed at the prison door and on the inside of the Lord's Hall are Sarleon, which have no cause to be there.

    About color: yes color is red, about guard: hmmm strange I think there must be some D´Shars guard, but not sure. I have problem with helping Madame Ursula(Ravestern claiment), after defeated all Ravestern lords and cities and castles the game informed me that Ravestern are no more and after that Madame Ursula told me NO STRING ad left my party to become king, yes I defeated all Ravesterns but quest is not ended. Hmm I dont know, where can be problem? I havent already the save, but maybe this bug is from Native? Sorry for easy english :mrgreen:
  13. Paton666

    Prophesy of Pendor V2.03 Patch issues

    Fawzia dokhtar-i-Sanjar said:
    Remember they don't always spawn.  You might get one or all of them.  I guess SD added their showing up to the latest patch.

    Yep I know about their spawn, but I defeated in one game(2.03) both Kodan and Syla and Kodan showed before battle in remaining but Syla no, ok I will wait for the next patch :mrgreen:

    Another thing: I have in my inventory two Mastework maiden crossbows, but there are different statistics:same damage(43) but different speed(46 and 66) and strenght require(11 and 12). Is this normal or not?
  14. Paton666

    Prophesy of Pendor V2.03 Patch issues

    Fawzia dokhtar-i-Sanjar said:
    Syla Uzas, Meregan Kierlic, Kodan Ironsword are not currently listed in your victory "beat 'em all" conditions.  They will be in the next patch.
    This question has been asked and answered before - do please read before posting next time, if you don't mind.  :grin:

    I defeated Kodan Ironsword and before battle he was in my armies remaining conditions, Syla Uzas: no, Meregan: I dont know
  15. Paton666

    Prophesy of Pendor V2.03 Patch issues

    Hi, I defeated Syla Uzas (great battle :shock:), but before battle with him he is not in my Victory conditions as a armies remaining. His death is not required to final victory or it is P4 bug?
  16. Paton666

    Prophesy of Pendor V2.02 Patch Issues

    Hi, I think it´s not issue but not sure, I killed Zulkar and his army and then in victory condition I have: Jatu are crushed, but what are these remaining armies around 500-700 jatu soldiers, yes they have not unique leader but they are still alive, but status crushed is curious. And what about these arrows with no + - damage, thaks for answers
  17. Paton666

    Prophesy of Pendor V2.01 PATCH DOWNLOAD ISSUES

    I downloaded patch 2.01, there is only file not another files, is it correct or mistake??? thanks
  18. Paton666

    Prophesy of Pendor 2.0 Issue Reporting

    In Avendor I found arrows with no +- damage maybe another bug???or it is OK?
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