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  1. squeaks

    NA Duel Completed North American Dueling Conference 2021

    Name: dof_squeaks
    Region: NA East
    Clan Representing: DoF
    Discord ID or Steam Profile:
  2. squeaks

    Veluca Matatas - You better start worrying

    we are winners everyone else is losers
  3. squeaks

    NA Skirmish Completed Royal Rat Rumble Tournament

    Steam Name: DoF_squeaks
    Do you have a mic? Yes
    Would you be interested in being a captain? no
    Do you have prior team tournament experience?: yeet
    Are you available on weekends and weekday nights? hopefully
    Do you pledge yourself to Rat Royal Family? yeet
  4. squeaks

    Serious Question

    im just waiting for star wars bearforce: bannerlord edition
  5. squeaks

    Please Consider a Quality of Life Update After 1.5

    keep going Eb!! your posts are constructive and a breath of fresh air to read.
  6. squeaks

    What Is The Likelihood Of A New Skirmish Map?

    Hmmm, I don't think so. GK siege maps were always either too easy to defend or too easy to capture. GK siege nights with 2 rounds per map always end with one team's top player having below 10 kills (in a 40v40 most of the time). Timer was 10 minutes for all maps even though all maps had different layers of defense. (some having only one so good luck defending that)

    On another note, I would find it really cool if some comp maps from warband could be remade in Bannerlord. (A,B,C flags could be at the same spot as the three locations.) I feel like naval outpost or castellum would be super fun to play on skirmish for example. (with some adjustments for the size and the spawns of course)
    castellum would be sick
  7. squeaks

    [NABB] Fantasy League Player Ranking List

    Hancock mvp of the week, hard to argue not tier 1
  8. squeaks

    [NABB] Questions, Suggestions, & Feedback

    Khuzait should probably be banned from tournament. Banning a faction seems extreme but can't ban classes or place class limits on a faction which focuses on cavalry and expect it to be playable for teams, meanwhile leaving Khuzait as is will kill certain matchups. Such as Sturgia on the desert map where Sturgia has pretty much 0 counter to mixed lancer and HA spam (Which could be a really common matchup, as it seems Sturgia and Desert map are the most common things in the queue rn). Also it's not really that extreme seeing as Khergits wasn't in WB tournaments and as soon as we get private servers we'll probably leave Khuzait behind too.
    Thanks for your feedback! We'll have a conversation as an admin team. My initial hold up about banning anything is the extent at which it's acceptable. If we ban Khuzait, then why not ban everything else that is unfair about the game(which is a lot, like Xauna) Unfortunately, this is the current state of the game we're stuck with.
  9. squeaks

    Banter Thread

  10. squeaks

    Roll back Xauna rework.

    Re-work is horrible. The little strategy that was possible on the old Xauna is now completely gone and its just a glorified TDM now.
  11. squeaks

    [NABB] Warnings, Bans & Suspensions

    Bans & Suspensions BANS Sven (Trolling since beta) Bark (Trolling, posting inappropriate content, racism.) Clockwork Orange (Trolling) SUSPENSIONS
  12. squeaks

    Nerf Throwing Weapons

    Infantry is underpowered because the inf fight takes so long right now and inf are easy targets for archers and cav. It's slower because it's too easy to turtle. Infantry skill cap is much lower than warband. Kicks are just stupid in this game
    you mean you dont like having a 20 foot leg?
  13. squeaks

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Any potential plans on messing with combat speed and/or block delay?
  14. squeaks

    NA Skirmish Completed [BSL] Bannerlord Skirmish League(EA)*Old Guard Wins!* (NA)

    Damn now im offended! The guy with the speech impediment is making fun of how I talk!
    Gonna be real. I'm starting to get super confused with some of this, but at the end of the day talking like this is so messed up. This crap transcends a tournament issue, and is completely rooted in hate.
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