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  1. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    SkyTime said:
    Haven't you had that casus belli happening for quite a while now?

    Yeah, I believe that ability was added in AoW.
  2. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    The new fort system as an idea is pretty good but has plenty of issues. The AI seems to have pathing issues in relation to forts as well as sometimes being able to walk straight through them. The rebellion system needs work as well because of the fort change, rebels capping provinces in one siege tick is a little stupid in the current setup because of the province modifiers they apply. It is not such an issue with small, dense countries but with large countries it becomes a real issue, also rebels appearing on a center of reformation and removing it, not fun at all.
  3. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    Yeah I have seen you around a couple of times, mine is "AhoyDeerrr" kinda stupid, but it has stuck  :lol:
  4. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    In case anyone does not frequent the Paradox Plaza forums there have been two dev diaries for the upcoming DLC (TBA) the DLC seems to be focusing heavily on internal province management and adds a parliament mechanic for England and Constitutional Monarchy/Republic governments.

    Dev Diary 1
    Dev Diary 2
  5. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    TheFlyingFishy said:
    That, among other reasons, is why I'll never play a Paradox game multiplayer.

    EU4 is very stable as long as you have a good host and nobody with horrible internet. Compared to EU3 or even CK2, multiplayer stability has improved a hell of a lot. I play a 4 hour multiplayer session with 10-15 people some of which are on the other side of the Atlantic and in the vast majority of the games we do not desync once. EU4 was a little rocky at release but it has improved a lot.

    I also think that EU4 is a game that is supposed to be played in multiplayer, singleplayer is super easy, even when picking small countries you will often be the strongest nation by 1600 at which point there is little reason to continue playing because you will just roll over any coalition. In multiplayer its not like that at all.
  6. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    ferevon said:
    Stupid thing about sliders is that it only made sense to go in a single direction for most of the sliders.
    Like Centralization was a guaranteed take over decentralization.

    That is true, in the vanilla game a lot of the sliders were obviously one sided but that could have easily been fixed by simply balancing the modifiers, the Death and Taxes mod did an amazing job at balancing the domestic polices. It is also worth noting that centralisation would almost always give you a negative events, so it was not completely one sided. It also took a long time to move even one slider to your preferred position, which was good, it made it feel like there was real long term change.

    Pimple_of_Pixels said:
    The biggest problem I had when transitioning from 3 to 4 was that the improved 3D graphics made the world feel very fake. 3 felt very atmospheric and that was awesome. 4 just feels too much like a game I guess.

    I would agree with that somewhat, the map on EU3 had a certain level of beauty to it that doesn't exist in EU4 because, well its not a map any longer. I imagine they made that change because it draws more people into the game, I mean from the outside a game like EU3 did not look appealing really until you got into it, but with the maps like they are in CK2 and EU4 I think it would be a bit more appealing for people who have never played a game like EU4 before.

    That would make sense considering EU4 and CK2 are Paradox's two most popular grand strategy games by a fairly long way if I remember correctly.
  7. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    ferevon said:
    Lol I clicked on EU III without noticing in Steam a few weeks ago... Felt such a nostalgia that I checked my old saves and entered one. Guess what? 5 minutes later I got the feeling "wtf this game sucks" and started playing EU IV again :lol:

    Overall I would say EU4 is a better game but there were parts of EU3 that worked much better than the features that replaced them in EU4, like domestic policy sliders for example.
  8. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    Kobrag said:
    Wiz's aint bad.

    Wiz has an EU4 mod?
  9. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    EUIV is grounded in history so what do you expect? that your east Asian troops should be able to wipe the floor with the west?

    It is not even an issue anyway, you can use a decent navy to stop them, considering naval units are the same for all tech groups and the naval AI is pretty poor. If you stop them from getting a foothold, which is not hard you should never lose a war against them, if you let them conqueror land near you then its your fault you are losing to them.
  10. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    Matiss_Veinbergs said:
    Modding eu4 is so frustrating. I wanted to instal 3 mods who should be compatible with eachother. BUT one doesnt work, second makes tons of lag and third is incompatible with both. It is so irritating, since the game it self takes 3 minutes to load.

    Are you using Steam Workshop? installing mods of there is as simple as clicking a button.
  11. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    Si-A-erra. said:
    Wait is there some mod I acidentally downloaded or are there a lot more tribes in the new world? I just Saw Muisca's (the tribe that inhabited a large part of Colombia) and I am very happy.

    AoW added lots of new countries in the Americas, especially in central and south America.
  12. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    My new save with AoW, nothing really special and it is only 1657 but I am finding it decent, I started as Novgorod so it was a little bit of a struggle at the start due to Muscovy's power and alliances. Right now though I am racking in over 200 a month gross, which is nearly 2x as much as the 2nd highest I also have the highest manpower.

    Livonia and Georgia are my marches. The borders are pretty ****ty as well, but I will start carving up Oirat Horde soon.

    Its also nice to see the Netherlands, they exist through the revolt event, but due to the change where you can call it allies at any time they were actually able to get allies and then call them in, meaning they were able to win the war.
  13. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    Pimple_of_Pixels said:
    Bought Art of War.

    All other DLC completely disappears.

    What. I mean, all these new provinces and new rebels and one-click armies and fleets is great, but if I can't use the national focus feature (literally the best idea anyone at PD ever has had) then its all pretty pointless to me.

    Is it supposed to come back after a while or something?

    They do not usually go away, try right clicking EU4 on steam, go to properties then the DLC tab, check if all of them are ticked, if they are then try verifying the game.

    Judas said:
    But now we have desyncs every 5-20 minutes in multiplayer. No matter who is the host.
    My Matches are now on hold indefinitely :/

    Try using the beta patches if you are not, it is supposed to help.
  14. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    Try turning save compression off, I heard that helps.
  15. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    They have actually released a beta hotfix on Steam and it fixes among other things the multiplayer crashes, apparently they were caused when some players in the game have AoW enabled and some do not.
  16. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    I bought the DLC the instant I was online, looks really good, still yet to play though.
  17. dan1993uk

    Hearts of Iron III

    Jhessail said:
    HoI is the best selling Paradox franchise, though CK2 is the best selling individual game. Victoria is the worst crowd-pleaser. Vicky2 was made only because Johan likes the time period and because Vicky had a bunch of passionate fans. This is based on comments that Pdox devs and especially Johan have posted on their forums along the years.

    I swear I read somewhere that EU4 took over CK2 on sales, In any case EU4 is a fair bit more popular than CK2. As to the comment about Vicky2, I wouldn't be surprised, Vicky does have some die hard fans and Johan is well... Johan.
  18. dan1993uk

    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    Ringwraith #5 said:
    That still sounds like AssCreed combat to me. AssCreed does have multiple enemies attacking at once, various enemy types, and enemies doing special attacks and things like that these days.

    That is true but the real difference in that scenario is that in AC you can counter and kill both enemies with 1 button press, at least on Shadow of Mordor you have to press a button more than ones and it doesn't kill either enemy, just stuns them. The problem with AC's combat system is that you can kill any enemy in 1 second, whereas here the only way to do that is to gather a hit streak, which is not exactly hard but it draws the fighting out more and at the very least makes it slightly harder. The game is harder than AC but unless there are several (good) captains or lots of ranged units fighting you at once it is still fairly easy.

    The game is similar to AC but its probably closer to the Batman games.

    This will probably get some hate but I kinda hope they make a second game (not that I know how it could continue on from the story), maybe expand the playable zones a little more, improve the stealth mechanics and enlarge the nemesis system, with new "events" and such, as it is right now it is far too easy to get any ork regardless of their skills to Warchief.
  19. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    jacobhinds said:
    For some reason a mod I downloaded through steam workshop won't select. I press the little bar in the launcher but no tick shows up. Is it possible to start mods manually?

    There could be several reasons for that, unsub, resub then try checking to see if steam downloaded anything, if it did open the launcher and check if it works, if it didn't it may download through the launcher, you can usually see a green progress bar across the button for the mod when it is downloading. It could also be the workshop, it is rather inconsistent and works perfectly fine most of the time but sometimes just refuses to function correctly, which may very well be the case here.

    Pimple_of_Pixels said:
    Is there like some sort of trigger or something I'm missing for peasant revolts? Again: 3 stability, no revolt risk at all. I had no reason to think that I would get rebellions. I mean, one, even two because Cyprus was the wrong religion, is understandable - but three in quick succession? Am I missing something or am I just that unlucky?

    That seems a little strange, the only thing I can think of is maybe revolt risk was created after the first battle? then you just got insanely unlucky with the next two spawns. The only way for rebels to spawn is via revolt risk or through a trigger like an event. This could also be some sort of bug, but I don't think that is very likely, either way the revolt and rebel mechanics are getting overhauled next patch so something that this should no longer happen.
  20. dan1993uk

    Europa Universalis IV released!

    I am up for it, as long as there is a decent number of players.
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