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  1. LINY

    Development Update - UI and Multiplayer 01/08/20

    Thanks, the video updates should be interesting.
  2. LINY

    Patch Notes e1.2.0 & Beta e1.3.0

    How can I get access to 1.3 beta? Steam says I need a code to enroll

    Use the drop down box above where it asks for the code.
  3. LINY

    Resolved Can't get pregnant: possible reason found

    My wife keeps getting pregnant when she's off running her own party. I'm thinking of hiring a PI.

  4. LINY

    Resolved Beta e1.3 - Family Feud Bug

    After negotiating with Ulusumai and succeeding, I both failed and passed the quest.
  5. LINY

    Resolved [e1.2.0.225830] QUEST BUGS: Associates captured by bountyhunters, multiple issues

    -This quest is impossible to complete on its own. You can only bring 9 companions to face 30+ troops. Using the highest tier archers possible and placing them on the side of a cliff so the enemy would have a tough time reaching them while being rained down by archer fire, they still all died...
  6. LINY

    If the Taleworld devs don't start paying attention to Multiplayer as much as they do Singleplayer, I will refund the game.

    I was in the beta. All they did was patch and pay attention to MP for months.
  7. LINY

    Neretzes quest

    Just go around the map looking for any party that has a '!' over it.
  8. LINY

    Resolved Lack of Companions (and other things)

    There are also way more female companions than male, which is strange in itself.
  9. LINY

    Need More Info Bug: Vlandian cities do not have an arena door

    did you forgot to bring your platform 9 3/4 ticket?

    Couldn't find the vendor for it.
  10. LINY

    Resolved Capturing a party of 5 resulted in additional 70 prisoners.

    Are you sure they weren't just wounded soldiers from a previous battle she had? If that's the case it makes sense you can take all of them as prisoners.

    I didn't consider this a possibility. Regardless, I've noticed a lot of lords travelling around with minimal parties, but it looks like they may have fixed this in the recent patch.
  11. LINY

    I have a quick question.

  12. LINY

    Patch Notes e1.0.4

    Crossbows still cost like 43,000 denars, lol.
  13. LINY

    Need More Info Massive FPS Drops During Sieges

    Same, once the ladders hit the walls. RTX 2070 SUPER.
  14. LINY

    Need More Info Bandit Hideout World Map Bug

    After clearing out the bandit hideout, bandit groups will still travel to the location and disappear once they reach it.
  15. LINY

    Need More Info Lags Hard in siege battles

    Same issue once the ladder hits the wall. 2070 SUPER.
  16. LINY

    Resolved Capturing a party of 5 resulted in additional 70 prisoners.

    I had a fight with Queen Rhagaea, party of 5. After defeating and taking her prisoner, I was able to take approximately 70 additional Empire troops as prisoners; they were not in the battle.
  17. LINY

    Need More Info Bug: Vlandian cities do not have an arena door

    For every single Vlandian town, the door to the arena is blocked by a stone wall.
  18. LINY

    Resolved Quest: The Spy Party

    My clues: Not bald, has a beard, no markings. None of the contenders matched this description. The perpetrator ended up being bald as he was the last one I tried killing without failing the quest. Additionally, sometimes the contenders don't appear on the map at all and it needs to be reloaded.
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