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  1. Operating system discussion thread - Issues with Windows 7

    I have windows 7 but the game just wont launch at all but I mean pretty sure if my pc can run total war games on high graphics decently pretty sure it should be able to run this
  2. In Progress game crashes on start up

    ive been trying to fix it all day no luck i got it this morning and 6 hours later lol hopefully devs will fix idk
  3. Need More Info game just crashes every time I press play

    Ive been trying to play the game all day and tried everything that has been said to be done and still nothing worked at this point im extremely frustrated.. was wondering if someone had the same issue and if they know how to fix it
  4. Early Access Information

    hello I know your probably busy with all sorts of things but there are many of us that can even launch the game to play it and everything I have is up to date was wondering if yall are looking into this problem
  5. Need More Info White screen and crash on startup

    yea we all do taleworlds needs to do a better job considering the fact they had so long extremely disappointed
  6. Need More Info Bannerlord won't launch

    na fuze it didnt work should I restart pc ?
  7. Need More Info Bannerlord won't launch

    Im having the same problem brotha I click play then instantly crashes
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