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  1. MountainBladesMan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    I think the unit you are thinking of is the peasants. As far as the game logic goes, Peasants train into recruits, recruits train into soldiers/hunters. No one is bringing peasants to the fights.
    No, they're just filled with recruits which I don't even think are better than peasants. At least peasants have the occasional pole-arm or scythe. Either-way believing that recruits (again RECRUITS) are meant to be trained soldiers is deluded.
  2. MountainBladesMan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    Just like you are assuming the recruits you are hiring aren't trained men, lets assume that recruits selling their services to fight at the very least believe themselves to be trained in fighting. Your argument isn't sticking.
    They aren't. They are literally called recruits, so we can just dismiss that """""argument""""" as a non-starter.
  3. MountainBladesMan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    Thats your opinion bud, i disagree. Men get better at fighting after experiencing it not after training for a few weeks. Like i said you sound like you need to go mod.
    You don't just throw untrained recruits at the enemy when you can help it. There's a difference between trained men and veteran men. You should be able to achieve the former with training alone.
  4. MountainBladesMan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    Get the raise the meek perk. They stated they want rank ups to come from battles not from passive exp.
    But see thats stupid and they shouldn't do that. They have time to change their mind and if they have any sense they will.
  5. MountainBladesMan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    I mean what do you want?

    I want the training skill to come back in some capacity and I want passive XP gain every day like in Warband. Enough so that you can easily train up an army of tier 3 units out of combat with decent skills.
  6. MountainBladesMan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    Just fight 1 group of looters and your men will level up. Literally my 20 man vs 14 looters leveled up all of my 10 recruits. EXP is not a problem, i had to start over because i got my party members to high tier to keep up with financially(pre-hotfix).
    That 'fixes' (doesn't really fix, still unnecessarily tedious) the issue for the player but not the AI who end up sending the Peasant Human Wave at you after having their starting army wiped out once.
  7. MountainBladesMan

    almost no income from workshops and caravans

    Devs shouldn't be nerfing player income before the economy is even fully implemented. Who cares if you have too much gold, there ins't much to spend it on anyways other than overpriced personal equipment.
  8. MountainBladesMan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    Why doesn't the game support passive training anymore? Getting XP during battles wasn't as big of a problem as not being able to train troops outside of combat at all which led to everyone having peasant armies.
  9. MountainBladesMan

    First Time Playing Since Release: A List of Grievances

    But when you advance in the game you can recruit higher tier troops in cities. Isn't that your "it should be feasible to train units up to at least tier 3 out of combat " ?
    Those opportunities are few and far between and require reputation grinding. I'd give up recruiting higher tiers if it meant I could train units faster anyday.
  10. MountainBladesMan

    First Time Playing Since Release: A List of Grievances

    Agree, there should be a certain overall morale which cause the force, including the lords, to entirely route.

    If you get far enough into the game money becomes irrelevant and there needs to be some kind of money sink for the last tier of progression otherwise you can get fully kitted in the first year, only the best gear is 20k+. My typical start is running around doing tournys and i can normally get a full gear set, 1 or 2 tiers under the lordly tier. Not sure how you are playing but maybe roam around a bit more to other faction territories.

    First off, I don't give a **** about the player having too much money. Taleworlds should really leave it alone until the fix the economy in general and not just nerf money makers while inflating prices unreasonably. The economy is obviously still very unfinished anyways and there are more pressing matters than too much money. Better the player is overpowered than under-powered, especially during a beta.

    Second, equipment should not be a money-sink. What should be costing you in order of expenses are:

    Army wages/upgrades > Fief upgrades/maintenance >>>>>>>>>>Personal equipment.

    Consider this from a balance point of view. Playing on realistic, what would you rather have?

    A) The equipment worn by Cataphracts


    B) 50 Cataphracts

    Obviously the answer is B, but the game treats it like the equipment is so much more valuable. The cost of a full set of Catapharact armor costs more money than upgrading 50 Cataphracts, even if you factor in the cost of all previous upgrades to get to that level.

    It should be the other way around; maintaining a force of elite units should cost you a ****ton to upgrade and maintain while equipment should be a trivial expense once you get some money coming in.

    They do passively train but very slowly, they have expressed that they want troops to level up by actually fighting and surviving.

    This is why you get peasant-only armies once every lord has been wiped out a few times.

    Obviously elite units should be veterans of combat, but it should be feasible to train units up to at least tier 3 out of combat in a reasonable amount of time. No one likes peasant waves.

    It also makes the player overly cautious of engagements, which shouldn't be the case when the game is all about fighting battles. Sure they should get a bloody nose if they choose poorly, but if players are hesitating fighting equal battles cuz they're afraid their elite units will get taken out there's a problem.

    They reduced it to 1 influence for every 20 prisoners, i believe. They did this when they balanced out the influence gain across the board (couple policies got changed as well).

    Perhaps this should be the case with normal troops, but lords should give a ****ton of influence if you turn them in. You're essentially removing a whole army from the enemy faction for as long as they are imprisoned.

    And merc contracts should pay a lot more and pay consistently, not due to any influence.
  11. MountainBladesMan

    First Time Playing Since Release: A List of Grievances

    - I hate how battles take drag on longer than they should due to having to hunt down and kill the enemy lord and other assorted units that are too stupid to flee when the battles has obviously been lost. Why can't they just retreat along with everyone else? - Why does equipment still cost so...
  12. MountainBladesMan

    Voting For Who Gets What

    Now THAT'S what I call butthurt hahaha
    Dance monkey, dance.
  13. MountainBladesMan

    Voting For Who Gets What

    Lol okay kid. Have fun crying about how unfair your video game is.
    Again, nothing to add. Pathetic. You can't even articulate your points let alone defend them. What are you even doing here? No one needs to hear feedback from you.
  14. MountainBladesMan

    Where is the last militia defender in that castle?

    One time the last defense somehow ended up wedged between my siege tower and the wall and no one could get to him. I had to retreat and then attack again.

    I don't understand why the retreat mechanic doesn't trigger when you outnumber the enemy so. Same with field battles; they always end with my cav chasing around the enemy cav that aren't running away for some reason meaning I can't just end the battle. It costs precious minutes that are unnecessary.
  15. MountainBladesMan

    Beta Branch e1.1.0

    Hey, thanks for the feedback.
    This will be fixed as soon as possible
    I'm really curious as to whats causing this.
  16. MountainBladesMan

    Beta Branch e1.1.0

    That's the whole problem with EA in the first place, it's a misleading marketing term. People don't realize they're participating in an open beta already, if you serve them a unstable version of the game, sh*t will flow on the forums and steam reviews.
    **** flows anyways. From it you get nuggets of useful information. Might as well get people on 1.1.0 so the **** and the nuggets can flow faster.
  17. MountainBladesMan

    Beta Branch e1.1.0

    I don't see why the beta couldn't be pushed as a general update right now. The game is an EA, no reason to have a beta version of a beta version of the game. Get as many eyes on it so we can rip it apart.
  18. MountainBladesMan

    Hideouts -> siegable bandit forts

    Have both of them. Why do you guys want to remove a feature. I like hideout except for some stuff like you cannot pick your units and how few you can bring vs how many they have.

    I like this idea for bandit forts.
    I'm not against recycling the scenes of bandit hideouts for some other purpose (player hideouts would be cool) but there is really no place for bandit hideouts imo. They give little reward and are a royal pain in the ass to clear.
  19. MountainBladesMan

    Upgrading troops

    I think it was to prevent cavalry spam on both NPC and player side.
    Fighting against Battania, a faction where cav should be in a strict minority, I really don't think it worked that well.
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