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  1. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Right click on Your charcter on the world map and there will be an option to show relations with all factions (You can also do that with any other party on the world map).
  2. Disabling defections?

    Another example that shows how broken is auto defection:

    What we can see here is the conflict between script that assigns Efenas Castle to General Sung Wo and the fact that he has already left the Zann at the end of black week (few days after invasion started).
    (Interesting fact: spearheads didn't attack that castle as long as it remained undiscovered. They started an assault when I came here and fog of war dissapeard).
  3. Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    Thank You for the answer.

    I've changed invasion date twice: at day 1 (to 300) and then around day 240 (to 365). I was still aware of those 30 pre-invasion days when player is not supposed to change its date. So it's not the case here.

    I guess i will just lower waiting time multiplier in case fast-forwarding would cause any issues.
  4. Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    My game crashes whenever I fast forward to Zann invasion day (it happens exactly at this day).

    I set invasion day to 365 and I'm currently at day 318. Right now Tolrania is defeated and I conquered all their teritory. I'm also neutral with imperial scouts. Originally I wanted to see what happens if I own Leuven while not being hostile to Zann.

    First time I tried to fast forward, game crashed at 22 march.

    So I decided to attack imperial scouts to see if it changes anything. It didn't. Game crashed again at 22 march.
    Then I handed over Leuven to Elintor, since they are also scripted to be at war with Zann from the beggining. It didn't help either.

    So am I fu**ed up because Tolrania doesn't exist anymore and the Zann is scripted to declare war upon them? Or maybe game crashes just because of fast-forwarding (but I don't think it's coincidence that it always happens at invasion day)?
  5. [BUG] [FIXED] Dreaded One does not spawn, quest does not show up in notes.

    You can trigger that quest using cheat menu:
    1) Make sure You have cheats enabled
    2) Press shift + ~ in game and type: cheatmenu
    3) Open camp menu and then go: cheat menu -> perisno developement cheats -> dreaded one messenger.
    The messenger will spawn in Galwe outskirts and follow You.
  6. Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    Hey, I have a problem during the 'Revolution of Vinica' Quest
    after finding the nihonians and talking to their leader in serin castle i receive the task to escort him to "my playername" instead of vinicia
    when proceeding with escorting them to vinicia everything was fine and when we arrive I could update the quest, after talking with them, but they don't move into vinica, they move into me and when I go to Vinica the event with the rebellion didnt start. in the questlog the quest is called 'Crush the Rebellion in "My Playername"'
    The same happened to me and I've found partial solution to that. Partial, because it only prevents that bug from happening if You start new game...
    So there are 2 "Tolranian rebels" factions and one of them has -15 relations with player's faction by default. For some reasons (I have no idea why) Vinica after rebellion usually belongs to that hostile faction, making player unable to enter the town. So, basically, changing that relation (using, for example, morgh's editor) to 0 or more should solve the issue.

    To be more specific: it won't prevent the bug, but will allow the player to finish the quest.
  7. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    I'm not sure if it's a bug, but once I became a lord of 2 towns (Murdenholl and Galwe) I don't earn money from land owned there anymore. I still have around 7k balance every week, but assets are equal to 0. Other towns are fine.
    Also, I heard somewhere (probably in the last VMP Perisno playthrough) that you should always buy around 80% of available lands. Is that true or maybe buying everything is more beneficial?
  8. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    So, reach isn't touched
    Well, it wouldn't make any sense.
    shield+1h NPCs just need 200+ 1h proficiency to neglect penalty?
    Not really to neglect, but to be on pair with someone with just 100 proficiency. For example, if you want the same damage and speed as someone with 300 prof. You need 453:
    (300 - 100) * 0,0015 = 0,3
    (1 + 0,3) / 0,85 = 1,5294
    (1,5294 - 1) / 0,0015 = 353
    353 + 100 = 453
  9. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    I do not know the exact penalty for bastard weapons, some say 35%, some say 15%, some say it depends on your proficiency (the higher, the less the penalty)
    15% for both speed and damage.
    Penalty is not reduced by proficiency, BUT You get 0,15% more damage and speed per point above 100 for each weapon type.
  10. Discussion + Suggestions

    I guess its just similar to Eyegrim from Prophesy of Pendor - they probably convert all prisoners into undead and recruit them. Anyway, didn't know about that. I caught him almost immediatly once he spawed, thinking he might be defeated by marshal force. It used to be an issue in 0.9 because back then, he only had half of his current strength:
  11. Discussion + Suggestions

    for the army I had to bring 15 lords to fight that army to prevent getting absolutely wrecked
    The only hard thing about that army is around 120 doomguards. The rest is a joke. They still have around 1300 troops, so obviously player has to bring a lor of units to avoid being overwhelmed.
    The Shrine however is so insanely hard that I wonder if anyone has ever done it legitimately, even with 1/4th damage and cheating my stats it was quite difficult.
    Keyword: sprint. Its still hard if You don't use fire grenades, but easier than sneaking into some towns...
    End result, some subpar armor and a horse that requires 10 riding, that just isn't worth the investment required to ride it
    And the best 2-handed sword with lifesteal effect.
  12. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    First, my honor was between 250-300, causing every good lord to like me. Second, they only had 3-4 fiefs left, with very few victories. Third, I have around 5 persuasion.
    It seems like persuasion is really important here. My honor is around 450 and good-natured lords still don't want to join me, even if some of them have 0 fiefs and negative relations with their king.
  13. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    I have a question about "join my cause" dialogue option since this is perisno-only thing. How exactly the chance for success is calculated? I neglected persuasion in my current playthrough and I'm not sure if its worth to put some points into it just to get some lords (don't konw how much impact it has).
  14. Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    Capturing leaders of faction "unique spawns" (inquisitors, dragon priests, elephant riders etc.) does not prevent from spawning again. They can spawn despite being held captive.
  15. Discussion + Suggestions

    There should be special soundtrack exclusive for battle against Count Tyricas. I want to hear boss music while fighting him.
    This is the guy with Galwe Royal Alchemists
    Now, seriously:
    1) I would like to turn off horse archers AI, but its impossible in the current version. Could it be optional again in the future?
    2) Idea of new feature: player could give away a fief to another faction. Sometimes i like to bolster weaker factions :wink:
    Nevermind, just realised it's already in diplomacy options
  16. Discussion + Suggestions

    Oh and by the way I ran into another issue - do I need to restart the campaign from scratch to see any of the equipment changes that I've made with Morgh appear in game?
    If I remember correctly, changes in equipment should appear without starting new game. But If You change stats or faces, You have to start new campaign.
  17. Discussion + Suggestions

    Is there a way to see which number corresponds to an item in the reference page? That would make it much easier.
    You can find all items in cheat menu and estimate the number this way.
  18. Disabling defections?

    That would be great. I'm also not a fan of auto defection, although I've not seen anything crazy in 1.01 - 2 lords betrayed their factions after 80 days in my playthrough.
  19. Media/Screenshots

    Zann diet isn't healthy. Here is an example:
    Although other Zann NPCs look ok.
  20. [MODDING] Prophesy of Pendor Tweaks and Talk

    Is there a tweak that would force defecting lords to change their army template? Right now they can change culture only if the player will ask them to do so.
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