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  1. Caz

    Will There Be a Message Log?

    i miss that option too...
  2. Caz


    i didnt know about the V thing also.. haha ty! (69 hrs)
  3. Caz

    Smithing stamina

    good idea!
  4. Caz

    wife never gets pregnant. days 240 with her maybe from 160 days

    i will install developoer console mode then because my waife happens to be the daugther of the aserai faction leader.. ty for the help
  5. Caz

    wife never gets pregnant. days 240 with her maybe from 160 days

    what should i do? killed the fun a bit..i dont want to restart yet as im already over 240 ingame days and my cav army is hella strong :P
  6. Caz

    Combat AI is still broken in my game

    u guys playing in realist mode or easy? cant see that as i have no problem with the ai doing that or i just dont have noticed yet. I do see the ai poor behaviour when commanding an army like when they siegue a city and when a couple of enemy reinforcement arrive they will cancel the siegue and start doing another siege in a nearby enemy city and this goes on for ever if i dont leave the army that the current ai is wtf?
  7. Caz

    No lordly armors, in any place. Neither in looting, nor in the store.

    marry a lady and steal her armor.. 200k CASH!
  8. Caz

    Becoming King of existing faction

    that is gonna be so cool when its available! i really hope it would :razz:
  9. Caz

    Declare war as a kingdom

    true, i hope devs get a look into this
  10. Caz

    Resolved game crashes always when i try to enter the lords hall on Hubiar city.

    I managed to enter the lords hall by going from the take a walk option. but if i try to enter direct to ords hall then it crashes. i cant link the image..sry. pc specs: Intel core i5-720u 2.5GHz...
  11. Caz

    My feedback list 70+ hours played

    i agree with this post 100 % ! :smile:
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