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  1. hibik

    In Progress BUG | To much dust/smoke and darkness inside buildings


    I figure out that by removing the shadow type to none, the smoke was automatically fixed and that darkness inside the building was also fixed.
    So playing without shadow fix the situation, so I guess there are some problems with the shadow effect.
  2. hibik

    Resolved Couldn't receive login result from server

    Happen to me, restarting steam help.
  3. Bannerlord Portugal

    Bannerlord Portugal

    Comunidade Portuguesa Aqui irão encontrar a informação necessária da comunidade portuguesa no Bannerlord, lista de jogadores, equipas portuguesas e até mesmo eventos que possam envolver Portugal dentro do jogo. Se têm um clã português e querem que seja partilhado no grupo mandem MP e a lista...
  4. hibik

    In Progress BUG | To much dust/smoke and darkness inside buildings

    Summary: In some places (tunel's, barns, etc) start to have a lot of dust/smoke when you walk on the ground, it's realy hard to fight and the place just went do dark till the point you can't see. Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.1.2 Computer Specs: OS: Win10 Home GPU: GTX1660Ti 6 GB...
  5. hibik

    Resolved Colour dust around players & black terrain, in multiplayer only

    What about this?

    In some places the smoke just become so intense to the point it's hard to see.
  6. hibik

    [WNL7] Statistics

    It Should have a category for team spirit and motivation, is my strongest point, just saying.  :roll: :oops:
  7. hibik

    [WNL7] Warband Interviews | Mandingo

    Are you Mandingo from the Belle stream chat?
  8. hibik

    Página Comunidade Portuguesa Facebook

    Da-lhe Conde, mostra o poder tuga.
  9. hibik

    [ECS2] Qualifiers - Group B

    Fearless deserve the win, and none of that rules was the reason of it!
    Good job guys, good luck.
  10. hibik

    [ECS2] Livestreams

    Aeronwen said:
    mb_tv will be streaming Frag v Loyalty and Turk v Aerterna

    because CL is on a well earned break I will be attempting to work his amazingly complicated system and would appreciate any constructive criticism offered.

    I will update teh Op soon.

    I really like the new stream system, the double kill and triple kill animations, the map, the team comp.
    The only thing i can say is during the stream try to get better angles :p
  11. hibik

    [WNL4] League Table & Fixtures

    Good luck to everyone :p
  12. hibik

    Your level ?

    Almost 69 :3
  13. hibik

    Who is at the Top?




    Top Rager

  14. hibik

    How famous is the above player?

    Folms stop trolling  :sad:
  15. hibik

    How famous is the above player?

    Dragz lovely guy! Really good person and amazing player, i dont know but i like u (:
  16. hibik

    How famous is the above player?

    Flecha wolfy wolfy member :p
    Good player and nice fellow :grin:
  17. hibik

    Warband Champions 2013-14 / Spain

    Unicorn said:
    no maynd? isnt portugal a city in spain?


    That wasnt funny :'(
  18. hibik

    How famous is the above player?

    Some nab from sweden :s
    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: I shave my beard.. :'(

    It looks something like this

  19. hibik

    How famous is the above player?

    Ú almost ban me in IG :S::ASD:ASD:ASDSAD

    Sorry, im sad, not my day :sad:
    Sorry llove :3 :C

    Good player :$$
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