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  1. Permanent companion party skills builds

    I often see people leaving spotting... isn't it the most important thing to be able to find the right fights you can participate in ?
    Is the game even playable with very low spotting ?
  2. [MODDING] Prophesy of Pendor Tweaks and Talk

    I want to make sure ALL villages have at least sheriff, so I can clear the forest bandit infestation I am having. (the forest bandits are managing to be a bigger problem than kingdoms at war with me, no goods are getting anywhere).

    You should ally bandits, it's too late in your game but it's a great strategy that you need to work on from the start of the game.
    You lose relation points when you attack them. You don't lose relation points when they attack you (have a much smaller army). You earn relation points when you help them in battle.
  3. I have found the solution for ryzen 2xxx series and new gen multi core CPUs underperforming in massive battles, went from 30 to 90 fps with this!!!

    what intel processor do you have? If it's older gen ofcourse it's not going to do anything since you're not supposed to change any settings with older gen intel CPUs
    It's a Core i7 7700HQ. I can't tell if it's older gen.
  4. I have found the solution for ryzen 2xxx series and new gen multi core CPUs underperforming in massive battles, went from 30 to 90 fps with this!!!

    I tried. Max graphic everything 500 units battle. No difference at all.
    I'm Intel btw. I guess Intel users have smarter cores.
  5. CKO Arquebus training

    Just park them on the hill, grab 3 shields myself and let focus enemies on me. 50 bullets is a lot of help.

    Nice, thanks for the tip.
  6. CKO Arquebus training

    Actually, fielding large number of sergeants with arquebus isn't a bad idea.
    They've got kick and firing endurance. I've fielded such armies in Pendor, and they work great, because they won't empty their ammo in first few waves, and still maintain enough fire to keep the enemy down.

    I think the question was : compared to equivalent CKO like arbalest and archer, how do they perform ? No doubt CKO sergeant / knights are super strong once they have high stats and a good player controlling them.
    According to many players that did the comparison with arbalest and archer, they underperform in almost any case if not in every situation despite their theoretical advantage (high ammo, slow firing, ...).
    I'm not saying they're bad but I did many test using editors and I was disappointed. I still like them because they're cool.
  7. [SaveEditor] WarBender - savegame editor [released/1.0.4]

    Alright i know this thread's been quiet for a few months but I tried all night to get this to recognize the module.ini , I tried both versions, steam and moddb, and for whatever reason it will not read the file properly for the AWOIAF mod. I'm trying to see if there is a way to alter the save file to allow me to recruit both the giants and direwolf since they have separate racial requirements Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Did you check if it's specific to AWOIAF mod, or does it happen with any mod ?
    It's working great for me on native and PoP.
  8. CKO Arquebus training

    I'll ask the real question:
    Are CKO with arquebus actually any good? Compared to CKO archers for example with high power draw.
    Arquebus vastly underperform. They will be a huge disappointment if you're looking for efficiency.
    You might chose them because of the sound and the look. It is a fun weapon.
    You'll have to modify the arquebus if you want to balance it.
  9. CKO Arquebus training

    You can train CKO with arquebus, no problem.
  10. CKO Arquebus training

    According to the wiki, the formula is
    random [0-999] + trainer_skill*3 + (prof_difference/20-5)*5 >= 970 for knights and >= 980 for sergeants

    The most important factor that come into play is luck so unless you get a high roll, you won't get any increase.
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