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  1. about the block in combat

    that's not the point.
    the point is, that it's a ****ty feeling to see a looter having the same blocking behaviour like a sturgian heavy axeman. there is simply no difference between, as there should be.
    while it is fair to discuss about how to approach the issue, i think it's quite missing the point if you just cheese it til you eat it and claim it's good like that.

    of course if you do 180 chamber blocks to attack, backstab or outrange the enemy you wont see a problem, because that simply isn't the point.

    this is true, but has nothing to do with blocking behaviour.

    works great on a controller

    that isn't related to the blocking behaviour

    you can not crush through a weapon block

    kick->attack is slower than the ai enemy returning to blocking. only works in multiplayer.

    once again not the point. point is blocking behaviour is the same between tiers + low tier weapons able to block everything regardless anything. looters/low tiers with tools as weapons shouldn't block like they are exiled highly trained fighting units. it's not a good feel.

    I am sure you can crush through a weapon block with certain weapons.
    With 2hweapon and (1h weapons without a shield, i think) you can hold overhead, kick, then release weapon.

    I agree with your point, that low tier untrained troops ideally shouldn't have the blocking ability as higher tier troops. {Personally i have not verified this} AI can be so exploited anyway that it hardly doesnt matter.
  2. Closed Bugged Quest: Conspiracy Hideout (Unable to complete)

    I have done as requested.

    Incase anyone has the same issue, I returned after a few in game days and was able to complete the hideout normally.
  3. about the block in combat

    >If you are on horseback charging into enemy creates ministun, then release your attack.
    >Turn horse in opposite direction after attack, then attack.
    >Chamber block.
    >Attack while enemy is focused on your troops.
    >Use weapon with crush through.
    >On foot? walk backwards kick him in the nuts, then release your attack.

    Once skills become max combat feels easy regardless.

    These are just tips, however i understand youd prefer an easier setting to allow for more casual gameplay.
  4. Closed Bugged Quest: Conspiracy Hideout (Unable to complete)

    Summary: > Get to end of hideout. > Boss - Conspiracy Trained huntsman: "Can't talk right now. Got to keep an eye on things." Instead of the usual dialogue. >Unable to initiate combat to complete the quest. How to Reproduce: Have you used...
  5. about the block in combat

    Feint your attacks
  6. Resolved Crafting fine, masterwork or legendary weapons lose their plus values after loading.

    Unless the crafter got the skills to churn out Masterwork and Legendary weapons it doesn't mean much at all. Just because you unoock all parts and can bang out some nice recipes it mean little if the crafter is low skilled and chrun out rusty quality weapons.
    This was not my experience. You can still earn a game breaking amount of money once recipes are unlocked, emptying the towns money town to town.
  7. Resolved Crafting fine, masterwork or legendary weapons lose their plus values after loading.

    This appears to be fixed in latest beta for me. Now i just have 2 handed crafted axes turning into 'Trash' item lol -_-'
  8. In Progress Crafted items turned into trash item

    Crafted Weapons now no longer shrink, instead they turn into trash lol

    (I encountered the same issue). Please fix soon.
  9. Resolved Crafting fine, masterwork or legendary weapons lose their plus values after loading.

    On that 'point', how much do Javs sell for these days? I bet with the amount a few 2 handers still sell for though you can now retire as a hermit on top of a mountain for the rest of your days. As the games economy is still practically undermined by one skill you might do better to retire 'early' because at the rate they keep adding things to 'improve' things such as the economy, they break more things, and fundamentally flawed concepts existed go unaddressed.

    I even heard talk of DLC...
  10. Resolved Crafting fine, masterwork or legendary weapons lose their plus values after loading.

    Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
    Hmm, while an apology is appreciated for the inconvenience of many features in this game that could still be improved.... It still wont fix the previously functioning smithing aspect of the game you/ (taleworlds) broke. (Nor meld my broken Blacksmithing heart)

    As it has been over a month now since this has been reported to you, and has been circulating in other forums for much longer.. I hope by now a hotfix should be released any day now, or at least some information, if it would not be too inconvenient..
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