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  1. A question for forum moderators

    It does seem like heavy handed moderating, even if it is just a 1 point warning. If Cri11e had been given points for trolling people who disagreed with his statement then that would of been a lot more understandable.

    Sorry but it really isn't at all. If anything I felt like mods have been too soft on some people. I don't think its fair to complain about how "strict" they are. I just randomly saw this thread and l agree with their decisions in those instances.
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.1

    Unfortunately I'm afraid that TW has put themselves into a corner here, developmental wise.

    The #1 goal should have been to create a 100% stable sandbox experience. That includes economics, war/peace, late game diplomacy functions, etc. *Then* add on the story, RPG and immersive functions like experience/perk system, better writing, more quests, etc.

    Unfortunately thats not how these things work. Most of the time you need to at least plan and design for those future features. If you plan and design for them you might as well implement them since planning and designing is the %70 of the job. Also this will help with balancing and other stuff while giving players some control to impact those features when they were still relatively simple.
  3. Nvidia Ampere announcement with a role of bannerlord?

    Collaboration? states the work was done by NVIDIA's team.

    TW provided them with some assets it seems and maybe some of the engine tools.
  4. Had i known development was going to be this slow for the single-player experience, i wouldn't have bought Bannerlord.

    Sorry but this "I was deceived by Early Access description" argument is dumb as fck. First of all you can literally look up any gameplay video or something to see if the game is good, how finished it is really, how polished it is etc. Bannerlord isn't a story driven game so there is literally no downside of watching a gameplay video.

    Aside from that there is a refund option up to certain amount of day after purchase/hours of playtime as well.

    If you are mad that the game isn't as finished as you'd expected then you can complain about that as much as you want. Just don't make this dumb "They didn't give an accurate description" bull****. They clearly aren't gonna prepare a 25 page report on what is missing in detail and keep it updated throughout the EA period. Even if they did that no one would read it and they'd still come here and complain anyway.
  5. This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    There was at least one Chinese moderator on the forum in the screenshots who followed the Chinese censorship / national pride-law, rather than any policies created by TaleWorlds. This means they implemented such a national law onto others, eg, OC/AS-countries as well as any potential EU/NA/SA-players using the siege servers in the serverlist (or if you got into a match-made game with Chinese players). I doubt you'd consider it weird if I imply you are only punishable by the laws of the country in which you are staying.

    However, I doubt TW double-checked profile pictures as they might've found chat logs for most but doubt they see a picture there, so they might just have found the individual trustworthy to go on his or her words. I recommend reading my previous comment too. One wrongful 10 year ban is one too many.

    Yes that is clearly an evidence should be presented to TW. They should deal with that mod if the mod had any power and abused it in the first place. However that still doesn't mean Chinese censorship, that is just power abuse by the mods.

    There are no 10 year bans. It was temporarily set that high to check later. This was stated many times by Callum like 10 days ago. Also that one guy who got banned for 10 years were playing on NA server AFAIK. Unless there were others as well.

    Sorry but this whole thing was overblown by a huge margin. People were and still is to an extend claiming TW secretly handed CCP server admin rights or some ****. 10 year ban thing was also misrepresented. This way both sides will get lower player numbers in their servers, good job I guess.

    Also if the chinese had their own servers, we wouldnt be here now would we?

    Also if people could behave and play an online game we wouldn't be here as well.
  6. This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    Have you ever read those evidence?

    Yes, sorry I cannot read chinese but everything I mentioned was there. At least one of those pictures were linked in here as well. Again it is possible they were very few compared to others. No matter what it just doesn't paint a good picture overall when your evidence for getting banned wrongfully shows you were being racist.

    I cannot verify this but someone said Chinese players are also getting banned for insulting Taiwanese people as well.

    Overall I think it will lead to servers being separated I guess. Maybe when that happens you can argue about CCP censorship on Chinese servers.
  7. This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    Again, let me reiterate this point. It seems some people still don't understand. The "evidence", specifically the screenshots you guys yourself posted actually shows most of those bans were justified by the rules.

    Heres the thing. Going to any server and saying stuff like "ching chongs" or "these asian ****s" in a derogatory manner will get you banned. You can try going to EU or NA servers and doing the same thing, the result will be the same. You will also get banned. If you want to argue against those rules, then go ahead. However the fact remains. Those bans probably weren't due to some Chinese censorship. You went to the server and said some stupid, racist and derogatory **** and gotten banned by the rules.

    I understand if you want to fight against Chinese censorship but this isn't the way. This way you are giving them legitimate reasons to ban you. Literally the screenshots you posted as evidence shows you were saying stupid stuff.

    Other than that it is possible the chinese mods lied while submitting reports. Even if this is the case that doesn't mean CCP is censoring you. Again I want to point out the servers aren't even in China.
  8. Duel Server Information

    could the invisible wall at the fields be moved further back for mounted duels?
    I'm aware that mounts are prohibited, however i witnessed them regulary the past view days. Personally I like the idea of mounted or mixed duels. I didn't see any complaints in chat yet so I asume that the majority don't seem to mind. If there was an open field the disturbance would be even less.

    Reasoning for banning mounts were due to disturbing others duels, I guess as long as others don't mind and report then it is ok. However it is still risky since someone can report you for some reason, you can also bump into someone without realizing etc.
  9. This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    yours evidences. post captured on

    A user CCC_罗格(Rogge) reporting "vjm88". Reason: "Undermine (China) national unity".
    Even if you don't know Chinese but look at information panel on left side, maybe you don't think he is a newbie/troll in that forum, right?

    Censorship, they are accustomed. Looks "vjm88" will be marked a cheater and get ban.

    How is that evidence? That is just one random guy reporting in a forum. Devs and Callum literally came out and said "No one except TW devs have any ban power in any server." How is that not clear.

    What I assume happens is that mods collect reports from players and just submit them to devs. Same process works here as well. If you want to report someone you can do it by sending a report to Orion here. I guess this is temporary until they implement report function. However the problem is you usually need evidence as in screenshot or video evidence.

    Also the servers aren't even in China. How is it gonna trigger Chinese censorship? By that logic it should trigger here as well. Honestly there were a lot of lies being spread in this subject and I really don't understand why. I hope you guys also realize saying stuff like "These asian ****s", "These chinese ****s" can be used as an evidence to ban you as well? They are kinda racist. I literally saw one screenshot of a guy "claiming to be banned by chinese censorhip" but in screenshot he posted it shows him saying "cant compete with these asian ****s" that seems like something that can get you banned.

    Also the letter in that link literally says:

    players in China contribute 50,000 copies of Bannerlord and that's the reason I guess why TaleWorlds granted the admin role

    I don't see how you can get this information right now but even if this is true you realize 50K copies are very insignificant right?
  10. Where's the patch, TW.

    Can we just stop attacking each other at least? I generally don't like locking threads or anything but when things turn into 3 pages of few people slinging **** at each other then I am not sure anymore.

    People might disagree with you, just let them say it and move on if you disagree and have nothing to add. Attacking each other personally doesn't add much.

    Just say what your point is, if devs think what you want makes sense then they will consider it. Turning your demand thread into ****-show probably won't help your case.
  11. Where's the patch, TW.

    Yeah, they can shut down company tomorrow with the money they earned with uncomplete game.

    I don't understand people speculating TW running away with money. Most of those people have been working on this game for years and this is their main job. They established a game and a brand, why would they just randomly run away when its all coming together lol.

    I mean if you wanna speculate TW sucks at making games and will never finish the game because of incompetence that is whatever. However saying they will randomly run away because they got some money seems weird. Is that what you think of when you get a good chunk of money? Run away?
  12. PSA Taleworlds are hosting a community event with the mount & blade subreddit

    I don't mind reddit having some event and doing stuff together. it's about priorities.
    And for me it's quite obvious that they treat reddit and their own forum differently.

    As someone who reads both, they prioritize their own forums. Most devs and community managers firstly read here and respond here. I have seen only one dev responding on reddit so far and that was on a photo of the dev team. Other than that there are community managers rarely saying stuff there. I am sure community managers are following every community but I think most of the interaction is here. I also don't go to any steam forums so I don't know about those.

    I dunno how they "rate" their communities as I cannot read their minds but looking at their actions I really don't think they prioritize reddit at all. It was also the same during beta stage.
  13. wiki.bannerlord scripting basics/functions/callbacks

  14. How to get on a horse

    lol that frustration kick
  15. Rapid strength growth of kingdoms in 1.3 beta?

    So if every Lord always have all recruits available in every village, isn't that cheating by AI?
    And NO, it's not 4 because I have low relations , it's 4 because I already recruited not long ago, there is a cooldown for respawning.

    Who said every Lord always have all recruits available in every village? No one claimed that, I have seen nobles recruiting only 1 recruits because someone did.

    It was you who claimed there are only 4 recruits, which is only the case if you have low relations in a village with 2 notables. No one is talking about cooldown or respawning.

    Like I said, there is no point in arguing this. Devs literally came out and told us what cheats there are in game currently. What you claim isn't there. Sorry.
  16. Rapid strength growth of kingdoms in 1.3 beta?

    Man, I am afraid you didn't understood the single point, and you are talking about completely different thing. I will try to explain in numbers (in my bad english) :
    You have a battle 200vs200 against AI. You completely destroy them. You will left with 150 (irrelevant) they are left with nothing. AI lord will respawn somewhere with 25% of his max troops that is 50. Then let just say, average amount of available troops per village is 4 for recruitment. In order for AI to refill his army to max capacity, he will need to revisit 37 villages. Another thing is all other lords recruiting from same villages , and on top of that villages don't respawn high tier troops that much.
    conclusion: it's absolutely impossible for AI armies to recruit additional soldiers at speed rate that they are doing right now, including your own vassals when you establish your own empire. If someone have other theory on this topic, please educate me, Thx

    I dunno where you get that 4 recruitment man. Lowest number is 12 assuming there are 2 notables. Lets say the lord doesn't have high enough relations he can definitely get around 10 from a ****ty village. Some cities have around 24 also. If it is his city then he can literally just get 24 from a city instantly. There are like 15 soldiers per settlement on average. So your calculations are waaaaay off.

    It is 4 to you because you have low relations with notables.
  17. Rapid strength growth of kingdoms in 1.3 beta?

    villages/towns/castles couldn't possibly provide enough soldiers for recruitment for all lords on the map, so AI is cheating. This could be fixed with certain new mechanics in game, but right now, it's in domain of science fiction to expect that fix.

    This is wrong. You are wrong on a lot of accounts here actually. Let me explain. The quality of troops have increased first of all. That affects the "strength". Also they fixed the army starvation bugs. They also fixed AI not prioritizing recruiting and just running into war. Also add in new mercenary mechanics then boom you have jumps of overall strength. It is not that hard.

    If you think for a second you can realize how those changes can affect the game. They all affect the number and overall strength of faction armies. AI doesn't cheat, AI just prioritizes recruitment instead of fighting dumb battles like 15v15 or 30v30 when they can have 80 toops.

    Also villages/towns/castles don't determine the cap of how big armies you can have. With no dying and new children growing up you can have infinitely big armies because villages/towns/castles can and will provide infinite number of soldiers. The actual mechanic that determines the overall army cap is

    (number of lords*lords troop cap)
    + mercenary armies + garrisons.

    Number of settlements only determine the slope/growth(how fast you can raise army) not the maximum number of soldiers. However like I said that is also hard to determine because the ruler can enlist all the mercenaries and you will naturally see a big jump.
  18. Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix

    if its that easy why dont we get skill based matchmaking? @Callum just something that sorts players based on skill a bit

    because it isn't easy. what you describe is just a leaderboard. skills based matchmaking isn't just sorting players based on skill. first of all you need to define "skill" in terms of the game. I imagine at least some game modes would need a different ranking and different definitions. since there can be different rankings you also need different places to hold and match.

    Well after sorting players based on some definition of a skill now you also need to match them. That requires another approach since lets say very high ranked 7 people and very low ranked 8 people are searching for a game. For 6v6 what would you do? Should you wait more so they get equal skilled players or even out sides by giving each balanced players. How long should you wait before matching low and high ranked players? Also early access and constant patching can mess things up as well.

    It isn't rocket science but it ain't simple either
  19. A thank you to the developers

    Early access is also for giving feedback during the development and having a say in which direction game will go. It is a good way for developers to stay connected with the players and understand what they really want. Also understanding what will work or won't work. So it is not only beta testing and bug hunting.

    I can understand if the game is unplayable for someone and they feel like it has been way more buggy then they expected then they can be disappointed . In that case it would be understandable to refund and wait. I don't think people would judge, at least I won't.

    Overall I don't think this is an issue that people should be having a big fight over. Just agree you have different viewpoints, expectations, game tastes etc. and move on. It is ok
  20. Bannerlord was thought to be an evolution of Warband in almost all levels, but it finally wasn't.

    1)Immersion and lore. No significant improvements whatsoever. It's this spiritless world you don't give 2 cents about. Cities are meaningless names like dots on a map. No history, no secrets, no glorious past, no people's daily stories. No unique culture and quirks for each faction. No diplomatic and strategic differences when you interact interfactionaly. No historical alliances and hostilities between them either. Spontatneous wars erratically happening for no reason. No artifacts, no prizes to be sought after, no secrets to be brought to light.

    2)Common sense lacking yet again. When the Lord aka you has to bother with the most menial of loots, like picking each fur coat after a battle one by one, you know no real thought has gone into the common sense department. You should be able to make your inferiors to bother with those matters. Or to select them en mass through smart menu buttons, or have a system that automatically picks only the best loot and resolves the lesser logistics like that. Or when you banter, there is no wit put into it like in classic RPG games with great bantering mechanisms like vampire masquerades or fallout. Bots and factions have no character. Also you are not motivated to up your skills and charisma for more bantering variety. Or when smaller armies than you still chase you around etc.Common sense is as lacking as ever.

    3)Your land but not exactly your land. When anyone can come and pick men from your fiefs with no repercussions. No banter, no paying any fees as a sign of respect etc. When no matter your renown you get equally looted by bandits etc. When you clear an area and it is still as infected as ever. Caravans and foreign parties move through and through your lands completely unchecked and uninhibited.

    4)Your actions overall are aimless and unrewarding. Fighting, besieging castles, beating impossible armies, nothing leaves a mark, nothing matters. It's just a +1 in whatever meaningless list you are upgrading.

    5)Upgrade your village or castle, but for what? It's just useless clicking addons.

    6)The AI of your Lords. well it's not exactly what you would wish for a companion.

    7)Building your relationships with nobles and questing in general. You jusst can't bother with it. It's a copy pasta of WB yet again. Same with how limited are the activities that upgrade your individual skills. Like mechanics only through sieges etc. Or building relationship with your fiefs being so limiting and often stagnating too when they have no more silly quests to give you. Not like you could bring gifts, donate money, bring protection, raise infrastructures, marry your lords to their peasant girls etc to raise relationship status. Of course those couldn't be options, lol.

    :cool:How imprisoned Lords escape from captivity so easily. Like you can't double the guards or put your trusted seasoned veterans to guard them.

    Why so many years for this TW? you could just make more expansions for WB and save yourself unlimited effort and money... .

    1- fair criticism and even devs acknowledged this I think. The world needs to feel more alive.

    2- stupid criticism if anything UI has improved greatly. I hope to god TW doesn't take this point seriously. Current loot system is fine. That is what makes M&B special, you are more hands on and personal with stuff. This isn't a tabletop strategy management game. Your suggestions are not improvements but worse than ever actually lol. The banter can be improved but its not abysmal. Also small armies don't chase you but follow you in case they gather enough support.

    3- You expect people to pay you in order to travel through your lands? That also be worst **** ever. Overall the most important thing is gameplay and player experience. What you suggest provides none of those. You are just throwing **** out there for the sake of realism without any thought. Caravans and foreign parties can and should move through your lands unless you are in war with them, that is how things also work in real life. They are also in danger if they go into enemy lands. Even in reality there were no border controls back in medieval times, raiders were looting a lot. If they implement the system you describe it would be insanely suffocating and you literally can't go anywere at the start of the game as well. Also clearing looters and bandit hideouts do have an impact.

    4- You literally listed everything you can do in game and said you don't like them so what is even the point.

    5- Upgrade your village or castle so that they won't get sieged easily. Upgrading walls have huge impact on sieges. Have you played the game or just watched videos? I am not even gonna describe the other stuff, if you don't manage the cities they can literally starve rofl. What is the point i guess.

    6- again fair criticism, AI has issues and can be improved

    7- I really don't understand your logic. You improve relations so that they join you later when you form kingdom and stay in your kingdom. They also vote heavily in your favor if they like you. Same logic with king/queen if they like you they literally give you a lot castles.

    To me it sounds like you just had huge expectations of this game, was disappointed and literally wanted to complain about every single aspect of it for no reason. I can understand if you are disappointed after waiting a lot of time however most of your criticism doesn't make any sense because you are just criticizing the core concepts of the game, not even the implementation of the devs. From your criticism what I understand is you just don't like this type of game overall. Because most of the **** you say you don't like isn't actually implementation but the core concepts of the game. I guess you should have waited until the end of early access at least.
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