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  1. ChevalierArlo

    MP MP Suggestions. Voip / Nicknames

    Multiplayer really needs these. But Taleworlds doesn't seem interested on the mode.
  2. ChevalierArlo

    6 easy and urgent fixes, that will bring more players to MP

    They just need to fix the servers crashing and people will come back. It's literally only this.
  3. ChevalierArlo

    Servers Downtime

    Still waiting for them to say something about the crashes that is not "we acknowledge the existence of crashes".
  4. ChevalierArlo

    Thread for ping spiking I guess

    I usually get 115 ping while playing on NA and recently it's been spiking to 180, 250, even 500. Good to see it wasnt a problem on my end.
  5. ChevalierArlo

    Multiplayer's future and server population.

    It surely is weird how TW can't be honest or transparent about the MP situation. It should be their priority, it needs more clarity, transparency. The SP is an absolute success, so why TW can't speak a thing about how they're dealing with the several problems we address everyday here, IF they are dealing with them?

    I really do doubt they ever check this part of the forum. Their behavior is almost amateur.
  6. ChevalierArlo

    Consistant Multiplayer Server Crashes Poll/Petition

    Its still crashing. Its better to keep multiplayer on hold until they fix these crashes. If all comes to worst, the community might be able to find a solution, after all, EA ended and they still couldnt fix this problem. Maybe someone else can do it.
  7. ChevalierArlo

    Lack of customisation in Bannerlord MP

    It's better to expect mods to enable customization for us. For now, the crashes should be the priority for TW.
  8. ChevalierArlo

    Consistant Multiplayer Server Crashes Poll/Petition

    I'm playing since the first week of EA and the only problem regarding multiplayer they solved probably was the frequent stuttering (Which even came back in 1.8.0) and other bugs. Hosting a server have barely any improvements compared to Warband, looks even worse, at least from my first experience. Also, my region doesnt have an official server, and the interest of the people here are either playing the single player, since its stable, or not buying the game at all.

    I know it's hard to pull such a game after Warband so I never had high hopes on anything, but damn everything looks worse than I imagined.
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