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  1. Trondur_I_Gotu

    HILDILEIKR – official Víkingr server

    A guy called Xxx420quickscopeXxx or something like that has teamkilled trolled a bit
  2. Trondur_I_Gotu

    HILDILEIKR – official Víkingr server

    Now i haven't exactly studied my old Norse, but still i have a question about the name. Shouldn't the server be called "Hildarleikur" or "Hildarleikr"? I know for a fact that the Faroese variant of the word is "Hildarleikur", and I'm pretty sure it's the same for Icelandic. The word is put together by "Hild" and "leikur/leikr", "combat/struggle" and "game/action/strife". In the combined word, "hild" is supposed to be in genitive, and as far as i know it is "Hildar", both in modern Faroese and modern Icelandic.

    So unless you have it from some proper source, I'm pretty sure it's wrong. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Nice name though. :smile:
  3. Trondur_I_Gotu

    HRAFNABJÓÐR – official Víkingr server

    A guy named "New Player" teamkilled a lot today at around 18.00 gmt. We kicked him and he didn't return.
  4. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Víkingr: Shieldwall Event (CLOSED)

    By Óðinn it's true. I must have mixed something up :grin:

    Nvm nothing to see here...
  5. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Víkingr: Shieldwall Event (CLOSED)

    Pssst Thorkell, care to reserve a seat?
  6. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Bugs & Problems

    I have some problems with the banners. Having downloaded vikingr 1.0, the banners that i see are not the same as others see. When i choose my trusty old Einherjar raven banner, other people see it as (donøt remember the name) some red hand. Can someone perhaps upload the new banner pack as a file?
  7. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Víkingr: Shieldwall Event (CLOSED)

    Name: Sjúrður Tollaksson
    Host/Clan/Group (If Applicable): None
    Faction: Norðmenn
    Agreement to Rules: Yes
  8. Trondur_I_Gotu

    A word about the next patch

    Is it that hard to find a person who has a good microphone and knows how to shout?
    If we make the phrases and record them with proper pronounciation, we can just send them to someone with the equipment and skills to make quality recordings. Right?
  9. Trondur_I_Gotu

    The Mead Hall

    There ya go!  :grin:
    I løøøøøøve Metsatöll! :grin:
  10. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Get in the game you big turds!

    Dansk viking said:
    Good games! Heill ver þú nú, Týr!

    Oh stop it you!  :oops:
  11. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Vikingr music corner

    A lot of the old Týr stuff, especially on album 2 was f'ing awesome. Stýrisvølurin, Eric the Red, The Edge and the kvæðir. Honestly, old Týr is one of, if not my favorite metal band ever. Such a shame that they slowly turned into a cheesy generic powermetal group.  :cry:
    Well... atleast we did get some good stuff from them as long as it lasted, and some more gems popped up in other albums as well.

    Here is an awesome song:
    Månegarm - Hemfärd
  12. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Vikingr music corner

    Aye Eirikur. I've listened a whole lot to Wardruna, also their new stuff.
    How can one not just love Gaahl?  :grin:
  13. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Vikingr music corner

    (This is NOT a thread about the development of Vikingr!) Just thought we could use a simple thread to share the music we enjoy listening to, while playing Vikingr. Other good music is also welcome. :wink: A band i discovered just recently: Ulver - I Troldskog Faren Vild...
  14. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Battle of Brūnanburh [old thread]

    I shall join in the name of the mighty Einherjar!
    ... Unless Eirikur still hates me :cry:
  15. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Norrøn list, tónleikur og mentan. Nordisk kunst, musik og kultur.

    Hvordan kan man ikke elske de gule tænder?  :razz:
  16. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Norrøn list, tónleikur og mentan. Nordisk kunst, musik og kultur.

    Jeg lytter normalt ikke til denne slags musik, men den her sang er sgu da noget :grin:
  17. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Norrøn list, tónleikur og mentan. Nordisk kunst, musik og kultur.

    Man kan altid prøve på at skabe lidt mere aktivitet her. :P Titlen siger det hele. Lad os brede vores kulturelle kundskab, og dele alt som får os til at elske vores nordiske fædreland(e).  :D Kort sagt: Del og diskuter: Nordisk Musik Nordisk Kultur Nordisk Kunst Al nordisk produceret et eller...
  18. Trondur_I_Gotu

    How famous is the above player?

    MIIIIIIITCHELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that guy. An Einherjar, and quite muscular. :oops:

    Let my unknowness be known!
  19. Trondur_I_Gotu

    Best face in warband?

    I'll have to go with Broomstick's. Who would've thought, that there could be so much beauty in this world? :eek:
  20. Trondur_I_Gotu

    2 Handers be pro

    To be honest, just use anything without a shield, if you're trying to learn blocking/dueling. There is no sword that will make you learn faster. You just need to get a feel of the whole "fighting mechanics" that are in Warband. Once you've gotten that feel, you should also have gained the knowledge of what weapon suits you best. :grin:
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