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    [S] Warband - More Arrows, Bolts, Thrown - Itemkinds1 File - DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE!

    Yeah, it sucks to run out of arrows when defending your own town or keep. Makes no sense that you don't get a chest like on the battlefield.
  2. hest

    What Will Happen To Us ATI Users?

    Pharaoh Llandy said:
    creiner said:
    Yeah the low default fan speed can be a problem, but it is easy to fix if you use a third-party program like EXPERTool.  When I first installed a 4850 it was idling at 75 celsius but now it's around 35.

    My ATI 4870 freezes up at random, even when I have it running at 56C when playing games.

    I'm taking it back to where it came from tomorrow, hopefully getting it replaced.

    If it's a Sapphire card, then it's a common problem.
  3. hest

    How do you get a lord to follow you?

    I just find it so annoying that you can't pull them out of their castles! They just sit there waiting while their lands are being pillaged, caravans slaughtered and fellow armies humiliated.

    Grow some spine, damnit!
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