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  1. AnandaShanti

    "Disabled infertility chance and instead introduced a reduced pregnancy probability with every additional child" HOW MUCH tho?.

    Aaaaaaw man math? So 18yo is 13% minus .46%X(35-18)17= 7.82% base chance for 35 yo fem MC ? BaseChance/((ChildCount+1)^2) 7.82/...... 7.82/121= 0.0646280991735537 Do I have a .064% of daily pregnancy now? I only got 2 intelligence! I'm the reason they dumbed down the elder scrolls games I'm...
  2. AnandaShanti

    "Disabled infertility chance and instead introduced a reduced pregnancy probability with every additional child" HOW MUCH tho?.

    It's that magical time when I have to stop killing people and get pregnant again, but it's just not happening (again), forcing me to think about the mechanics of it! My current MC is a 35yo femzo and has made 10 babie so far, last birth was twins. Game started in 1.5.2 beta carried into 1.5.3...
  3. AnandaShanti

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    Someth somethings up with this, I just noticed I got the munificent trait... (gen +2) never ever seen that one before. I don't do anything generous I hoard, sabotage and sqweez lords for peace constantly lol. I let lords go a lot but I though that would be mercy or something.
  4. AnandaShanti

    -2 damage?

    you got rusty seax with a rusty hoe! Edit: Seriously why is it still worth 31 denars?
  5. AnandaShanti

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    @Dejan Did the balancing issue board for single player tech support get moved? I don't know how to @ people on here I'm too boomer! 🧙‍♂️
  6. AnandaShanti

    Leaving Kingdom

    Yes: If you use the leave kingdom button in the clan menu you will break of from the faction and have the option to keep all your fiefs (starting war with old faction) or leave your fiefs. If you talk to your ruler you only have the option to leave without fiefs. TIP: DO NOT use the make...
  7. AnandaShanti

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    That's good, I didn't like how noob character was so good at shooting (and barely improved). It surely doesn't effect high skill though, I massacred all kinds of enemies and it's never been better. They're still good at burning down large formations, which is basically every battle ever. What...
  8. AnandaShanti

    Numbers and fact frames for recruiting bandits just out of curiosity

    I think it's another case of : They made the tool tips sometime in 2018 and then didn't work on the skills anymore and never actually implemented most stuff. So the roguery tree will go through a revamp and then slowly be made functional, hopefully with more means of raising it.
  9. AnandaShanti

    Spice girls?

    Hahah love spice vendors and swifts, they think they signing up to run a caravan, little do they know they're on perpetual recruit collecting and looter chasing duty, disband them when I need to bloat a garrison!
  10. AnandaShanti

    Where did the free cam go in 1.5.2 ? [1.5.3 Fixed]

    My internet is too crappy for anything more them screen caps or short clips. To bad, it seems shamelessly exploiting a game is a popular topic on youtube :) It's cheese for sure, but it's very brutal in depth chees. I retreat my party to trick the garrison into opening the gate, kill all the...
  11. AnandaShanti

    1.5.1 - Cavarly is pretty weak while archers are still the way to go.

    I'm glad you're seeing some improvement, I haven't noticed a change in archer though. I've only fought the khuzait though so maybe when I fight other factions I'll see.
  12. AnandaShanti

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    Hey guys I hurd there was screen shots of some new sausage or something? New meat? Don't see anything, weird. Got my first CTD of the new update! Liking the bow perks so far!
  13. AnandaShanti

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    YESH! Lots of good fixes, looking forward to trying the bow perks! Anyone know if there's any good reasons or compatibility issues for not continuing a game save from 1.5.2 beta?
  14. AnandaShanti

    Bannerlord Roadmap

    You can't have a road map for uncharted territory
  15. AnandaShanti

    1.5.2 Beta Lords not healing

    I think maybe it is that non-combat lords are just not healing sometimes. I put husband as governor and waited for some time to get pregnant and when I took him back I was surprised to see he had very low hp still. I also notice low HP on other companions when I picked them up, which I would...
  16. AnandaShanti

    Modding tools are a month overdue...What happened TW?

    Just buy all the food and stash it so nobody else ever gets any and everyone starves but you. No issue at all. Most realistic part of game.
  17. AnandaShanti

    Where did the free cam go in 1.5.2 ? [1.5.3 Fixed]

    Sounds like you need a big ****ing bow and the combined armor of 4 dead husbands! As much as I complain about armor, I still would not be able to go down to such low HP without it. If you're not moving too much it's kinda okay. Put some pants on streaming man!
  18. AnandaShanti

    CTD aftter siege

    ^this..... but with all those ****ing mods I don't know. They're gonna want to you to take them out, validate steam files and see if the problem persists.
  19. AnandaShanti

    Died of old age at 51???

    Whoa I better save one good young husbando for when I die. I'm on number 5 this time, stubborn dude just won't die. That kinda lame though to be playing as a npc Lord.