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  1. F0_

    Remove Crush Through Or Remove Multiplayer

    I think it's already dumb that prediction in blocking is discouraged with the passive and active blocking system ( which is obviously blatantly ripoff off Chivalry and Mordhau which had different parries) I honestly have 9k hours in warband and was not understanding why after a block someone...
  2. F0_

    Stance system

    If you held your swing it was controllable in warband.
  3. F0_

    Why are NA servers still in NY?

    I am lower east coast and the ping is still lame (an inconsistent 70-90) so the only people you are appealing to with a NY server is Upper Northeast coast and some EU people who might get better ping in NY than chicago.. An American servers appeal should be to americans but Taleworlds is...
  4. F0_

    Stance system

    It seems to me that some of the game mechanics such as crush through and stances are meant to be RNG instead of taking the lesson from warband where you only died if you messed up or got overwhelmed.
  5. F0_

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.0

    Is there an exact formula for crush through on 2h weapons that I am missing somewhere or is it just complete RNG like % chance every time you hit a block with 2h?
  6. F0_

    crush through is broken af and should be gone 1.5

    1 step forward two steps back Nobody: Taleworlds: CRUSHTHROUGH ON ALL 2H
  7. F0_

    THE PAS D'ARMES v.2 (North American Duel Tournament) WINNER - NARMIN

    Name: f0 Contact Information:
  8. F0_

    Is it really the end?

    I've always played Warband with the goal of improving for the 10 years and of course there was much hype about bannerlord and many people went to it but I realized as soon as I tried to play bannerlord duel that unless they make huge changes to the mechanics it will never be greater than or even...
  9. F0_

    BSL Discussion *NEW* $360.00 Prize! NA

    The only thing that separated mordhau combat was that you couldn't hold attacks or blocks. It is kind of a joke to say that the comp scene of chiv and mordhau isn't the closest to warband in comparison so I don't really get what you're trying to say. Mordhau has more attack directions and more...
  10. F0_

    BSL Discussion *NEW* $360.00 Prize! NA

    The amount of self importance and entitledness in this thread from warband vets is amusing. Bannerlord will never have a large esports scene if mordhau couldn't do it with better graphics, better mechanics, and devs constantly discussing with the comp players couldn't have one.. I think at this...
  11. F0_

    Top 10 Mods For Bannerlord - Week 2

    It is really nice all of these mods are basically tweaks and what can be created after the modding tools are released
  12. F0_

    If the Taleworld devs don't start paying attention to Multiplayer as much as they do Singleplayer, I will refund the game.

    I agree those numbers should be reached easily with or without warband players taleworlds should atleast respect the players who have been playing for ten years.. The funny thing about this post is I don't think he is a warband multi vet with 1000's of hours behind his sleeve..I personally will...
  13. F0_

    If the Taleworld devs don't start paying attention to Multiplayer as much as they do Singleplayer, I will refund the game.

    The MP camp literally only needs 10-20k players all the time to keep servers popped in every country 24/7 so much so that it feels like a choice and not what's forced on you. Multiplayer really doesn't need 200k players at a time.. 3-5 siege servers going on in every hemisphere, two duels...
  14. F0_

    ai keeps picking on me

    When you have zero lords in your kingdom and try to recruit people and everyone hates you because you got annoyed at lords that kept showing up and you executed them you will say it has little effect
  15. F0_

    If the Taleworld devs don't start paying attention to Multiplayer as much as they do Singleplayer, I will refund the game.

    I came for the singeplayer and stayed for the unrivaled and unique MP later in warband, anyone who thinks you have to belong either to a single player or MP camp obviously will get bored of the game in a month anyway, good riddance.
  16. F0_

    Map edit, mods and other tools' release and why this is more important than you think

    the short attention span people and people who don't love the game and mechanics will stop playing anyway.they shouldn't rush
  17. F0_

    Persistent world mod for Bannerlord

    I believe there are a few coders around who might be willing to work on a pw not but it will be difficult to tell if it will be the same people because warband used python and bannerlord will use c# (very questionable decision to be honest especially for people who learned python solely to mod...