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  1. Mixedpotatoes

    Valg i Norge 2013

    Hva skal du stemme og hvorfor? Legger til en poll  :wink:
  2. Mixedpotatoes

    Explosion in fertilizer factory - Texas Seems like the US is going through a lot of **** right now.
  3. Mixedpotatoes

    Post music that you have composed!

    May as well begin with this one, finished yesterday. It's an Electro-House track, quite Deadmau5'ish. Was planning to have it on a 4-5 track EP with genres of house music. What have you made? :D
  4. Mixedpotatoes

    Alignment of the user above you!

    Rate the user above you as one of the alignments from Dungeons & Dragons! Lawful Evil, Chaotic Neutral etc. If the user tends to follow rules, he's lawful, and if he's harsh on the other users he's evil etc etc. Rate on your own...
  5. Mixedpotatoes

    Possible wars in the future?

    I was thinking about different possibilities with these countries who have gone bat**** insane lately, especially Iran. There are possibilities that Iran will go eating up these smaller countries in the middle east. The evil part of me is hoping there will be another land-war in the middle east...
  6. Mixedpotatoes

    What do you have to do TODAY.

    This is to end my endless procrastination. Do my damn english essay which was due a few weeks ago. Do my damn norwegian folder which was also due a few weeks ago. Also have to work a little on my damn maths tasks I have to deliver on Friday.
  7. Mixedpotatoes

    Utøya Island - The movie (Trailer) What. The. Actual. ****. I'm offended.
  8. Mixedpotatoes

    Drugs: Prohibition, Decriminalization or Legalization?

    I'm for legalizing and controlling ALL drugs and substances. Come at me bro. Discuss. Will come with more meated arguments later, I'm going to sleep now, will check which turn the discussion goes to in the morning.
  9. Mixedpotatoes

    The best song in the world?!

    Okay, time for a little poll, discussion, whatever. You will say the name of the THREE (3) BEST songs EVER. (in your opinion, there is no best song, objectively). I will then put up the songs which are mentioned most in this thread. As in BEST, I mean, best composed, best quality. How it is...
  10. Mixedpotatoes

    My songs made with FL studio, leave feedback?

    So far, I have made, and published 3 different songs, which I have made with FL studio. Mostly inspired by Deadmau5. Im still learning with it, and getting familiar, but my friends say I'm the next "big thing" but I doubt so. My skills have increased a lot the few months in which I have been...
  11. Mixedpotatoes

    Nerf archery!

    Archery in this mod is waaaay too powerful, I can't even move out of my spawn before being bombarded with arrows! My shield is useless against them, it gets broken after a few arrow volleys from the insane 190 arrows per second super aim counterstrike noobs. Cavalry doesn't help either, they hit...
  12. Mixedpotatoes

    Weird baptist forum, your opinion? Some examples: (Blaming Minecraft for bringing shame upon the creations of God, and that it is only for Satan worshippers) (Trying to figure out what is...
  13. Mixedpotatoes

    The stereotypes are true.
  14. Mixedpotatoes

    Some suggestions. (Weather, morale)

    I think weather should have greater impact on battles than they do now, and should be more often changing, also according to the area you are playing in. The weather would be shown on the bottom bar, in the same style as the date. The weather would consist of 4 things: Actual weather...
  15. Mixedpotatoes

    Lets discuss pedophiles!

    Castration? Death sentence? Longer jail sentences? Lobotomy? ... among other things, have been suggested to punish pedophiles. Isnt it a bit unfair? Theyre still human. Discuss.
  16. Mixedpotatoes

    Ahh, the weirdest forum in the entire universe

    Yes, it is right here. The Taleworlds Community. So wrong in so many ways. Here we have American and British nazis, and Finnish communists. We have trolls counter-trolling trolling trollertrolls, trolling trolls. We have the unachievable women, and the guys that try to get those. We have admins...
  17. Mixedpotatoes

    Fewer countries - World is better place?

    So, basically, if you unified many countries to be one country, with one powerful regime to steer them all (no oligarchy, powerful as in good to reign the countries). Higher taxes for the rich, while supporting the poor even more. Everyone gets work. An example would be Europe. You would unify...
  18. Mixedpotatoes

    King's personalities

    We all know Harlaus as a feast-loving corrupt cowardly ass, but what about the other kings? Are they scripted to be like anything? At least how I have experienced it, king Ragnar is a crazy warrior conquering everything. King Graveth is a silent guy, although he always is fighting the enemy and...
  19. Mixedpotatoes

    Other armies than just vassals.

    Just having vassals in this game might be boring, and I have some ideas for some new army possibilities: War party: Has half as many troops as a vassal, and is led by a "commander". Patrol: A small party, keeping peasants safe. Cities spawn patrols. Mercenary party: Has 20-50 mercenaries that...
  20. Mixedpotatoes

    RuckaRuckaAli is racist or not? RuckaRuckaAli has been very successful, because of his parodies on countries, races among other things. He is VERY controversial in his texts, which has fueled a lot of rage in different countries, like China or Russia. Many of his videos have been...