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  1. mss

    Edit Mode on Linux (Xubuntu)

      Under Linux, the configure utility, which you have to tweak in order to get it to run, does not provide a box for edit mode and when you set the edit mode variable in rgl_config.txt and put it in windowed mode, edit mode is still inaccessible in the game using the usual method of creating a...
  2. mss

    Video series exploring Mount And Blade Warband Single and Multiplayer

    Good evening lords and ladies! I've started a video series called "Waiting For Bannerlord" where I do short videos playing multiplayer games from the Mount and Blade series as well as discussing some wishlist features for Bannerlord, as well as things that need to be removed or fixed. Links to...
  3. mss


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE SOLUTION TO THE LATEST NVIDIA FPS-DROP ISSUES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...