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  1. Nypifisel

    Music of the times.

    It felt kinda dead in here so I though I'd make a new thread. I don't know about any of you, but if theres something I love it's early Baroque, it's simply fantastic, and seeing how this game takes place during that time I thought I would share some with you - though it's mostly German and...
  2. Nypifisel

    A bit of reference pics.

    I was over at the Armymuseum in Stockholm while on a visit last week and I took some pictures that could work as reference material for the mod, well at least as inspiration. However beware I took em with my Cellphone camera. Outside of a tent in a field camp, during the Thirty Years War...
  3. Nypifisel

    Re: BNL - V0.3 Status Report(s)

    The closest cannon got a naval gun carriage which is wrong. It should have a land one.
  4. Nypifisel

    Re: BNL - V0.3 Status Report(s)

    Discuss here the status reports or give comments about them. You can find the topic here. Jezze, Sorry Nypfisel that I need to add your post, but I couldn't do different :(.