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  1. Michadr

    Perisno 1.0 - Main Thread | V1.001: 4-8-2020

    Perisno 1.0 (Release Date: 3-29-2020) Official Downloads: =AT0fTznBa8XhDI00wnX6YEyEJiGynkPcrKX6_wH1fjUuiVEJdy8IlCNuqI2qS4AhYk5ppLkyH83hQALq2utWpfOLbeXOeg2eBaQ6_YDydpiZY_JtropcEGDXP_iX5pCcuRn1jvH1Im1TNROu2hunmKryIlW_57Q_QEbeaXaSsQ']Warband Nexus Link Modb Link Steam (Updated)...
  2. Michadr

    Perisno is Recruiting

    Hello everyone, With version 0.9 being released I feel that it's time look forward to 1.0. There are a few areas that are lacking manpower. Needed: - 3D Modeling & Texturing - Sceners - Coders Will consider any other areas. Anyone who has experience In modding Mount&Blade is welcome...
  3. Michadr

    Perisno Development Thread | Version: 0.8 | Released >>

    This is the official Perisno Development Thread Download Latest Version Here! Find the Official version 0.8 thread here>>,359948.0.html
  4. Michadr


    Just wanted to drop a quick post about a new chat app that I recently Discovered, called Discord. Here is the link to the chat> I am planning on making a group chat in the near future to connect directly with Persino fans, players...
  5. Michadr

    Perisno on Steam

    Perisno has been missing on Steam for a while now. I will keep everyone updated in this thread. Thank you for your patience.
  6. Michadr

    [Fix?] For Mac Versions

  7. Michadr


    Just a thread where Dev. members will be posting small things everyone should know about... this and that :)
  8. Michadr

    Version 0.72 Bug Thread

    Please post your bugs/crashes here. For those of you who encounter crashes please read: Suggestion 1:,131274.0.html &,127609.0.html Suggestion 2: Suggestion 3: Try GameBooster >>...
  9. Michadr

    Torch Browser

    So recently I decided that I'll try a new browser since Google Chrome seemed to crash too often and it was getting annoying. I then found a new browser, and downloaded it. The Torch Browser seems okay and has some nifty features. But when someone shared this>...
  10. Michadr


    Please post your bugs/crashes here. For those of you who encounter crashes please read: Suggestion 1:,131274.0.html &,127609.0.html Suggestion 2: Suggestion 3: Try GameBooster >>...
  11. Michadr


    Hello everyone. Just dropped in to say that I am returning from my hiatus in the coming days. I was going to come back as soon as tomorrow but alas someone uh... died this morning and delays me a few days. Not to worry, things are getting straightened out, and I will be talking with the team...
  12. Michadr

    Permission Issues (Windows 8 to 7] [Solved]

    Well, I got Windows 7 again, after having windows 8 for a while but now I am having this issue with permissions, when installing programs and sometimes when copying files. For instance, when I try to install Photoshop I get a 0xc000007b error and I click continue, and this pops up> This makes...
  13. Michadr

    HD Choice

    So my current hard drive is getting full, and to top it off, I am getting some kind of warning (when I boot it up) that it there is an issue, and it might fail. Well actually their is another topping. I recently installed Windows 8 (biggest mistake ever). So i figured with those three things in...
  14. Michadr

    Perisno Development Forum [Up]

    Perisno Development Forum- Many thanks to Produno for his sub-domain!! regards -Michadr
  15. Michadr

    Help with Video...

    Can anybody tell me where this video comes from (a movie... or... what?)
  16. Michadr

    Mod List Info

  17. Michadr

    000webhost [Don't use]

    Update: So this host is, to put it lightly yes i know buying your domain is the best way to go, but for people like me that is not a option. If anyone is looking for a free domain 000webhost is NOT what you are looking for.
  18. Michadr

    Perisno Theme Song [Request/Discussion] Voting Ended.

    I have been thinking lately about replacing the main menu theme song, with something... Better. That's were you come in. If you make music, or if you know of some good music that would fit the Perisno theme, and anything along the sort please let us know! If we get enough responses I might even...
  19. Michadr

    NHL Thread

    I searched around and found some NHL related threads, but none that I liked or they were outdated etc. I know the season is almost over, (not really), but if this thread doesn't get accepted by all you fine people then we'll just let it die. But in the heart of the playoffs we gotta have some...
  20. Michadr

    A request for The Myth of a Legacy

    Hello Everyone, Just a request if I may. Dark Robin, one of devs. that is helping with Perisno is making his own mod, and would like some testers for his newest release. If you are interested go here >,293099.msg7083902.html#msg7083902 (But make sure...