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  1. Namakan

    In Progress Flickering house on town outskirts

    The white parts of the highlighted houses walls flicker every time I see it. been like this for a while now. pls fix.
  2. Namakan

    What are you doing

    Honestly. Whats going on. a MONTH ago, we got e1.5.0 after waiting for it for 2-3 months. while it did improve some things, balance is in ****ing shambles. -twohanders, especially empire and vlandian, are brokenly op -horsearchers get 50 arrows and no accuracy penalty like normal archers do...
  3. Namakan

    Cavalry issues

    Quite a few people have recently they said they still believe cavalry to be OP. I don't agree with that, mainly for the following 3 reasons (suggestions to fix below): 1. Cavalry can be reared very easily, even from the back or the side VIDEO As you can see on the video, cavalry can not only be...
  4. Namakan

    Unofficial Bannerlord Community Survey

    Hi! With Bannerlord e1.5.0, a lot of changes were made to the game that especially affect the multiplayer side of the game. Personally, I'd like to know what the community thinks about the game post e1.5.0, and I'm hoping to find out through this survey. Maybe its results can also be used by...
  5. Namakan

    1.5.0 Beta Couch Lance Damage

    I've been playing a couple of matches of Skirmish & TDM on the beta servers and I noticed that sometimes damage on couched lances, even though the rider was at a high speed, seemed to be too low. So I did a quick test, results can be seen here. (streamable link because YouTube absolutely...
  6. Namakan

    In Progress [e1.4.2] Invisible players on Multiplayer

    Reporting for a friend. This happens quite often though usually it's not the entire team. Running on an Nvdia GTX 980Ti with driver version (should be equivalent to 436.30 I believe, will check back)
  7. Namakan

    In Progress Magnetic Pillars on Town Outskirts

    Running close by one of the pillars (maybe others too) in the house near B on Town Outskirts as a cavalry can get you stuck on said pillar, even if you're just passing by. Clips.
  8. Namakan

    Solved [e0.1.10] Can't get into lobby

    Getting this. Clicking on dismiss, I get the classic "Could not get access from your platform service" - clicking on dismiss there loops me back around to the below screenshot again.
  9. Namakan

    In Progress Collection of Issues with Town Outskirts

    I have also done one of these for all other current Skirmish maps. Feel free to add anything I forgot about. some of out of map spots VIDEO1 VIDEO2 SCREENSHOT (you can jump over the fence) you can get stuck in one of the pillars VIDEO you can glitch ontop of a roof (bonus: see players in spawn...
  10. Namakan

    In Progress Collection of Issues with Trading Outpost

    I'll do one of these for each current Skirmish maps. Feel free to add anything I forgot about. Jumping off the top you can get onto multiple roofs/high up spaces VIDEO (you can stop on either of the two roofs I slide over in the second example) Crouching up stairs still doesn't work properly...
  11. Namakan

    Solved Collection of Issues with Xauna

    I'll do one of these for each current Skirmish maps. Feel free to add anything I forgot about. You can jump on the rooftop between B and C, giving you an OP archer position. VIDEO You can jump into the round cage thing between A and B as cavalry VIDEO You can walk out of the map behind C VIDEO...
  12. Namakan

    [Mini-Mod] Smaller Friendslist

    Hi. I got a bit fed up with the friendslist in the lobby recently as I have about 70 friends ingame at all times I play, so it can get a bit tedious to actually find who you're wanting to invite to your lobby. I've edited the related XML file to make the individual entries smaller. Before you...
  13. Namakan

    Let's discuss MML

    Since for some mysterious reason the original 4 threads have all been locked, I've decided to open this one. Please respectfully give suggestions and feedback to the current ruleset, maps and generally everything you'd like to mention regarding MML so that we can have a successful league. Please...
  14. Namakan

    Anti-Cheating Disussion

    So, it happened again. Has happened before, and it probably will happen again in the future. At what point do you plan on taking measures against it? An ID based admin system, for example?
  15. Namakan

    MP Other Gotha's Adimi Tools - for WFAS!

    Alright then. As some people requested it and I myself thought it'd be useful, I took a few hours and ported Gotha's Adimi-Tools from Warband to WFAS. All features are listed in the spoiler below. Of course, as the tools are still his, huge credits to Gotha. If you happen to find anything not...
  16. Namakan

    Unable to connect to server

    So,after about 1700 hours of playing warband this is the first time this happend to me today. I get that message everytime I try to join a server(I tried in native and cRPG so far,doubt it would be different elsewhere). I have already tried changing secure_connection in rgl_config.txt and...