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  1. F0_

    Is it really the end?

    I've always played Warband with the goal of improving for the 10 years and of course there was much hype about bannerlord and many people went to it but I realized as soon as I tried to play bannerlord duel that unless they make huge changes to the mechanics it will never be greater than or even...
  2. F0_

    Bannerlord warband mod dreams..

    What would you like to see done to bannerlord multiplayers current state to bring it more in line with the way it was in warband and increase your enjoyment of the game? Here is my own personal wishlist for it.. -The sounds of blocking and attacking brought back (The ones that could be reused...
  3. F0_

    Match premades with premades in skirmish to stop unfairness.

    Skirmish as it is is unpleasant to play because of the chance to play against an organized clan with a bunch of random with no coordination, as a warband player finding this extremely annoying no new players will want to play skirmish at all because of it.
  4. F0_

    Attributes and skill focus doesn't go all the way up and several other questions

    1. If I have attributes to ten and skill focus to ten the learning limit doesn't go all the way up to all of the perks, has this just not been added yet? 2 Is there renown gain from having multiple parties? 3. Do I have to set myself to a clan role to gain exp in it or willl I fill all roles...
  5. F0_

    Duel farewell list

    Being a duel enthusiast since around 2012 I would like to share my opinions of people and maybe even finally post a NA list. I have consulted with some NA duelists that I respect their opinion of and like.  I would like to start out with an old category which ranges from 2011-2014 roughly and...
  6. F0_

    B movies/ grindhouse films/ sharing thread

    I have found myself going through a lot of old poorly made films, and a lot of them seem are too stupid to watch and some are a blast, enough interest in that here to get a list going or to at least write information about different exploitation films?
  7. F0_

    House Haleheart(HCRP)

    Current family; Brothers:  Adelas, saxon, antiok, bravoh Sons of Adelas:  Ixixus , Napoleon We're a relatively new house faction and we need wives, and more children. Please post your ingame name and what role you would like to fill.
  8. F0_

    New map

    Since the release of beta2  I will begin working on a new map.
  9. F0_

    Request a model thread!

    Please post a few pictures so I won't have to go spelunking around for a picture, I would prefer only weapons atm.