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  1. I am an idiot, neverming :)!&p=16815252#post16815252 :cry:
  2. New Paradox Games As always when they announce new games, Paradox have spent the past few days teasing its forum populace with (basically meaningless) hints. I haven't...
  3. SteamOS - The Valve Operating System Sooo...Valve are making a Linux-based gaming operating system which will be integrated with Steam (obviously). For something they call "Living room machines"...
  4. Micro-Stuttering

    With my new PC, I've been having an issue with stuttering in a lot (even some older) games. My framerate is high, so I'm certain it's micro-stuttering. My specs: CPU: QuadCore AMD A8-5600K with Radeon HD Graphics GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6570  8 GB RAM 1 TB hard drive. Now what I'm not sure about...
  5. Grand Theft Auto V So let's hope this one won't be a completely useless console port before patches and mods, eh?
  6. CARTEL - The New Paradox Game

    Blimey, Pdox's truly been mighty busy these days :lol: But still, this is awesome: Their CEO, Wester, told RPS some weeks back he'd love to do a true sequel to Syndicate, with EA making their blasphemy FPS version to...
  7. Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord is finally announced with a Teaser Video. Your Mount&Blade2 suggestions go here;
  8. [AAR] Of Blood And Gold

    An AAR, gentlemen, is an After Action Report - a story, loosely based on one's experiences within a game. I've been playing quite a bit of Freelancer lately, and I've been writing a story for my own amusement, so I thought it'd be nice to share. First chapter coming in soon... Chapter I: Of Men...
  9. Holy crap!

    We got our very own techie board! I bet Arch is never leaving the Off Topic again :lol: *breaks open champagne
  10. Game Trading

    Alrightey, seeing as we don't have this kinda thread, and I have a game to trade: The new MMO RIFT. I got a code for it, but since I don't play MMOs, I won't be using it. I am willing to trade it for other games, or **** like steam wallet cash/GG bluecoins etc. You chaps post any trades you'd...
  11. ArmA II Free Alright people, ArmA II has been released for free in MP, but not with Operation Arrowhead. Will anyone be up for a match anytime soon?
  12. Balkan/Ex-Yu/Slav Language Board

    Alright, a lot of different nationalities and peoples have their own language boards here these days, and us Balkanite Slavs have become numerous these days, so I thought it would be nice for us to have one of our own. What do you chaps say? Oh, and, of course, if the admins would agree :P
  13. GamersGate FreeGames - Holy ****ing **** This is by far the awesomest thing I've seen lately.
  14. I'll just leave this here... An awesome AAR, I though you chaps playing WFAS might like it :wink:
  15. Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy

    Alright, I just had the best MP game of Jedi Academy ever. You people need to start playin' with us too, this was hilarious. Tonight it was just Overlord and myself. After we finally found an empty server, we had some epic duels, and then 2 admins came to the server. I actually managed to...
  16. A Game of Thrones: Genesis A Song Of Ice And Fire game. Could this be what we were looking for? A 1000 years of Westeros history, and Martin's supervising the whole thing. Can't be that bad.
  17. Mass Effect 3 The Earth is burning, eh? So I guess this one'll be a tad more interesting than the previous ones.
  18. Subversion

    Seems we don't have a thread for this game, which is a pity. The presentation...
  19. Portal 2...perhaps. The ****? I'm firing up Steam, and reinstalling Portal just to check this out. Those sneaky Valve bastards are preppin' us for something big. Either Portal 2 or HL2: Episode 3 info. Perhaps both. Thoughts?
  20. Johnny English

    Well, has anyone else seen the movie? It's relatively old, but I find it quite entertaining. A James Bond parody, starring Rowan Atkinson in the lead role.