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  1. pod455

    I know a cool idea!

    Im going to go straight to the point Huge battles, stuff like planetside 2. That would be awesome, I mean not stuff like a whole continent but a whole battlefield with thousands of players. well, maybe perhaps the continent of europe and you pick a country and fight for it. I think that would...
  2. pod455

    Where did you get your name?

    Seeing as im bored to hell I might aswell make a thread. Simple question. Where did you get your name? Me, I actually have no clue were I got "pod455" but padraig, (my ingame name is my real name in Irish :) ). Well, its my name  :)
  3. pod455

    90th Perth Rifles Detachment! {EU/NA} Recruiting!

    [center]90th Perth Rifles Detachment! [center]Welcome all! We are recruiting! [center]Ranks: [center]Commanding Officers: [center]Detachment Commander(DetCom) [center]Officers: [center]Captain(Cpt) [center]Lieutenant(Lt) [center]Senior Non-commisoned Officers: [center]Regimental Sergeant...
  4. pod455

    British 95th Sergeant

    Hello reader, the British 95th Rifle Sergeant has come to attention. Why do they suck at shooting? I know there are better than normal line Infantry but than doesnt beat it, Are they better in melee with a rifle or something? Why dont the devs take out the Sergeant and add a Chosen Man (Which...
  5. pod455

    Regiments, battalions, companies etc.

    In which order were they and how did they work? (Regiments,Battalions, companies etc.) I need this for a history project. I think im doing fine now, I got a A+ on my 1800's warfare :D
  6. pod455

    Racist and Troll regiment

    Hello fellow, Today I was in a linebattle hosted by the Nr19. The date was 13th of october,2012 The linebattle was going well when the "88te" started being racist, saying stuff about coloured people. I didnt take any pics because i wasnt on steam but I remeber afew stuff they said. If you need...
  7. pod455

    Racist Regiment or something like that

    Hello, Today I was playing on the 84e siege server and a person that has the name 21stRSE_Maj_Osama_bin_Laden was saying racist sentences Warning: These can be offencive This animal was saying other stuff that i didnt write down but you get the point. I have never even heard of the 21stRSE but...
  8. pod455

    [N&S] 88th New York State Volunteers {Recruiting} EU

    [center]88th New YorkStateVolunteers Recruiting! Welcome! Ranks: Regimental Leaders: Colonel- Col Lietenant Colonel- LtCol Major- Maj Officers: Captain-Cpt 1st Lieutenant-1stLt 2nd Lieutenant- 2ndLt NCO: Sergeant Major- SgtMaj Colour Sergeant- CSgt Sergeant- Sgt Corporal- Cpl Lance...
  9. pod455

    [N&S] Regiment Name taken?

    Hello, I was looking at real-life Irish regiments in the ACW and found the 63rd,69th,28th and 88th. I like the 69th and 63rd but I know they are taken so I want to take 28th but I dont kniw if it is taken. I know it is a regiment in Secession that disbanded but Im not sure if it is in N&S. Just...
  10. pod455

    Looking for a Mod

    Hello people reading this, I was playing DarthMod on Empire and Napoleon Total War and I love the smoke effects. I love how it stays and hangs around and floats above the units heads, Is there a mod or something I can do that does that in NW? I dont mind about FPS, I think my computer can handle...
  11. pod455

    Glowing trees?

    Hello, I was playing NW today and I first noticed that i have a graphical error. My trees are glowing white, the colour white. It is the tree trunk, I thought it was part of the new NW update, Just checking if anyone else has the same problem and does anyone know how to fix it?
  12. pod455

    Server Factions

    Hello, this is more of my view on it and what i have seen, most servers especially siege servers, have 99% of the time Prussia and Russia, is it the time i just get onto the server or is anyone esle feeling that they should use more factions.
  13. pod455

    Searching for a skin

    Hello, I was having fun with NW then i started to miss the old uniforms, not the quality, I think it now but i miss the old Officer hats. The bicorn, I miss that, dos anyone have a skin that puts those hats back in. Cheers -Pod455
  14. pod455


    Hello, I have installed and Banner pack and decided I dont like it, How do you go about taking out this pack? I dont want to mess around with it because I might break my NW (I not very good with this kinda stuff)
  15. pod455

    Custom Skins

    Hello, I am going to get straight to the point, How do you uninstall Custom skins for NW?
  16. pod455

    Custom Stuff

    Hey, I saw some pictures of NW, I was just browsing untill I saw some custom Uniforms, I know how to install them but can anyone send me some more? Thank you
  17. pod455

    Looking for a Mod

    Hello, I surfed the web and couldn't find a mod that lets you make your own banner in warband. Is there a mod out that lets me make my own banner? Please help -Pod455
  18. pod455

    [IDEA] Improved formations

    I was thinking you would be able to special formations, not just like, "Line up" and stuff like that, i was thinking you could do stuff like "Shield Wall" to make a shield war with all the people with shields to make a close formation and instead of little gaps in it it would be like 1 solid...
  19. pod455

    American revolution multiplayer mod (need help please read)

    Hello to people reading this, I have a idea for a mod but all I need is a team to help me make it. I need pretty much everything that means coder and scripter, mapper and modeler etc. The idea for the mod is the American revolution, it will be like Mount and Musket with Muskets, cannons (later...