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    Recruitment system overhaul - 'mustering' & 'training'

    I've been thinking about what parts of the game I enjoyed the least. Personally I find going from village to village to city recruiting new recruits and then endlessly attacking looters to level them up is a core gameplay loop that I find repetitive and tedious. It is a stop-gap in place between...
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    Siege gameplay cinematic (with an amature cover) Video

    I threw together a video while spectating a siege battle and after adding some effects and my first ever attempt at a cover (Rains of Castamere- Game of Thrones) the result wasn't all that terrible. If you fancy giving it a watch Click here I would appreciate constructive feedback on technical...
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    Door Kickers

    Pretty cool title, you can get it fairly cheap now its in beta. Description: Top down tactical close quarters breaching simulator game thingy. Similar (but much more streamlined and better) to Jagged Alliance sort of stuff. But better. It has a fairly minimalist approach to graphics, but still...
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    Nexus 2 The Gods Awakening (massive scifi fleet battles)

    If you did play the original, the kickstarter is here go back! (Nexus the Jupiter Incident) If you didn't play the first Nexus game, here is the concept in a nutshell: Massive deep tactical fleet based space combat. Focused on an extensive and incredible singleplayer campaign, with competitive...
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    Guns of Icarus Online

    Guns of Icarus online is a team-based airship combat game set in a steampunk theme. Players choose from three distinct roles that make up the crew of an airship, then pilot and fly their vessels in combat against teams of other players. Tactics, twitch shooting, team ability and fast thinking...
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    **Note> Please don't turn this thread into "minecraft clone wars". Basically its the same concept, creative survival game, how ever with a much more polished and aesthetically pleasing face. (Not to mention a more powerful engine with a larger amount of possibilities (due to different block...
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    Starfarer indie showcase videos.

    Part One Part Two Hey, for those of you that know about the game, this is just a gameplay session, feel free to check the link out! For those of you that don't know about Starfarer: Starfarer is a fantastic indie game being developed by fractalsoftworks. It is a top-down...
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    Full length storied video series

    Actors needed, look down in the OP! Hello, some of you may know me from ye olde mm mod, other games, and my My Youtube Channel, but for those of you do not, I'm Peter. I have been involved in the mod and dlc on and off  since its very creation, and have to say its a wonderful feeling seeing it...
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    Problem on an almost biblical scale.

    This is my problem. Do not read on if you are prone to sudden heart or breathing problems, as it can be quite shocking and painful. Tonight, the first night of the new DLC, full servers, music, death, glory! I have been summoned to my loving girlfriends side, as she is moving into her new...
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    Magicka lets play complete campaign series

    Hey, just started seriously uploading vids to my youtube channel, got some friends to play with a whoalla, a 4player magicka campaign being played from start to finish, 2 videos uploaded with footage for about 8 more ready to go. Hope you enjoy :) My channel Part One Part Two
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    Assorted preview videos.

    Just starting out a serious youtube page, focusing on Napoleonic Wars. Hope you enjoy the videos! My Youtube Channel Assorted gameplay, featuring boats and sappers WTF is new in Napoleonic wars part 1 WTF is new in Mount & Blade Warband Napoleonic Wars? Blunt & Sharp PART 2 Beta Gameplay...
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    Naval Battles.

    Ever since the start of mm (the actual start, pre-waterloo) I had a bit of a wet dream of maybe someday being able to have large battles featuring ships of the line blasting at each other, complete with epic boarding actions, marine assaults on coastal defences, and more. My question is, do I...
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    United Operations communiy for Arma 2/OA

    Just a heads up for all those realism freaks out there :p Try these guys out, download their modpack, join their server, and have a great time, theres a few of us 22nd in it, and we have enjoyed it thoroughly so far. Although they are strict on rules, and enforcing them (which is good in this...
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    Making the Line Battle Rules.

    I have been talking to a few people about this for a while, and it needs done. Why we feel a set of rules need to be made: >Different troops know exactly what they can and cant do, so less confusion in the line battle. >Balance in a line battle, for overall fairness and therefore fun. >Cease of...
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    Biteme's scene pack

    Hello, you may have noticed I took all my scenes out of the Russian patch, and I have not been too active recently, well here is some explanations! Firstly: I took my scenes out of the patch as I felt they were no where near the quality needed for the mod, and the quality I could produce. I...
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    A big thanks!!!

    A big thanks from all the 22nd to those who showed up to the training line battle! We had great fun and it gave us a lot of insight into battlefield tactics etc, sorry for the short notice, but you guys did very well considering! So thanks again :) Lets hope organised clan matches and line...
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    Musician teaser (Same video) Vote for us on Mod DB mod of the year competition please!
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    Gentleman's duelling tournament

    Good morning chaps! I was doing as one does whilst sitting out in the snow, pondering life and its myriad complexities, when a jolly good idea just sprang into my noggin! Why not set up a duelling tournament for all the aristocratic types out there! Yes that is it, I will invite all the...
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    Important community change

    Please read and follow the discussions:,139210.0.html
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    Epic pistol kill Watch it :P