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  1. Zoyka

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    When admin's snitch left the game on purpose - warning , when i ve lost connection due to internet problems first time ever - banned for 24 h, what a joke admins we have. ha-ha-ha
  2. Zoyka

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    idk where to write , it is first time me reporting someone. I want to report this turkish shield tripod Goguryo , this little midget was pushing forward and dying first all rounds , i do believe he did it on purpose, after first set he has just left. Screenshot is under spoiler. I want to ask...
  3. Zoyka

    [ESSC III] 2x2 - Tournament over! - Congratulations to Gibby & Arni

    After watching pure facts from me and Fietta Gibby decided to disappear from the topic but sent loyal kids for protection. :D
  4. Zoyka

    [ESSC III] 2x2 - Tournament over! - Congratulations to Gibby & Arni

    Just ask your friend arni , i am sure even he will confirm my words. Funny how did you ignore menethil's part , definition of rat .
  5. Zoyka

    [ESSC III] 2x2 - Tournament over! - Congratulations to Gibby & Arni

    Gibby , a lot of guys , who are reading this just don't know you well , but i do. Once you and menethil went to ft7 , you just left losing 3-0 like a rat . Once you lost 2x2 and forgot to post video from your screen like you always do ,actually there are a lot of examples i know. And i won't...
  6. Zoyka

    [ESSC III] 2x2 - Tournament over! - Congratulations to Gibby & Arni

    What else can you expect from a pathetic loser like u , only excuses about random 2x2 , with 3 strimers in spectators and special topic on the site. Gibby i am laughing at you writting about carring , cus it is you who would never win single 2x2 without arni , even in this 2x2 the reason you and...
  7. Zoyka

    World Cup in Russia 2018

    With World Championship coming soon I'm inviting all you guys to meet together in Samara: I will show you my city, help you with living arrangements and etc. Especially waiting for : OGL, Razer, Gibby , Ciiges , Cleric , Deacon , Oliveran , Trebron , Error , Surkan and all other guys who has any...
  8. Zoyka

    [WNL6] Week 6 Fixtures - Deadline 07/01

    Unfortunately you haven't forseen this UPD. Ye , It is cool that you deleted your post , I am tired reading your excuses.
  9. Zoyka

    [WNL6] Week 6 Fixtures - Deadline 07/01

    Mitchel if you aren't smart enough i will explain it for you: we have won against them 2 times already how can we be on the same skill lvl. That shows us that tournament system is broken and doesn't work the right way. The only way to make a fair and interesting tournament is random , ...
  10. Zoyka

    NC teams (who will win?)

    It is funny to see how americans don't understand simple things. You are not on the list because you are weaker in both skill and tactics, you are few years behind.
  11. Zoyka

    BladeCast_TV | »Wiki« #TheNextStep

    "An pathetic autoblocker who acts like he worth something without cheats " use that in the beginning.
  12. Zoyka

    [WSC] Streams & VODs

  13. Zoyka

    Scramble League America(SLA) Congrats to Slayer of Men Elite!

    Name: im_not_fat Steam: ID: 1276714 Main Class: cav Do you want to be a captain? (Yes/No) no Name:  im_big_boned Steam: ID: 2817 Main Class: cav Do you want to be a captain? (Yes/No) no
  14. Zoyka

    Blademaster Duel Tournament -Complete-

    Well known ddoser and cheater rushed to defend another cheater. No one cares what are you curious about.
  15. Zoyka

    North American Duel Tournament v2 Trox wins Version 2!

    A message from a friend of mine. Trox is 10 times the player you will ever be, autoblocking trash. Don't mention my name anymore, noname noob.
  16. Zoyka

    Blademaster Duel Tournament -Complete-

    Darklight's dogs are still trying to justify him although the rat admitted that he had played with cheats and got no punishment. Ye ban maximou for attempt.
  17. Zoyka

    Battle of Bucharest 2017 - Stream Thread - VoD info here

    Me and some of my friends are going to make stream for russian community but english speakers are welcome too. Link to the stream and other details coming soon.
  18. Zoyka


    Team name: ---- Players (MAX 3): Zoyka,Brian Steam contact: Zoyka Faction desired: Nords EU/NA: EU